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Star Trek Legion of Super-Heroes 2

      The Comics starts at the Empeor's Place, Earth. The beating hear of the Imperial Planets. A speech is going on... To announce that our forces have achieved victory over the Durian insurrectionists. The changelings of Durla offer no further threat. But we mustn't let out vigilance flag, as other threats still lurk out amongst the stars.

     The Scene shifts. Our spies report that talks between the controllers and the orgainians have broken down, with neither side willing to accede. But should they overcome their differences and Band against us they could present an existential threat. We had similar concerns with the klingons and the Khunds, Since An alliance between those two warrior Races would bode ill for the Empire.               Fortunately, we were successful in fomenting strife between them, which has broken into a long and bloody war. But there are still other powers who pose a grave enough threat all on their own. TYRRAZ, homeworld of the Borg, has been detected entering the Alpha Quadrant, Deeper into Imperial Plants' space then ever before.
       Eternal Vigilance is the price of Dominance. And rest assured, We shall remain vigilent! A green alien says to the cameraman. Zoom in here, we want to underscore this pint. The Camera lens looks at the speaker... Whether KHUND or Klingon,  Borg or Duan, Organian or OAN or controller, The Imperial Planets will stand fast against all enemies. The emperor now Smiling says And in time, like so many others before them, our enemies will either bend their knee in supplication or present their neck to my blade.
      The Scene shifts outside to were the Legion is with the Man on the T.V. I Pledge to you that the Imperial Planets will Endure, Eternal and unchanging. You have the Solemn vow of your Emperor. The Crowd below says Get Them! Don't let them escape. Cosmic Boy says Brainy, Are you finished yet? We need to get out of here, Now! Brainiac 5 says just a few... more.. seconds...
      Brainiac 5 finished says we;;, It will have to Do. Cosmic Boy. I've got it. Cosmic Boy says About time. Now, Shady, I need you to Blanket the entire square. Black out the whole mob, For as long as you can. Shadow Lass says okay, Cos, I'll do what I can. But projecting a shadow this Big, I can tell you I won't be able to keep it up for long. The Crowd seeing her powers says What the--? Oh, no! we're all going to Die.
     The Legion then takes off. One crowd member asks we're.. we're alive! What was that stuff? that a Talokian?! Another asks Hey, what about those Aliens? Where did they go?!
        On the Roof top Chameleon Boy says I guess they've never heard of "flight rings" before. Shadow Lass says but they know enough to recognize a Shadow-caster from Talkok 4, Thought. Behind them Cosmic Boy says I think If May not be as simple as that. Brainy, what did you mean, "this isn't our Earth"? Saturn Girl says I Admit that I haven't studied Earth's history as closely as you, Cos, But I don't remember ever hearing about any "Imperial Planets." Lighting Lad asks And who is this Emperor Guy? When are we, Exactly? Brainiac 5 holding a device says that's why I didn't want to leave this component behind in the wreckage of the Time Bubble. This Chronometer is able to detect and analyze temporal energies. Think of it as a "Time Compass" of sorts. And the chronometer is telling me that we are in the wrong Universe. Chameleon Boy says oh Great.
      The Scene Shifts. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Continent.. Kirk and crew are fighting floating platforms still. One Person says the Intruders have taken cover behind those shuttles! Flanking maneurers while firing says the other. Kirk firing says Damn.
       Kirk speaking says there's just too many of them. Spock, I need those options, And I need them now. Spock says It should be just another moment, Captain. Bones a bit away says Jim! Don't you think it's about time to get out of here.? Chekov says Back-Shooting cossacks... Spock at the Shuttle says It would appear that all of these craft are locked down, to prevent unauthorized entry. But I have succeed in tapping this shuttle's central processor and effected a Manual override. Kirk says Spock, I could Kiss you. Spock says I would prefer you did not, Captain, if it is all the same to you.
     Sulu who is now in the shuttle says okay, So Where are the altitude controls? Kirk yelling to Bones says Bones, star put! we're coming to get you; Bones says "Stay put," He says, Like we'd be going Anywhere. Uhura says typical. Spock looking at the shuttle controls says I do not recognize the configuration of these controls. Mr. Sulu, Have you had any luck deciphering them? Sulu says yes, Sir. I can make her fly.. But more importantly, I can make her fire.
