Saturday, October 15, 2011

Legion Lost #2

       The comic starts again in Red Lake Falls Minnesota. Someone says twenty-four lost to US. They were our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters and husbands and wives. The comic then moves back 72 hours and shows a Doctor and Nurse. It then shows a man with glowing red eyes. The Voice further adds he was a poor soul who could not help himself. Another voice unheard by anyone else says even thought I don't have Skin and I'm half a mile in the Air. I can still feel the tension. The old voice adds though they have lost their lives we can not lose hope. The new voice adds I can see from up here that Timberwolf just got twitchy. He's seen something or is he just as uncomfortable with this memorial as the rest of us are.

      The Scene then shows a large memorial in the town. The Voice then further adds that it's our fault these people died. If the Legion of Super-heroes had stopped the xenophobic uprising in the future a brother would not have lost a sister and the grief would not have lead to hatred and would not have left Alastor to release a deadly plague. The first voice is revealed to be a Pastor. He further adds our loved ones were helping a man in eed, a stranger, an outsider but ask yourselves if we turn our backs on people like that people who need help despite the threat they pose to use. Are we also not lost. The Second voice further adds we came here to see if anyone had been infected and to try and find some way to forgive ourselves.
     The Scene then shifts back to the man with the red eyes. The unknown voice adds the man Timber wolf was suspicious of I can feel it now, too. The Pastor says in closing, I ask you too look in your hearts. Don't give in to Anger, Don't forsake hope. May god Bless us all. Timber wolf then says little too late for that wildfire. I know you can hear me but can you see what i see? The voice revealed to be Wildfire says he knows that my suit's audio unit can pick up his whisper. He then adds Just like he knows I won't get down there fast enough to stop whatever Dawn fool thing he's gonna do next. Timber wolf then aks not from winath by any chance? The man with red eyes say what? I'm sorry. Timber wolf further adds the doctor who died. saw his picture there. He could be your twin. The man then asks your accent. Timber wolf then adds English is my third language. So I'm curious O can smell your blood all over the Debris here and that your body temperature is ridiculously high and your have no heartbeat. The man says I don't know what you're talking about. Who are you. Timber wolf reply's someone trapped here from what you became and if you ant to find out what happened you should come with me. Wildfire thinks to himself I can only get there so fast without venting enough anti-energy to  fill the crowd with the jet wash. which means I'll be late for whats coming.
     Suddenly a red glow appears and the man says get away. The crowd says and also asks if that is Doc Scanlon and how is he alive but what is wrong with him. His powers are coming out Wildfire says just like that we get our answer about the pathogen and that we meet our first Hybrid Human. A member of the crowd shouts he's a freak. Wildfire says no and that he is a energy based life form that still thinks it's a man just like me. Another member adds get the other guy too. A  person is trying to take a picture of Timber wolf. A RRRWW noise is heard.
      However on the next page the phone explodes. Tumber wolf asks Tyroc? your hypersonics took came of the device. Tyroc adds we can't let historical record show us being here. Wildfire adds good luck with that if were stuck here forever Ty. Timber wolf add he was hoping to find Alastor as his scent is not normal and smells like rotten meat mixed with ozone. Tyroc akss Hnn can you track this guy Brun? he came to see if anyone had been infected. He also says he will ask Tellus to telepathically make them forget what they saw. he also will do a airborne search. Timber Wolf adds he wishes the flight rings were working.
      Tyroc adds that their target is bleeding a lot of energy Wildfiire. Wildfire says he can't control the changes he's going through and that he can relate to this which means he should handle it. thinking to himself he adds I'll fly ahead as he is faster and for the rest to not to know how hard this is for him. The thought his actions caused someone to be like me, transformed from a human to a ball of energy trapped in a containment suit he will not let it happen.
