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Star Trek Legion of Super-Heroes 1

         The comic starts in Space. A bubble says Space. Followed by Explore Strange New Worlds. Seek out new life, and new civilizations. Boldly go where no man has gone before... and Conquer. We then see a fleet attacking a planet.

        On one of the ships a Captain asks. Status Lieutenant? She reply's I'm receiving Field reports now Captain. The orbital bombardment is underway, and sensors indicate a 92.7% accuracy rate. Ground forces have been beamed into position, and have been deployed.
       The Scene shifts to the planet. The report goes on. The Space Ranger Battalion has engaged Airborne Elements of local population. Commander Starr is reporting losses, but is confident he can keep the shape-shifters on the ground. It also adds the shadow troops are containing the noncombatants- the elderly and Juveniles Primarily- and have met with minimal resistance. STG Mallor reports Talokan shadows appear capable of baffling the sensory apparatus as expected.
      The Scene then shifts back to the ship and the Lieutenant says the planet will be conquered in two solar days. An bridge officer says communications from the Surface Sir. The Captain says on screen. On the screen
an Alien asks why are you doing this Captain Tomrrow? Why. We Durlans are a peaceful race. We pose no threat to you or your... The captain says you resisted Annexation. You did not pay any of the Levied Taxes. Nor did you supply any of the conscripts for Imperial Service. In short, you refused to be members of the Imperial Planets, and anyone who isn't with us, is against us...
       The Scene shifts. The bubbles start with Earth. Hear of the Imperial planets, an empire that stretches halfway across the Galaxy. The panel then shifts to a cleaner Earth. The bubble reads Birthplace of the Human Race, The most rapacious and power-hungry sentients known in recorded history. But the planet was not always a planet to be reckoned with. A thousand Generations ago, it was simply another Oasis of Life in the vast emptiness of space, isolated and alone.
      The Scene cuts to the past. However the bubbles continue. The Dominant Species had only developed complex spoken languages with the last Hundred thousand years. Farming in the last millennium. Theirs is a precarious existence. Primitive and Brief. Not far from their humble beginnings as Hairy primates. A shadow pf a man appears over primate man. The bubble says they had come to the attention of powerful intellects from beyond the stars. Observers capable of feats beyond their imagination. A voice then says Ah there you are. The Shadow now has a red glow from a eye. The bubbles then say but as humans would one day discover the act of observation affects the thing observed and careful observers know not to draw attention to themselves.
     The Scee cuts to Limbo. A Legion time bubble. In a time without time, a place, a group of young adventures back home. Shadow Lass speaks. If Pol does go to the Legion Academy, Cosmic Boy, He could share a room with my Brother. Grey could use a good influence. Behind them Lighting Lad and Saturn girl are hugging. Saturn Girl says when we get home, I think i'm going to sleep for a week. Lighting Lad agrees. Saying Imra, First Darkseid, then this Mess? we deserve a Break.
      Brainiac 5 says Damn. Saturn Girl asks is something wrong? Brainiac 5 not answering says Don't get too comfortable we not get home for a while. Chameleon Boy asks. Yeah. Did you get lost? Should we stop and ask Directions? Brainiac 5 looking alarmed says very Droll Chameleon Boy. But yes, Saturn Girl, to Answer your question, something is very wrong. We're caught in an Eddy in the time stream. Almost a Vortex and we can't go foreword or back. Were stuck here for the moment. But the time bubble can't handle the strain. He add's I'm not sure how long it can withstand the temporal pressures. The bubble starts to crack.
     The Scene shifts to Earth. Another Earth in time and place, to the starship with the hull number NCC-1701. On the Bridge Captain Kirk is speaking. When we received your Communique , Admiral Komack. I never imagined that you were recalling the Enterprise to Earth for this. Are you certain you've picked the right man for the Job? Off to the side Bones and Scotty are talking. Bones says Jim Barely manged to make his own Graduation Ceremony. Scotty adds Ay,e it took a wee bit of the hair-o-the-dog to get to mine, as well.
