Wednesday, November 23, 2011

From the Vault- Superboy 98

       The comic starts with two people getting of a train in Smallvillie, One old and one young. At a house they have rented they show themselves to be known as Ultra-Boy and Marla. Later they are seen talking into a device. They say they will poise as farther and sun. At this time we learn they will poise as Ben And Gary Crane. Ultra-Boy then states his mission is to tack down the secret identity of Superboy.  We learn that Ultra-Boy has Penetra-Vision that allows him to generate heat, see long distances, look threw anything including that of lead. which superboy can not see threw. They plan to enroll Ultra-Boy in smallville school.

     When asked about his record he reply's they were destroyed. However also in the office is Clark Kent friend Pete Ross and we learn Ross is subsect of this. Pete also knows Clarks Secret. Pete after the meeting in the principles office mentains that superboy lives here. Ultra-boy aks him if he know Superboys secret identity. Pete is put off by this question and says no. However Ultra-boy uses his powers to see that his heart is beating faster from not telling the truth. Ultra-Boy thunks Pete is Superboy. Ultra-boy and the old man after school began to follow Pete and follow him to his work place at the kent store.
    Suddenly a man comes into the Kent store and tries to rob the place. Ultra-Boy who is watching from behind melts the bullets. Clark comes into the store just as the police are leaving. Ultra-boy thinks Pete Ross is superboy.
    At the store Pa Kent dad thanks him for saving the place. Clark says it was not him. He then asks his robot selfs but they did not do it. Lastly they find the melted lead bullets. The Scene shifts to Ultra-Boy and Marla waiting on a cliff to get the car that Pete is driving.
   Ultra Boy then causes a bolder to fall on the road. Lucky for Pete and not for Ultra-Boy superboy is moving the rock. He then seens that their is a hole in SmallVille dam and uses the rock to plug it.
   As superboy leaves he spots the melted lead ore from the bolder and is shocked. Ultra-Boy and the other person then report on the failing but he wows to win. However as the two are changing Krypto comes by and plants to reveal them until Ultra-boy forces him to flee. The next day at school Ultra-Boy sees a scene when Clark is pushed over and thinks maybe he is Superboy. Ultra-Boy uses his power to find out Clark is Superboy. However behind him in the nearby picture room he sees they are destroyed. He then uses his powers to see Gary Crane to be a Superhero.
   Pete who has written in his diary of Superboy/Clark and gets worried and decedies to put it in a bank. However when the bank Manger has a heart attack the next day. Pete is locked in the safe. However Ultra-Boy comes in and says he will help Superboy with the lock. Since it is made of lead he melts it. They then open the lock and Pete gets out.
   Superboy then asks Ultra-boy about himself. We learn that his name is Jo-Nah from Rimbor and that radiation from a space beast give him his powers. he then tells Superboy he was tasked to learn his secret identify as it was his task from the Legion of Super-heroes. We then learn that Marla is the new Senior advisor to the Legion. Ultra-Boy passes the test and they also give Pete Ross a Legion Coin so he can come to the future for a visit.     

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