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Legion of Super-Heroes #3

       The Comic starts on Panoptes. The Legion is looking up at a fleet. Chameleon Boy says Renegade doesn't appear to be bluffing-- I've neber head of the Dominators sending a fleet so close to United Planets' territory... Chemical Kid says And we're supposed to stop it...? ULP!. Phantom Girl passing him a Legion Rings says welcome to the Legion Kid.


      Phantom Girl flying up and referring to Chameleon Boy Question says one way to find out.. She goes in front of the fleet and says you've approaching Rano-- the fleet fires on her. She says Hmm.. and flies down towards the group saying... not bluffing.
      In a ship we hear phantom girls... Bluffing. A Dominator says Res-Vir assured us of an undetected approach. Unfortunate. Another says at least two Legionnaires, Honored One. Should we turn back? The Honored one says No, we are instructed to claim this periphery for the Dominion. I shall not lose Honor. An Alien pushes a button and says proceed. The honored one says I observe none of the truly dangerous Legionnaires. 
     Back on Earth. Glorith says are you sure this isn't too... Dangerous as Brainiac 5 fires weapons at her. His reply is that's the whole point. Determining the effectiveness of your shielding requires a full spectrum of invasive attacks to be precisely monitored. Sometimes there are too many interruptions in actual combat to observe properly. Don't worry. The attack hits a KATHOOM. He then says perfect.
     As the dust clears Brainiac 5 says Hmmm. Excessive Ricochet reffects... Glorith says I.. I couldn't. Brainiac 5 reply's saying. Naturally- the point was to overload your abilities. Brainiac 5 picking up a belt of her says nothing my Sheild tech couldn't handle.. And I have most of my Data Effects. Next Run, We'll focus on those time anomalies I saw in the Harmonic Vibration Ra-- Glorith then says Don't you need to monitor what's happening on Panoptes with that Renegade? Brainiac 5 response is Mon-El's there, and he get's annoyed when I impinge on his leadship prerogatives.. Even when i'm right.. as he walks away. 
    Back on Panoptes Chemical Kid uses his powers to block a attack. DragonWing says wow. His reply is Brainiac Five taught me the trick-- Speed up the fuel reaction. Chameleon Boy transformed into something like a Dragon says Not too effective on energy Weapons, Kid-- If you don't Mind. The two grab ahead of his tail and CK says not all at all. Chameleon Boy counting to speak says. All that evasive-action training at the academy had a point-- or did you cut LYDDA's class often?
     The Scene shifts to Phantom Girl using her powers to go into one of the ships. In the ship she says Hmm... SO many nice toys. Concentrate. Tinya... Remember Brainy's Drill on the Dominators' use of stable-Element fission for power, and the controls.. there.. that's it. She clicks on a control and leaves as the ship blow up she says one down.
      The Scene shifts to a Legion Shuttle coming to Daxom. A Voice says down to the leading Zone. Alya- But remember to adjust for Daxam's greater Gravity. Another voice says I didn't just learn to fly, Cos- the Orando Crash was a trap, not a mistake. The voice is that of Lighting Lass. The first voice is that of Cosmic Boy. He says not criticizing. Shrinking Violet adds in only playing Leader,
cause old habits die hard? In the back Invisible kid says we are cleared in Mam'selle. The ship Lands. A voice adds Airlock to prevent heavy metal contamination in place. Check your personal carries, and let's go.
   A group of Daxam's come to the bay. One says Welcome, Legionnaires... we are always glad when you arrive not to visit our medi-centers. Cosmic Boy says you've healed many of us, Ran Thal, and we're greatful. This time we're not here with Injuries but perhaps to prevent them. Ran Thal says you know this is a peaceful world, Cosmic Boy.... We still morn how Darkseid used us for violence. Cosmic Boy replys us too. Ran Thal-- but this could be as serious. What do you know of a Daxamite named Res-Vir, who calls himself the Renegade?
    Back on Panoptes. Renegade says ARRGHHH, Get off me! Talking both to Mon-El and Ultra Boy. Ultra Boy coming back up from the group says Bouncing back and forth from strength to invulnerably is getting Close.
