Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Legion Lost #3

        The comic starts 94 hours after release and in Red Lake Falls Minnesota. It shows humans getting infected. The bubbles say the Pathogen... Alien DNA.. slowly infecting people. changing them. one picture shows a male parent seeing his daughter changed. Another that of a man feeling his face.. melting.. changing. What good would it do.. to tell him.. that he is becoming a hybrid protean. Next it shows a Women. The bubble says this female.. hundreds of miles away.. has become suspicious. of what is happening. and may soon... pose a threat to Us. The women says If that sector sends one more red flag, sent in a case study team.  Timber Wolf says one mess at a time, Tellus Okay? Tellus then says and what of this one(scene shows a monster) Timber wolf? she hunts.. for Aliens? No... hunts for.. something.. else... Timber Wolf says all of Us-- me-- Wildfire-- Tyroc-- and DawnStar-- are being telepathically linked by Tellus--

      The Scene shifts to Tellus seeing events around the world. Timber Wolf then says- while he's linked out to the world. I don't want to hear all of their thoughts- feel their.. Pains, fears, frustrations, hopes...
     How does the big fish block all this stuff out? Probably the samw way I block out scents and sounds. I wish I didn't have to deal with any of it. Any of them. I wish we weren't trapped in the year 2011. I wish we were doing more not to be here. I wish I wasn't so sprockin' Angry. And most of all, If I'm going to be.. I wish I could take it out on someone...
     The scene shifts to and Tells us the Location. Red Lake Falls Motel. Legion HQ. 95 hours after release... Timber Wolf thinks after a while, He servers our link but keeps looking for answers. Out loud he says how much longer is he going to keep Swimming through this telepathic Ocean? Wilffire says as long as it takes, Timber Wolf. We can't find a cure to this HyperTaxis Plague until we find out if Alastor is still Alive. Timber Wolf thinking to himself says they're working on Jury-Rigging some of the equipment we were able to Salvage. I Avoid Tech. Tech usually appreciates that. Tyroc says when the Time Bubble Brust and our teammates were.. Killed.. Alostor was changing into a HyperSaipien by the Plague he released-- He could have survived Gates' teleport collapse even if our friends didn't. Timber Wolf thinks I caugh the scent of Gates' and Chameleon Girls's remains in that explosion. But not Alastor's. Tyroc then says so, Wolf, can you think of anything that's more deserving of our attention right now? Timberwolf says How about This. The T.V. is on and it says 3Rd death in 3 days. The host says the result of wild Animal attacks or something else?
     Tyroc says we understand wanting to help the people here, It's what the Legion does, But-- Timberwolf says But what, Ty? Tellus showed us this while we were linked together. We can do something about this Killer! we've been have three days and we're no closer to knowing why our equipment isb't working- How to get home- or this Hypertaxis Disease! How many people have already been infected? Are all of us infected, too/ is it on our clothes! our hair, Are we breathing it out? Wildfire says Tellus is searching for Alastor, Dawny for any traces of Scanlon. Me and Ty're trying to find any Hypersapiens by tracking non-Human DNa- what else do you suggest? Timber Wolf thinking to himself says  Iwant to Howl at all of them. I need air. I need dirt under my feet. I want to be Alone, But that wouldn't help us either. Wolves need to be in a pack, but we also need to hunt. Out loud he says even though this time zone's a total historical Haze, we still know a lot of people who could help us-
     Tyroc says you suggest we walk up to Superman and Say "Hey, Ka;, we need hep." oh, sorry we just infected a Kryptonian with a virus that could kill him! Wildfire says or turn him into a Rampaging monster? Let's just stay out of sight, Wolf/ By trying to make things better- we can make things worse? Timber Wolf says But what if this "Wild Animal" on their television- thing is infected with Hypertaxis? shouldn't we do something about that? Suddenly their is a knock at the door and a voice says Room Service. Wildfire says uh-oh. Tryoc says Tellus-- Wake up! Tyroc says please don't come in-- the person seeing Tellus says oh, I'm sorrt--you-- what is that-? Tellus outloud says you see Four friends relaxing. She see four people. He adds we do not need anything right now. The person says you don't need anything right now. Have a pleasant day.
     Tyroc says Good job, Tellus. Timber wolf says yeah, we're real good at controlling hotel mangers and madis.. Tyroc says why do you keep pushing? Timber Wolf in a rage says because we have to stop playing it saf! People are getting hurt- it's our fault we didn't stop Alastor in Time- Which means it's our responsibility to do something about it! On the T.V. a Sheriff says- And sources who wish not to be identified clame that Marrow from the victim's bones had been sucked out-- Timber Wolf thinknig says Kiss My Nass, I know It! Timber Wolf out loud says is it a coincidence that;s also what an OKAARAN RDRAYYJ warrior-brood does to its prey..? Thanking to himself he says yeah, they know its no-coinidence...
      The Scene shifts to the exosohere, Nine Thousand Kilometers aboce earth. Ninenty-seven hours after Release. With DawnStar. Two humans see her on equipment. one says what the heck was that? The other says MetaHuman? The other says not many super-folks we see who can fly that high and that fast... The Other says yeah... Flag it for Meta Control. And let's pray whatever that thing was.. we never have to try and catch it. Timber Wolf speaking to himself says DawnStar is looking for a trace of Scanlon's energy. he was the first human to be transformed by the Virus. Turned into an energy being.. Just like Wildfire. But Scanlon isn't trapped in a Containment suit like the Guy who loves her is. The Irony isn't lost on DawnStar. Her anger isn't lost on me.
