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Legion Secret Origins #1 of 6

         The Comic starts in space above a planet. The bubbles state beyond the borders of the United Planets in the 31st century. For 327 yeas the U.P. has been peacefully reconnecting Earth with it's former colonies, with planets seeded by Humanity, And even truly Alien worlds like Colu and Durla. Then our star cruiser arrived on Anotrom. A world thought to be self-sufficient, Even Bucolic existence. On Anotrom U.P marines see died  bodies of the population. The bubbles add and we realized that Pax Galactica was't complete. Whoever-or whatever- Had visited Anotrom Ahead of us hadn't signed the treaty.

      The Scene then shows the troops looking at the dead. One says Captain, These people weren't just killed. Some of them look like they were used as target practice after Death. The Captain says that happens in war. M'Tobo- you should have paid more attention at the academy. M'Tobo says that was Ancient History! We haven't had this kind of mass violence in Human Lifetimes! The captain says there are species out there with Lifespans, M'Tobo... Even longer Memories. The Captain picking something up adds and maybe even longer-held grudges. Talking about the item she adds what in a Black Hole is this thing Anyway?
      The scene shifts to a U.P Ship above orbit. A voice says Good question. Captain Dajone... what is it? The voice is relieved to be a officer says let Lieutenant Boffin play with it in his Laboratory. He's the fleet's best Techie. Captain Dajone says it's too risky to try to power up and the officer is relieved to be a Admiral Allon. She adds it could be a discarded weapon or undecipherable appliance maybe? Captain Dajone then adds whatever it is, Sir, there's thousands like it of different shapes and Forms. Admiral Allon then says if Boffin can't Figure it out without blowing himself up- we'll need to call a real genius.
       The Scene then shifts to Boffin and his lab. Boffin talking says the item is composition is a stable isotope of transuranic Dense Element that U.P can't get. He adds its a primary inorganic elements with no obvious control elements or Input/output connections.. Extremely peculiar. But great capacity to sook up free energy with no conversion system. He then adds oh my and a KA Boom happens.
       The Scene then shifts to a new planet with the U.P above it. A voice says you're sure about this? Another voice adds Starfleet orders: Honorable Funeral for Boffin, But do not pause for unnecessary repairs and go directly to Colu. (Don't pass go and collect your 200 dollars!) we have requested aid from the Elders of their most powerful intelligence practically the whole planet's a data Bank or tech lab, but this is the first time they're making any of it available to the rest of the U.P. Admiral Allon outside the ship adds guess the Anotrom massacre frightened them too. Ahead three Colu elders say welcome Earthman. A Elder says as we have promised, we have brought our mightiest thinker to assist you. Another adds may I present Querl Dox, Brainiac 5.. Admiral Allon says you're got to be Kidding.
       The Scene shifts to a tower on Earth? A bubble adds Information comes here too slowly, Ponderously piled packets of Data from hundreds of worlds I have to sift thought for meaning as they pour into U.P Bureaucracy. Even our most Advanced A.I can't demonstrate instinct. So it still comes down to US. Zarl Jax and his extraordinarily deep knowledge from Colu, Anisa and her Naltorian foresight, and my cussed old Human.... Zarl adds but if the elders have consented to send the Brainiac child off world to investiage, it is more serious then we assumed. Anisa says No. I'm getting a far more powerful presentiment.. what happens to R.J. Brande today will determine the fate of many worlds. Zarl adds that old Fakir. The human adds Rich old Fairir, you mean.
       The old Human adds the council's allowed him to make far too many credits selling that old forbidden technology... But they can't say the Secuirty Directorate hasn't warned them. I've plead the cause myself three times. R.J Brande is coming off his commercial shuttle. Anisa says it's not Brande- I think it's her- talking about a blond women. As two men join her Anisa says no. The. All three of them. The blond shoots out they're trying to kill that man.
        The three using powers stop the attack. They are revealed to be Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Lighting Lad. Zarl Jax says Data: Correlate to facial recognition, manifests, provide available Identity and history. Anisa says yess.. Its them.
       The Scene shifts to Mycroft(old human) talking to the Space Police Chief. He says you heard me, Chief- Leave the youngsters Alone. This is a security Directorate matter now. The Chief speaking says I'm telling you, Director, they're ordinal kids. Maybe the Ronzz Boy has some odd histroy with that Electrical Energy effect, But it's only a level-three manifestation.. nothing world-shaking.
