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Legion Secret Origins #2 of 6

       The Comic starts with R.J Brande talking to Lighting Lad, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Triplicate Girl at Building site. He says Magnificent! Cosmic Boy then adds are you sure this is necessary? Triplicate Girl just says wow looking at the Constitution site.

       Brande reply is that Symbolism matters, Lad. You are not simply protecting worlds, you will help reunite them! We must get past last of the sundering- And already you help. Turning to talk to Triplicate Girl he says no one thought CARGG would reach out, and here she is! Triplicate Girl then reply's saying I brought  messages from the survivors' council, Mister Brande. There's no fuel for a return trip anyway. Brande then says Fuel we could But! Brave young Women. Not so easy. you stay. Lighting Lad then says happy to have you on the team. Luornu. In a snipers POV Brande say's that's the spirit. Children.
      Suddenly Saturn Girl yells out No. Not Again! Brande then says Children doesn't mean I think your still Child, Girl. Her reply is It's not that. I'm picking up thoughts of another assassination attempt. The Group surrounds him.  Cosmic Boy asks where? Saturn Girl says hard to Res- Suddenly a craft comes foreword and she says there! A person in the craft fires a gun
      However Lighting Lad blocks it. The man who fired then says Blocked: Get away before the S.P.S show up! Cosmic Boy then says Don't worry about the Science Police. We're here! as he uses his powers to crash the craft. Lighting Lad then Shocks the Crew. Brande then says again some one thinks to ruin the day for an old man?
     The scene shifts to Mycroft and crew watching this. Mycroft says whatever else Brande's doing with those kids, They're turning into Bodyguards for the old troublemaker. Zarl then says more than that, MyCroft! We have a request from the Science Police to officially Deputize them, for their work recovering the quintite power Crystal. Anisa then reply's saying approve it. Zarl. Mycroft at this says Deference please, Anisa. Her reply is no. See it as destined, Mycroft. You recruited me from Noltor for my prophecies, so Act on them. These youths are at the center of things great and terrible for your world, and some day, mine as well. Mycroft says PFAUGH! We need no vague futures and an assassination of Brande might be a favor to the council. Dead Men pull no strings.
    Switching Views Mycroft says It is the destruction on Anotrom that the directorate must worry about. You prophecies show nothing about that! A picture then shows Brainiac 5 and Phantom Girl. MyCroft then goes on saying your Boy named Brainiac has found no answers, only an odd Ghost. Zarl reply is not a Name, Mycroft, But an Honorable title descended from the great revolt. He has the greatest mind of my people, And access to devices his ancestors acquired and never shared. I have faith in him despite his youth. Anisa then asks and the Girl you asked the fleet to bring here is something I have never encountered before- Unreadable as though she was not ever there. If she has a destiny. It is not one mortals may learn. To this Mycroft says enough, We put our trust in the young, And reap only more questions. I don't understand.
     The scene then shifts to Anotrom. Brainiac 5 speaking says understandable but quite peculiar. If BGTZL is an Asynchronous world. And you can somehow attune yourself to your native pattern- quark-like, in a more material way as he sticks his finger threw her chest. To this Phantom Girl says Ahem.. Brainiac 5 then says oh, Sorry. Sorry. Phantom Girl now talking says the point is, Wise Guy, I could come through that odd wormhole to your world. And I'm not the only one. This destruction on this planet looks like it was caused by the monsters that have been attacking our colony worlds, too. That's why I was sent through to warn you. It was like being bounced through Hell, But I think those creatures could handle it.
    To this Brainiac 5 while using a device says It's a highly unconventional Gateway. Forces at play in there that I can't even measure. Phantom Girl says YEP. Brainiac 5 then says so how in the name of Singularity Theory could you go through that? Her reply is It's what I Do. I've been a traveler since I was a Baby. A rare genetic gift you need to leave BGTZL And No, I'm not going to be your Lab Animal- you can just take my word for what I am. Deal? Brainiac 5 sighing says Deal.
    Suddenly a portal opens up. Phantom Girl says Uh... Brainiac? He says what? He turns around and says oh. what a curious material. As a Alien passes threw he adds would you mind if I took a small sample? It fires it gun at him.
    His Shield takes the hit. He adds apparently not cooperative. Pity. Phantom Girl adds your really are insane. Brainiac 5 then adds no need to be Rude. It fires again. He adds not quite organically Bonded, But a parallel development. Clearly induced rather then Evolved. Amplifying some intrinsic energy conversion.  I wonder...?