    Mon-El flying towards Renegade says Hang on Jo-- I hear help's on the way. Renegade says there is no one stronger then US, Daxomite! The two then fight for several panals. In the back and looking at something Ultra Boy  says No, Not stronger-- But strength isn't everything Pal.
    On the next page. We see that Shadow Lass, Polar Boy, Element Lad, Comet Queen and Sun Boy have arrived. Elment Lad asks Shady-- Buy me a minute or two. Down below Ultra Boy says ther've a lot of difference kinds of power in the universe.
    Shadow Lass says coming up and uses her powers on Renegade. He says what Demon-spawn-?! Element Lad comes up and punches him saying that's no way to talk about a Lady! Even if she is my ex... Element Lad then says Keep it up Longer Shady-- I'll figure him out. You three go help the others with the Dominators' ships. Sun Boy says My pleasure, Mission Leader Sir!
    The Scene then shifts to the Science Police Post, Daxam. A alien says.. Curious that you ask about Res-Vis. Sir. We felt it was quite odd to have a student pursuing off-world studies disppear... Cosmic Boy says off-world?! I thought Daxamites could Never leave this planet because of their fatal allergy to Lead and heavy Metals. Isn't that why there's a strick quarantine? The alien says certanly-Absolutely-- these were off world instructors, teaching by virtual reality remotely. But all the more baffling that we can't find a trace of him anywhere on this planet.
     The Scene switches back to Panoptes. Drangonwing says to Sun Boy. On a planet, you'd melt through the ground if you got that hot! Sun Boy says it's all in how you focus- you Learn. Her reply is this isn't some Hokey lesson in a Gym. Comet Queen comes in and says told you, Starshine- we're glowing now!
     Polar Boy at the fleet says Phantom Girl's Ahead, three ships to none. Sun Boy. I'm going to play catch-up. Polar Boy thinking to himself says However much shielding they put on these arks to keep out the cold of space, They need sensors to feed data inside.. and that's a highway for some absolute zero cold waves. Which their system aren't built to handle. The Ship then explodes.
    Inside one of the ships an Alien is talking. Yet another vessel has been ruined by the Legionnaires. Another says we were premature to bring our fleet this far. The plan is sound, but we must have our answer to the Legionnaires ready. Return to Base, Full Speed. Let the Legionnaires follow us if they dare... to their Doom. Chameleon Boy using his powers to look like a Alien thinks picked the right ship for a lift, I think.
     On the planet on the next page. Element Lad says I think I've got the trace. Brainy..? Brainiac 5 uses a hologram systems and says picking up the signal from the ship relay. Element lad then says where you use Kryptionite in Mon-El's anti- Lead serum, there's something else something unnatural.. Brainiac 5 response is Transuranic? Kyrptonite's about as peculiar as anything in nature... Element lad says not sure. Shadow Lass next to him says Hurry-- Just change it into lead and Stop Him. Brainiac 5 then says not that easy, Shady- Jan's power has its limits.
      Element Lad then says If I could, It would kill him. And I can't affect a trace of an element distributed through his bloodstream, Anyway. Brainiac 5 adds Be ready to change oxygen into Inertron and cuff him when Shady drops her Shadow. Shadow Lass says ready or not.. Brainiac 5 says you did you part, Shady. as she passes out she says Goood.. Brainiac 5 then says ready...
    Element Lad then uses his powers. Brainiac 5 adds... set.. Mon-El holding Renegade says Under Control Legionnaires. Ultra Boy adds score one for our leader and Me! Brainiac 5 says Excellent but how... Mon-El reply's let's just say I'm a little more used to action in Shadow... Brainiac 5 finishes the comicsaying a wise man knows when not to comment my friend.

My comment.

I enjoyed this comic. I think the series is on track now and this third issue hit all the right buttons. It had a good story that told back story and shows us the current state of the Legion.        

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