      Mycroft says the security Directorate is taking an interest in this Chief and we'll let you know how we want it handled. The chief says Damn Bureaucrats. I smell Brande's hand in this making it political. Another official says so quickly? The Chief says what else could it be/
     The Scene shidts to Brande talking to Mycroft. Brande says so your fancy correlations tell you my young friends will be important, Eh? I think so to.. Mycroft says then Let us... Brande says No, no. No government has it's place, And even your 'Non Existent' department too... But the council is stuffed with the best politicians I can Buy, And we do this my way. We see what these Children can do.. Maybe find them a friend or two also.. and you keep an offical snoop eye. but from a safe distance. Trust a very old man. Mycroft thinking to himself says no further than i could toss your gratuitously Upholstered Form, But too many strange things are happening for me to waste my time covering up your Death. And the council would be unhappy.
     The Scene shifts back to Anotrom and the U.P. fleet. Mycroft adds not, perphaps, as unhappy as Colu's prize little Genius, Torn away from his perfectly appointed Laboratory and hauled halfway across the Galaxy, But Xarl convinced the elder's to listen to StarFleet's request. They don't ask for much- other than half the budget of course. On the planet a trooper says please, citizen Dox... Let Us.. Brainiac 5 adds no. You asked me to investigate, Let Me. The trooper says But we haven't secured the area, or.. Admiral Allon Says Let's see what the Coluan can Do, Officer.
        Brainiac 5 says Good Decision, Admiral. He then add hardly Laboratory- Controlled conditions.. But perhaps.. he uses a scanning device. he says Curious. Their is then a Ka Boom. A officer and the Admiral yell Dox....?
      The cloud of dust dispears and Brainiac 5 says yes? He is surrounded by a Green Force Shield. Admiral Allon says there's no power source that could create a personal force shield that secure. Brainiact 5 says apparently there is. Family secret. He then adds now. If you'll excuse me? An Officer comes down the shuttles ramp and says Admiral- you're going to want to see this.
     The Scene shifts to light Lad, Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy on tv. Anisa says following my Presentiment, Mycroft? Mycroft says Among other development, Anisa. He adds Curious how the U.P is ready to Launch a new experimental cruiser from Nullprt just as they find a new wormhole near Anotrom. I have coincidence. A voice says you see conspiracy everywhere. Mycroft says as the Secuirty Directorate should. We must take no chances. Anisa say talking about LL,SG and CB says these three are not a chance. They are a certainty.. and only the beginning.
    The Scene shifts back to Anotrom. Brainiac 5 is talkinog to himself. Beginning to see the pattern. Curious molecular Arrangement.... Quasi-Organic if Germainium substituted too Bizarre... Suddenly a women in white appears in front of him. Brainiac 5 in great shock says What.? the women says No, Who. She says Tinya.. Tinya Wazzo, from BGTZL, and you? Brainiac 5 says B..B..B.. her response is you don't get out much do you?
      Brainiac 5 says I...I.. he drops a item and it hits a nearby alien device with a Ka-Boom. Tinya says don't worry about me. She is unharmed.
     Tinya sticking her head into Brainiac 5 says want to try that again? Brainiac 5 says you're a phantom completely intangible. She adds when I need to be. Touching Brainiac 5 finger, we can all do this back home. If you're finished having a anxiety attack, I'D like to explain why I came through that from BGRZL.. And the terrible Danger I think your "United Planet" is going to be in. Mycroft reacting says signal the fleet to get that girl here to earth.
      Mycroft further adds a planet of Phantoms? what is she talking about? We need Answers! Zar; Jax says if the Brainiac Heir cannot Deduce them, I Doubt that we will Succeed. There are other matters to concern Us. Brande's so-called Legionaries are attracting attention. We see the Legion adding a Women. Zarl adds Recall I postulated it would take several more solar cycles for any of the handful of survivors on Cargg under the triple sun to restore contract with Earth? I was Wrong. Anisa says I didn't predict this. Mycroft adds apparently, Brande was not simply being Grandiose when he used the term "Legion."
     They're recruiting... But to do what? we find out the Women is Triplicate Girl.

My Comments

This was not that bad of a Legion Comic. I would like to add some info on Brainiac 5. For those that do not know. He is rated as a 12th level Super-intelligence. Earth according to the comcis in the 21 first century rates at 2. In the 31 at a 10th. So that means he is smarter then the entire planet earth.            


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