Saturday, October 8, 2011

Adventure Comics 290

       The comic starts on a freight train near Smallvillie. Their is a young man who looks like Clark Kent on it. He is a young boy who has escaped from a reform school. He is spotted by the brakeman and makes a break for the town of Smallville.

       The boy is walking along the streets when he sees a cop car. Afraid at first the cop thinks he is Clark Kent. He plays along and the and the cop who is the chief tells him where his house is since the boy is playing at being hurt from a fall. The Kid goes a few more blocks and arrives at a Milk truck. The boy tries to take a milk bottle as he is hungry. However he is stopped by the milk man but the milk man think he is Clark. The milk man then gets him to deliver the milk and the boy is forced to enter the house to avoid suspicion.
      While this is going on the real Clark Kent is in his secret workshop working on a Science Project on magnets. He puts the radio on and learns that a strange orb has landed in a place called Maple Grove. Clark checks it out and sees it is a time bubble used by the Legion of Superheroes. Clark goes to a room full of robots to get his robot clone but alas it is not working. All his robots are out of action from the time bubble coming to his time. He changes into Superboy and leaves.
      The Scene swatches back to the fake Clark. He is on the porch and Ma Kent heals him and thinking he is clark lets him in and tells him where his bedroom is to change. The boy comes down and has pancakes and milk for breakfast. He eats with no manners what so ever. He finishes breakfast and sees if he can impersonate Clark at school too.
      The scene then cuts to Superboy at Maple Grove 50 miles from Smallville. Superboy sees a boy just out from the time bubble. He says he is the newest member of the Legion of Superheroes that of Sun Boy. Superman asks him to close the door as it is causing trouble for electric objects. Sun boy explains he was selected to compete for Legion Membership. He says he got his powers in a lab accident and that he is powered by Solar rays. he then says Lighting Lad gave him a diagram of a weapon and for him to go into the past and get Superboys help with it.
     It is then explained that Six legionaries went back to the 20th century and hit the items in six lead boxes around the World. They were Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Lighting Lad, Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy and Phantom Girl. Superboy agrees to help. As Supeboy flies off Sunboy calls him a fool and that he bough the story. Superboy also thinks to himself that he should head home. However when he gets their the fake Clark is their and has fooled both his Ma and Lana.
     Superboy will let him continue this. Lana however thinks Clark may be Superboy and plays a trick on him by getting Eddie a school mate to cut his hair. If it can't be cute he was not Superboy. It cuts and the fake does not like this and punches Eddie. Meanwhile Superboy has found his first box that of Cosmic Boy's hidden under the magnetic pole. Next he head to the Pacific and gets Saturn Girls Box. Superboy brings the two boxes and Sun boy thinks to himself that Superboy is a fool.
     Meanwhile at School the fake Clark is wishing he could stay in school and clarks life. Superboy finishes bringing the chests. Heasks what is in the boxes as he powers do not work against lead. Sun boy is about to open the boxes when he says he had to do it in the future. With the items packed up Sun boy says goodbye Superboy and says the Legion is thankful for his work. Superboy says don't mention it and have a safe trip back.
      Superboy flies home to confront the importer. At home the fake Clark watches as a frying pan catches on fire. Ma Kent asks him to put it out. Ma Mentions to him that the real Clark is Superboy. The real Clark then puts the fire out from the Window. At the same time the fake says that his name is in fact Tom Tanner. Ma is shocked by this.
      However outside Smallville Sun Boy is back and is putting together a robot from parts in the box. Sun boy then sets up it ray system to turn people opposite to what they are. The robot files to the Kent house and hits Clark Kent. Soon after Superboy appears and seems to be evil. Soon Krypto appears and Sun boy asks the robot to turn him evil. However it is stopped by Superboy who melts it. Superboy then tells Sun boy that the robot got the fake Clark and turned him good.
      Superboy then throws Sun boy into the machine and they go foreword in time. In the future Superboy Shows off the Fake and knows he was a fake as no Secret handshake was do. The Comic ends with Tom Tanner leaving to head back to reform school now a good person.          

My Comments

This was not a bad comic. The story was not bad and while not that good by today's comics was not bad for a silver age comic. the Artwork has gotten better compared to when the comic(first review) started. Over all not a bad read if you like the silliness that was the silver age of comics.

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