Wednesday, November 23, 2011

From the Vault- Adventure Comics 293

     The Comic starts on a afternoon where Superboy/Clark Kent is working at his fathers store. He asks if it is clear to use his superpowers. He then tosses corn onto the shelf at superspeed and his pa then says nice job. Not long after Lana Lang comes into the store and is about to pay for her items. However Clark uses his x-ray vision to see she has forget peaches and helps her to get some. Lana leaves the store she wonders if he is Superboy and Clark knows she is thinking it. Later at home his light sends off a signal saying Superboy is needed.

    The Chief of police says a plane is losing its altitude rapidly. Superboy leaves and soon arrives at the plane.  He moves into save it when all the suddenly his behavior changes and he begins to destroy the plane. However just in time Kypto comes in and is able to save the plane.
     After this Superboy wonders what came over him. Kypto thinks to himself he seems sorry now. Superboy says that Kypto is angry and he should be.  However all of a sudden he begins to get angry at kypto and tosses him around by his tail. Kyoto thinks he is trying to kill him.
     Suddenly the range leaves him and Superboy says sorry to Krypto and says I don't know what came over me.  Back home superboy tells his parents about the plane and Kryto and they are shocked. When he is asleep the parents look in and wonder if Red Krytointe or unseen forces caused this.
     The scene moves to the next day and Clark receives a special contact from the Legion of Super-heroes. He becomes Superboy and heads to the Gobi desert to meet them. Meeting him their is Lighting Lad, Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl. Next to them is a strange device which Superboy wonders what it is. They inform him that it is a Intra-Dimensional Len to look into the Phantom Zone. They then asks him for identity of people in it for their records. Appearing first is Jax-Ur who is their since he destroyed a inhabited Kryptionian moon and later masqueraded as Pa Kent. Next is General Zod. Last is Mon-EL who was put in their to safe his life. However he begins to come out of the Mirror and Superboy destoryies  it. He then realizes that it was a device to bring things out of the zone. Behind him Cosmic Boy says Plan A failed and Saturn Girl says use Plan B.
     They take cover off the rings they are wearing and it then shoots a Kryptonite beam at Superboy weaking him. Superboy aks why are they doing this as they are his friends. The three say they are not and they they have secrecy hated him because he is more powerful then them. Superboy then whistles and his robot copy comes out to help. However it is destoryed easily by lighting lad.
     Suddenly four brains in jars come floating down. They say good he is dying and that they the Brain-Globes of Rambat no longer need to hide. Using mental powers they explains to him that Eons ago they get rid of their bodies. Saturn Girl is able to tune into this massage and adds that thousands of year ago they learned  their planet Rambat was doomed to explode. They sent scouts to find a similar planet and choose earth.
    They plan to create a metor Pit to place a gravity mechanism to move earth to their solar system. They then add they are the only four left of their race. They bought the Legion of Super-heroes to the past to control them and to defeat Superboy. They began to know try to make Superboy unconscious when Kryto arrives. The Brains move off and Saturn Girl learns they cannot control Super-Animals. They stop Krypto with a threat to destroy earth. However the legion of super-heroes now free of control go and get three other animals to stop the Brains.
    They more 20 years into the future and get Super Girls super cat Streaky. Next they move to Mars and get Super-monkey who stowed away on superboys rocket ship. Last they travel to Asteroid Z and get Super girls horse super-horse.
     Back in superboys time the Brains have started to move Earth. However the Legion and the super pets show up. A battle happens between them. They use a bunch of their superpowers like heat vision and Invulnerable head(Horse) and the Brains free. They never plan to return. The Legion and Animals go to Superboy and see he is starting to wake up. The Legion of Super-heroes make the four animals a part of their club that is branched off. It will be known as the Legion of Superpets. Lighting Lad and Cosmic Boy then head off to return them. Superboy wakes and asks how they won. However saturn girl tells him nothing as Supergirl is still a secret. Superboy then realizes that the Earth has moved and Brains moving device and then uses his superbreath to return Earth to normal. After this Saturn Girl leaves. The comic ends with Superboy telling his parents that the situation is fixed and wondering why Saturn Girl told him nothing.   

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