    The Admiral Speaking to Kirk says. Nonsense, Jim, the honor is long overdue. I can think of no one better suited to give the commencement address at this year's Graduation. Kirk adds Public speaking is not exactly my Forte, Admiral but I'll do my best. The Admiral adds you beat the Kobayashi Maru, you can handle a fifteen-minute Speech. Komack, out. Kirk then says Okay people. All Ashore that's going Ashore. As Kirk is heading for the turbolift. Sulu adds MMM, San Francisco. It's been too long. Chekov adds I haven't been back since I graduated from Starfleet Academy.
     The Action shifts back to Limbo. Shadow Lass says. Brainiac 5! the cracks are getting Bigger! Comic Boy. He says I'm doing what I can to hold the time bubble together. But's there's not enough Ferrous material for his powers to hold onto. Brainiac 5 adds. There's nothing else for it. we're going to have to make an emergency landing and hope for the best. He Adds Chameleon Boy, my force-field will protect me while I man the controls. I need you to create a Sheild around the others, as dense and tough as you can manage. Chameleon Boy says you got it, Brainy try to find us a good place to park won't you. Brainiact 5 responding says we'll be lucky if we make it in one piece.    
     The Scene then shifts back to the Enterprise transporter room. Kyle says Captain. Scotty says I'll take over from here Mr. Kyle. Kirk talking to Scotty says. Mr Scott. Sorry you won't be able to go on sore leave, but I have to leave someone in command while I'm gone. But at least you won't have to sit through my speech. Scotty reply's saying If you could see your way to bringing me back a bottle of Scotch, Captain, then all is forgiven. Kirk says consider it Done. Energize Mr. Scott.
     The Enterprise Crew appear in the mirror universe(or something very like it). Kirk says where---? Where are we. The Legion members also appear here. Cosmic boy says when--? When are we??
      Cosmic Boy asks I know History, and this is nothing like anything I've studied. Brainiac 5, where and when have we ended up? Brainiac 5 the time bubble is destroyed but I should still be able to take some readings with the control console. Judging by the rate of decay of Radioactive elements in the atmosphere. This appears to be the 23rd century. But-- Nearby Lighting Lad asks Imra, Are you okay? Saturn Girl reply's It's just. I'm sensing something powerful. Shadow lass says what the--? Chameleon Boy says Huh? a voice says Durlan Scum!
      A mob has appeared. One man says we don't want your kind around here, shape-shifter! Another adds we took care of the Dominion, and we'll take care of you! Shadow Lass says Cham, did Earth even know about Durla in the 23RD century? Chameleon Boy adds there was some contact as early as the 20th century, but nothing to justify this. Saturn girl adds their thought.. they're out for blood. Cosmic Boy adds our blood, to be precise. Cosmic Boy then adds. We need to try to contain them, but every one try not to hurt anyone! Not only because they're civilians, but because any actions we take here run the risk of altering history. Lighting Lad adds try telling them that, Cosmic Boy.
     Meanwhile not far away. Lt Uhura says Captain, Look! those hills! that's twin peaks. This is San Francisco. not unless Starfleet has replaced the entire Academy grounds with shipyards. Kirk then tries his comm device but the enterprise is not there. Kirk says Nothing Spock, thoughts? Spock says I am attempting a wide-band sensor scan, Captain. I hesitate to speculate without more Data. Bones shouts Spocl; Jim; Look out: A voice shouts Remain Where You Are!
    several hover devices have come. The voice further adds you are in a restricted area, and have accessed classified communication bands. those are grounds for immediate execution. Kirk yells quick get to cover as it opens fire. Chekov is hit. Kirk asks Spock, I need options! Where are we, and how do we get out of here?! Spock says sensor reading are almost complete Captain.
     The next page starts with bones taking care of Chekov. Bones then asks Jim what the Blue Blazes is going on here? who are those people and why are they shooting. Kirk gets a platform. He asks well, Spock. the good doctor has the same questions? care to enlighten us? Spock says Fascinating. This earth....
      Back at the time bubble. Chameleon Boy says I don't know how long I can hold them back. Shadow Lass adds Shadows won't stop them forever! Lighting Lad says. Stay Back! We don't want to hurt you! Saturn Girl adds I'm trying to calm the crowd telepathically but something else out there is affecting them. Lighting Lad says Brainy? We need answers, and we need them fast. Brainiac 5 days It.. It's impossible.
   In a neat split screen Brainiac 5 says this is the 23rd century century and Spock finishes but it isn't our earth.

My comments

This was a great comic to read. I think it should be bought by everyone. the art work is great and It seems like it will be a great 6 issue mini.       

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