      The weapon on the shuttle fires. Uhura says they aren't leaving us are they. Doctor? Lieutenant, If Jim Krik says he's coming for you...
      Then he's coming for you as the shuttle comes and get them. Kirk says Quickly! Quickly!. A man over head says Sir, How did they overcome the security lock down. The other says I'm less concerned with "How did they do it?" Than I Am with "what will they do next?"
      The shuttle takes off. Sulu says No sign of immediate pursuit, Captain. Uhura adds I'm monitoring all frequencies, so we should be able to keep ahead of them. I hope. Kirk asks well, Mr. Spock? Spock says I have assessed their planetary Data Network, Captain, And this does not appear to be our Earth. I'am attempting to ascertain how we got here, and how we might get home.
     The Scene shifts to I.P officers looking at the Legion Time Bubble. A trooper speaking to a crowd says okay, okay keep back. The excitement's over. A man lookng at the bubble makes a call. He says well, looks like we'll have to call this one in. Damn it. The Man says Castellan Kajz. The image of a green skinned man says yes. Kajz speaking. The other man says your standing orders were to notify you at once when any items on the "proscribed technology" list were Discovered?
      Catellan Kajz says yes. what of it? The other man says well, we Discovered some. Class T, we're guessing. Six unknown aliens materialized in the middle of the central square, and then vanished, leaving this wreckage behind. Castelian Kajz says I see. Have this "wreckage" Brought to me immediately and find those six aliens. Castelian Kajz saysmmm. A time machine, is it? How interesting...
     The Scene shifts to And, in the skies overhead... The Legion is flying. Chameleon Boy says I'm glad our flight rings are still working. Last time we got shipwrecked. Our ring were frozen. Saturn Girl says don't remind me, Cham. Brainy, any luck tracking down the temporal anomaly with that "chronometer"?
    Brainiac 5 says Airborne triangulation is speeding the process, But I'm afraid things aren't as simple as I'd originally assumed. Their isn't just ONE source of temporal disturbance. There are two. Cosmic Boy says And you best guess is that whatever or whoever the source of these 'temporal disturbance" turns out to be, that's what brought us here? Brainiac 5 reply's with it seems like a valid assumption, Yes. Cosmic Boy then says then let's go find them. We'll tackle the closest one first. Lighting Lad says and if they did bring us here, I'll make sure that they send us Back!
         In the plains to the west Kirk and Crew's shuttle touches down. Uhura says this jamming signal should prevent flight control from tracking our location, But I can't be certain It'll work. Sulu says Don't worry. If they do catch up to us, I can lose them again. Bones working on Chekov says I was supposed to be giving a talk at StarFleet Medical by now, Instead, I'm stuck in another blasted Universe. Hell, I'm probably Evil Here, With a little Goatee and everything. Kirk talking to Spock says Bones does have a point, Spock. Some of us have been in this situation before. Could we be in that same parallel universe again? Spock looking at the shuttles data banks says It would not appear So, Captain. Based on what I know about the "mirror universe" you previously visited, It was always separate from our own. The Early history of this universe appears to be identical to ours, Diverging from our history in ancient times. The first notable difference is that another empire rose instead of the Roman Empire and did not fall. The rise of technology appears to have been greatly accelerated here, as well. This earth sent astronauts to the moon while earth had barely manged to sail from one hemisphere to another. When the humans of this history ventured out into space, It was not as explores, but as conquerors.
     In short, it would appear that this is a history in which humanities darker impulses were not leavened by its better nature. Kirk annoyed says Fine, Spock, I get the picture. But how does that help us get back to out universe? Spock says that is just it, Captain. I'm not certain we can. Bones says what are you trying to say, Spock? That we're stuck here? Suddenly an alarm goes off. Uhura says I think that's a proximity Alarm. Sulu says Captain? We have incoming.
      The Legion Lands near by. Cosmic Boy says Well, Brainy? How close are we to the first "temporal Disturbance"? Brainiact 5 says just a final calibration. Should be it.. Saturn girl says wait... Get down as a energy beam nearly hits Brainiac 5. The two groups now face each other.

My comments
Not a bad comic at. Good pacing. Further sets up what the Universe is it takes place in. Shows both Star Trek and Legion Aliens live side by side. All in All quite a fun and enjoyable comic.

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