     Wildfire soon comes to the man. He asks wait were here to help you. I understand what you're going thought I can. Then the man explodes shouting stay back. Tyroc comes along and asks you all right. Wildfire says absorbing this energy isn't easy but it feels really familiar. Timber wolf adds where did he go I can catch his scent. Wildfiire says he burned off his false skin and his disembodied energy now.
     Until he wills himself to be human again. The Scene shifts two hours and seventy-nine hours after release to the man in energy form coming to a house. At a motel. Someone asks anything yet Tellus. Wildfire says lets just call this the ancestor of the legion clubhouse. He adds its a work in progress just like we are. Tellus responding to Tyroc question says getting him telepathically will be difficult tyroc. Attuning to idividual Brain waves is a daunting challenge when the target has no Brain. Timber wolf then asks then how did you manipulate the manager of this hole into giving us a room Tellus response is Buin your humor is strained. He then adds when restricting memories of the towns people he got info on the infected Human. He's name is Doctor Jeffery Scanlon and he is new to this town. Alone, an unknown, lost and we must hope
     That Dawnstar will be able to find him. Wildfire thinks says I think of her up there breathing the cold, crisp air and I know she's still suffocating. I know her so well. I know how disgusted she is at the thought of being a prisoner caged in a atmosphere clogged with Garbage. He adds we've been here three days and none of us have said what were all thinking. What if we can't go home again. How can people who have been so close feel so Alone. He comes up to Dawnstar calling her Dawny and she replays Drake. He adds I should have traces of Scanlon's energy on my containment suit.
     He asks her you think you can track it. Thinking to himself he thinks if i had a lip i'd bite it. She hates when we ask. As if We'd expect anything less of her. She doesn't understand that kind of courtesy she only understands perfection. For pretty obvious reasons. To her Sconlon's energy reside stands out like a blood streak acrsoss a white blanket. After this she adds I have found him. Wildfire thinks saying shall we go to see him without much of a plan. Tyroc wants to play it coy. I want to show our hand I whine the loudest; so I win. At the house of Sclan a knock is heard. The doctor asks who it is. The reply is Dr. Jeffery Scanlon. We know what's happend to you. we want to help. Wildfire thinking adds I want him to trust us. I mean him to. After everything I've done wrong on this mission.
     I have to get this right. At the door the Doctor asks who are you? what are you. Tyroc reply's we are well, to be blunt from the future. We are members of a muliti-species alliance dedicated to helping people. The Doctor says a future Justice League of the Universe? seriously. Tyroc says as serious as the fact you died at the clinic explosion or at least your body did.  Timber wolf adds even thought you're faking a passable copy of one. The Doctor then ask what happened to me? that patient he was an Alien? Timber wolf tells him he as exposed to an airborne Pathogen unlike anything you have seen before. The Doctor says I'm a Doctor and before that, trust me I've seen a lot of viruses in my time. Tyroc says trust me sir, you have not seen this virus as it is not due to exist for a 1000 years. Wildfire thinks that hooks him but it still takes some coaxing to let the doctor link minds with Tellus.
     Tellus soon starts talking. he says in the future an man sought revenge for the death of his sister who died on earth. The victim of xenophobic extremists who wanted all aliens to leave the planet. The man Alastor crafted a weapon he thought would be the ultimate punishment. He would change them all into aliens by breaking into the time institute and go back into time and save his sister and release a pathogen created by Osuin scientists. It would start a grafting of multi-species DNA onto Human DNA. Changing every living being exposed into a new form of species and altering the human race on Earth.
     Tellus adds the Legion was called into stop Alastor but the mission failed but the efforts of a time institute scientist who sacrificed his life sent Alastor careening through time. Wildfire thinks he left out how much of a mess we made of the assignment.
