Monday, October 24, 2011

Legion of Super-Heroes #2

      The Comic starts with the blond haired man from the first comic saying. Ahh Legionaries; that explains it! Below Phantom Girl yells Jo! to a unconscious Ultra Boy.

      The blond man again says You have been part of a conspiracy to keep his world down for years. Phantom girl says what are talking about. We are the first Legionnaires to ever land on the planet. The Man says Panopte, this Dustball? While carrying ultra boy into the air. He adds I'am Res-Vir of Daxam and this watch world will be the key to unlock our Bondage. Chameleon Boy then says scatter Legionaries. With ultra Boy down we're not in a position to fight a Daxamite. Dragonwing says could someone. Chemical Kid says Later; Go. Res-Vir hits them into a wall saying no. He then adds where are you, Durlan? you should understand me as your world is more hellish then Daxam.
     Using his x-ray vision he says there and using his heat ray while saying no hiding little one. too hot for you? as Chameleon Boy becomes unconscious. Res-Vir then asks where is that Girl.
     The action switches to the Time lab at Legion Headquarters. Their is a explosion and Glorith uses her powers to stop it. Brainiac 5 walking down the nearby stairs says interesting sheild   effect Glorith. Gloirth says you- you're more interested in my Shield then the damage we caused when the time bubble exploded. Brainiac 5 says oh, that. 84.4% that modifications we were trying caused it. The Vibratory changes in the time stream immediately after Flashpoint have blocked our ability to reach the era of heroes in the early 21st century. He adds perhaps if I could attune the system of vibrations.
       A explosion happens and he says or not. Dream Girl comes in and says do you mind if I stop the fire spreading Brainy? she adds Headquarters is enough of a mess already. Brainiac 5 reply's acceptable if trivial. I'm becoming more and more convinced we won't find a scientific means around the Barrier again. He adds talking to Glorith says but your shield demonstrating an ability to defy the law of conservation of momentum. That raises interesting questions.
      Going back to Panoptes Res-Vir asks why don't you answer my questions. I could have killed you. These suppressor shields your own will only stop you from interfering until Daxam is free of united Planet's oppression. Now tell me where that girl went. Ultra Boy tries to break out nut fails. Res-Vir says waste all the energy you want. I'll get her myself even if I have to hurt her.
      Chameleon Boy touching the shield says Daxam's always had advanced medical technology but nothing like these suppressors and I never felt they were uncomfortable in the United Planets. Ultra Boy adds well somebody gave that creep something like Brainy's serum that prevents Mon-El from drying of Lead allergies. This planet's full of Dense metals. Chameleon Boy says really. so someone's handing out tech presents to this Renegade. Dragonwing looking at Chemical kid says you're just weird. Chemical Kid says why don't you stop talking and get us out of here. Chameleon  says if I could; I would.. be patient.
      Phantom Girl somewhere. Talks to her self, Patience, tiny. You sent the signal, Girl Quark relays take time. This is a claustrophobic's nightmare but he won't find me. He won't have the imagination to look down and there's enought lead to block his vision if he does. As long as he doesn't hurt Jo while I wait.
      Back on earth Mon-El is seen to be leaving. A voice in the Legion is heard to say as you can see, Mon-El declined to wait for the rest of us.
     At the Legion meeting Brainiac 5 says Element Lad as the only other Legionnaire who can potenitally defeat a Daxamite we need you right behind Mon-El. Element Lad says Check. Brainiac 5 than asks Rokk(Cosmic Boy) set course for Daxam. Glorith says I don't understand, Harmonia says the last time Daxamites left their world in anger, they devastated much of the Galaxy. As each one has the powers like Superman. The response is a oh.
    The Scene shifts to Shangala, Graveyard of Heroes. Some one says Okay Shady. your heard the man.
                                                         (shadow less as we have not meet her yet)
The speaker is Element Lad talking to Shadow Lass. She says not yet. He says I understand. Shadow less says it doesn't make it easier. Comet Queen at the back says Aw, she's like totally heart-burn out.
     Polar Boy says Love's the worst... and the Best, Grava. She says your are so not going there and flies off leaving dust. Polar Boy says and you are so so. oosh!
     Back on Panoptes Res-Vir talking to troops says okay, the time has come. Even though the Girl has disappeared- like a true ghost- she can't interfere with the next steps of our mission. He adds you were all carefully recruited and infiltrated into this watch world unit for this day. You know your rewards will be almost unimaginable. He further adds and you will be heroes who will unleash the most powerful world in the Galaxy. With the collian's  Potion, my power will be free and our friends above will bring us more of the ingredients we need.
     Mean While Phantom Girl has gotten into the holding room. She says need to be quiet. going up to Ultra Boy she says but I had to make sure you're okay. Chameleon Boy says get out. Get help before he hears us. She says right.
     Suddenly she is thrown away. Res-Vir has come. he adds wrong. I already heard you. Phantom Girl says hearing hearing and holding are two different tricks. Shooting a gun firng a green energy force says I can do both.
      Phantom Girl says maybe not. Mon-El crashes through the roof. They fight for several panels. Phantom Girl near a holding area says next toss over here, Mon-El okay?
     Res-Vir says you should be helping me, Mon-El. setting our world free! Mon-El says Daxam isn't a prison. Res-Vir- It's in isolation to protect us from Lead poisoning. Res-Vir calls him a lair. He adds the United Planes could cure us. But they fear our power. Ultra Boy now free adds well; I don't fear you. And I think you could stand to see what Prison's really like.
     Res-Vir says you are in no position to threaten me Legionnaires See? All three looking up see a fleet of ships have appeared as the comic ends.

My Comments

this comic was much better then the First one. It continued the story but did not try and do too much. However for parts of the comic again you needed to know stuff that happened in pre new series books which hurt the title. The artwork looked good and I started to get a feel for the characters in the book.

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