     The scene shifts to Dawnstar turning around to someone. Tellus says Dawnstar... she replays saying I haven't been able to rack him. I found him seconds the last time I searched for his Imprint, Tellus. Tellus says Pephaps.. He remains.. In a dissipate state..? Dawnstar says nonetheless, I should be able to locate him: It's this time-- this filthy, Backward place. Tellus speaking says Dawnstar.. only you.. exepct perfection.. of yourself. No one0else does. Tryoc and Wildfire.. Asked you cease.. the search for Scanlon as they try.. in vain... to complete a scanner. They ased you now.. look for potential.. Hypersapiens. I Am.. to assist you. Dawnstar says and while they do that and we do that and we do this-- the scene shifts to Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. She asks should I even ask what Timber Wolf is doing. 100 hours after Release at the police station.
      Timber wolf gets into the Station.. Speaking to himself he says this is where the last murde victim was being Autopsied. Even through the formaldehyde and Ethonalm I smelled it. He licks the bones and now. I confirm it. looking at map it's hutnig.. But its not just looking for food...
      Timber wolf phones the hotel. He says It's moving west, Ty- looking for other HyperSapiens. Tryoc says how do you know that, Brin? Timber Wolf says I smelled Durlan DNA in the corpse. Tyroc says you're sure? That is silence. Tyroc says Okay, Okay. Where are you now? Following it's trail. Tryoc says what? on Foot? No in one of their cars. Tyroc says wait-Brin- where did you get a car-? Timber Wolf in a car says I saw one that wasn't being used. Tyroc talking to Wildfire says he stole a car! that idiot is going to-- Wildfire says try to stop a killer that we might be responsible for? There's no guarantee we're even going home again, Ty-- So the sooner we figrue out how we're going to live her, the better..
    And maybe well also figure out how to live with ourselves. Timber Wolf in the car thinking to himself says Simple sheering function. I let it go as fast as it can. Slow by my standards, but.. for the first time since.. tomorrow.. a gaint part of me feels free. On the police radio he hears. All units in the Vicinity of the great mall of Fargo-- Respond to reports of a winger Alien or MetaHuman rampaging inside. Out loud Timber Wolf program navigation Great Mall of Fargon. Hello-- Turn on. Thinking to himself Manual Data Imput-/ Free, But trapped among the savages as he looks it up.
     The scene shifts to the Great Mall of Fargo 104 hours after Release. A cop says unit two report! unti two- A cop in a car says there's another! Behind two people shout look- oout Run! Rin: in front two officers are talking one says we need the military- or the cavalry. Another one adds. A police officer see Timber Wolfs cop car and says Uhh.. that Guy's not slowing down.. Scatter! as it hits police tape. As the car drives towards the mail. Someone says Stop! Another says who was that Guy?
    As he jumps out of the Car and into the fight he thinks. The Winger Hypersaipen is a Hybrid Anoxian, the pigeons of the Universe. A peaceful Race. So the RDRAYYJ is the priority. As the car catches fire and Bonus, more fun. too...
     Timber Wolf gets the peaceful one too fall into water. He thinks. The Anoxin-Hybrid is breathing. Now let's see if it survives the Hymans.Sprock it-- I'm super-strong, But this thing is stronger.. But not smarter. Hopefully. Give me a Reason(to fight) It says NRRYAANH!. Thank you
    The beast throws him away. He thinks HUh? Not just hunting for food, Because I'm tasty Delicious. Not just looking for Hypersaipens, Because- well, surprise.. As he tosses the baddie away from the pigeon he thinks looking for something specififc-- willing to expose itself like this- put itself at risk- Why? At a building a man with a phone says Channel 3 offered five hundred bucks. A women says tell the mnothing less than a Thousand! and find the number for channel *. The guy says bidding war. Yeah. Timberwolf thinking says then again, starting to wonder if letting the RDRAYYJ eat them all might no be a better idea..
   At the motel a item comes on the T.V> A channel 8 exclusive of Live Footage taken inside the great Mall of Fargo- Someone shoots Bloody Nass! Wildfire says that's west of here, We can got there in ten minutes. Tyroc says lett's just hope- he's still alive by then; Back at the mall Timber Wolf talking to the thing says you smeel then, Right? the people infected but you don't care about me.. or anyone else who's been infected.. been infected.. because you onlu ant one thing. I smelled it on your victims and I caught a whiff from this Female creature here. so why are you after Durlan DNA-?
    It shouts RDDRAYJJ! and goes after the other creature. Timber Wolf says I'D call that confirmation. The cops surrounding them Both of you-- Freeze. Timber Wolf says wait- Don't shoot yet-- Talking to the creature he says I konw you under Me- Back away from her now- Because if the police don't take you down- I will. You got three- what do you call them- seconds- to let that poor girl go. Three
       The Creatue shoots GGNRRAAR. Timber Wolf says two. Then one. Suddenly he shoots his claws at the creature. Thinking to himself he ays Gride, that hurts. I kinda figured the Hypertaxis had affected me, But until this second I wasn't quite sure how. I can feel new claws already starting to grow back. This is going to come in Handy.
    The creature hurting says.. Ewl... Timber Wolf says yeah they hurt. Right/ sorry. now will you calm down so we can figure out what to-- wait-- Thinking to himself says- what's happening? It's body is shifting almost like the creature.. The creature says Wolf.. Timber Wolf thing that's why it was looking for Durland DNA. The  creature says Help Me! Timber Wolf thinking to himself says because Chameleon Girl is trying to come back to life!

My thoughts.

Not a bad comic is getting much better as it goes on. The ending was also quite nice as I did not really see it coming the first time i read it.


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