    Tellus further adds they arrived three days ago but we were too late. Alastor had become infected and this caused the doctors problems. he also destroyed their means to return home. Two of their members and friends died. Stranded in time and likely infected as well. The doctor then asks what is the dispersal rate, is it sporadic  Endemic or Pandemic. Spread by communicable Aerosols, coughing, sneezing. Wildfire thinks he is too clinical but  why. Tyroc says they know little but that it contained thousands of Alien DNA strains. Wildfire speaking says to create trillions of Hybrid Combo's. The Doctor says transforming Homo Sapien into HyperSapien. He asks what Phenotype am I manifesting. Wildfire is thinking picking at his skin, like a kid with a scab. Doesn't he care he's not human anymore. Out Loud Wildfire says awhile ago I was exposed to the energy you blasted me with. He is pretty sure the doctor's DNA has merged with a energy based life form called a Teallian. Thinking to himself Wildfire adds he just nods like I said you have a spained ankle. Behind me Dawny tenses, She senses it too.
    Out load Wildfire adds but you're having trouble controlling the change. yeah. The Doctor says because I keep thinking of myself as Human right? so I keep remaking myself to look like one. What if I accept the truth.(No WF) Accept that I have become something new(Don't WF) What if I just embrace the change? their is then a large explosion.
       Thinknig to himself Wildfire says I was wrong to assume he's want our help. to assume he's want to be human like me. I'm seething and crying at the same time but I can't let them know that. Outload he says thanks for the Telekinetic save Tellus. Ayyone besides me already tired of seeing thing blow up with us inside them. Wildfire says he dispersed like I do when my suit blows. He then tries to see if he can manipulate the energy signature. He adds he wishes their was more science-types on the mission. Dawnstar says you were a Astrophysics Major. He reply's bottom of my class too. Someone shouts it's working. Wildfire adds not sure if it him or Scanlon Tyroc. Scanlon formed of pure energy says this is incredible. Thinking to himself Wildfie says how could he do this so soon as it took me soon long on my own.
     Tyroc tells the Doctor it is important to stay calm. Tellus adds try not to become lost in the exhilaration of your new abilities. The Doctor asks why not. Timberwold says that is enough. Dawnstar says Brin don't wast your... Wildfire thinks no really wolf stopping an energy based life form with a chunk of wood more stubborn than I'am. Outload he says this guy is pure energy now and the only way to gight fire...
   Is Wilfire. Timber wolf says see what your guy did there? that whole play on words. Dawnstar responses Brin, your been very cynical. he says not cynical. Just Angry. You are too, Dawny I can smell it on you. I just refuse to bury it is all. Wildfire thinks is it that easy then? Does Alastor win no cause he'll have destroyed Humanity but because will lose what it means? Out loud he asks Scanlon listen, Le me help you control this. The doctor's response is why should I.
      Wildfire says because if you don't you'll turn out like me. I have to live inside a Armored prison. I can't kiss the women I love-- Feel the sun on my skin is that what you want. The Doctor replays I've already lost everything that mattered to me. I stopped being human long before this happened. Wildfire says focus on who you are. I'll try to absorb your excess energy if I can. The Doctor says you're not listening, I don't want to be human anymore. Wildifre says no Don't say that stay with me please. I'll share my suit with you. Try to flow your energy thought my vent ports. He adds  wait if you let go of your soul you won't be able to reform. The Doctor says you have no idea, son.
     You have no idea what you missing out on. Wildfire says No but the doctor is gone. Thinking to himself he adds he's gone and I can't help but wonder who was I really trying to save. And did I just fail to save either one of us. Dawnstar tells him Drake you did all you could. He says did I really. Without our tech and our smartest members we can't help ourselves much less anyone else. What happened to Scanlon might just be the start. Cause right now we have no clue who has been infected.
    The Comic ends with a hand coming out near the Detroit Lakes Minnesota 84 hours after release.

My Comments

This Comic was so much better then the first one. It had less characters since two died. This meant you could understand better the remaining ones. This comic was very much about Wildfire and talks about his origins and what it is for him to live.  I'm hoping that this is explored and done with all the characters. However if you did not like the first issue your most likely not going to read the second one but if you are I recommend it.                

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