     He does something and adds 7.8 seconds to overload! It explodes. He adds Rather longer than I expected. Phantom Girl then asks can I borrow one of those sheilds to take home? It's pretty wild. Brainiac 5 to this says the power source is unigue, so no. Lack of ability to duplicate it limits it utility. A problem the visitor's species seems to have resolved, relative to its technology, Unfortunately. We'll need a different defense.
     Above Planet Admiral Allon is watching. He says a Personal Shield that can deflect how much force? A nearby officer says Approximately 3 Exajoules, Sir, more then our ship's shields. Allon then says Impossible! Suddenly a comm officer comes and says Personal Contact, Admiral Allon- your son. Allon takes the call and says Gim! How are you, Lad/ Getting ready for Academy Graduation? Nothing like that first posting. His son reply's that's what I wanted to talk to you about, Dad. Now that I've recovered from the metor accident, I've been considering my options, Have you heard about this New Legion Forming on Earth?
     The Scene then shifts to somewhere on earth. A voice asks I never knew there was any place like this on Earth! Cosmic Boy adds All you ever see of Earth on the news is the portions where there's no open ground or water. This is beautiful! Brande reply's the best credits can buy or build. Boy. Saturn Girl adds I assume the same things you did to earn these credits is what's made you a target for these assassins who aren't admitting anything? Brande reply's saying Ach, who knows? you live, you build worlds, you light stars-- someone can be annoyed. A long Journey from home. Saturn Girl asks where exactly was home/ Brande states now that's a long story.
    Suddenly Saturn Girl tackles him to the ground. He says OOF! and what is making you so Angry. Suddenly there is an explosion as Cosmic Boy stops an attack. Brande adds you could warn a man. Triplicate  Girl then says Saturn Girl's coordinating us, Sir. But our first priority is to get you inside to your safe room. you do have a safe room? Cosmic Boy adds whatever happen to those 'Earth is the safest place in the universe' tourist commercials.
   Lighting Lad jumping onto a small craft nearby adds Lies, Rokk. All Lies. But this is a lot of Armament for a peaceful planet! Where is it all coming -- Looking up he says a ship and adds From? oh.
    After heading towards it he adds well R.J., whoever wants you dead is serious about it. Good thing you've got friends.
    Inside Brande adds Firends. I began to think some one does not like me. behind people come in and say Mister Brande, monsieur. Brande to this group says Enough, Enough! the youngsters have made sure our skins still hold our watery bits. Don't cry it all out your eyepockets. To Saturn Girl he adds you read whats in my mind, Girl? While shaking her hand. Saturn Girl reply's y-yes, sir. But I was only... He interrupters and says Again you save my life, and my litle home, too. So I thank you you. Speaking to the other group he add's And if something out there play's nasty, It is time we made ready too. Phoebs, Lotherm: the search lists you have been preparing, Double quicl, Please my little Legion needs some help!
    The scene shifts to Mycroft and his group. Jarl says No logic-algorithm fits, Mycroft. The technology employed on Anotrom is totally alien, And the attacks on Brande appear to be human-- alost anachronistically simple in their technology. I can deduce no correlation or even paired anomalies, other than synchronicity and the presence of the young people. Yet in each case, Either we or other authority figures have placed them in harm's way. Anisa adds the young ones are important. Beyond even these events. I feel it. Something pulls all these strands together, and the links are strong to our future. And yet death hovers near them. Mycroft to this says An ancient warrior once said, " I want lucky Generals." We shall see if the luck that has surrounded these youths will continue to protect them.
    And if they can truly fight our battles for us, they may be too special to allow the science police to grab them as deputies, or the fleet to control them. Or for Brande to buy his way into collecting them like toy soldiers. A tame army in the midst of a galactic civilization that want to go beyond petty wars. For a generation, the security directorate has quietly protected the United Planets as the damage of the Sundering has finally began to heal. I have grown old in this, my colleagues. If the United Plates is to thrice, our soft and cushioned councilors will have to listen to their silent protector one more time. And we shall see what can be made out of this. Accidental army of children. Before Anisa's dark visions come true.

my thoughts.

This was a really good comic. The artwork was great. The Story flowed well and helped to set up more of the Legion Back story and that of the United Planets. all in all it was fun and I'm looking foreword to the third issue of this mini-series  

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