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Legion Lost # 16

     The comic starts in Arizona, the present. Harvest is helping the captain Adym to his time bubble and says. Your time bubble awaits, CAPTAIN ADYM. I do hope you won't allow the recent UNPLEASANTNESS to taint your impressions of the 21st CENTURY. The captain to this says. Are you referring to the SUPER_POWERED PSYCHO trying to destroy the Earth-- or the rouge LEGIONNAIRES who turned against me? Harvest to this says. Take your pick. DAGGOR is following his nature and the LEGIONNAIRES are too squeamish to accept the wisdom of your plan. Only a man of TRUE VISION can sacrifice a few MILLION lives to save untold QUINTILLIONS. The captain to this says. Sarcasm doesn't become you, HARVEST. Harvest adds. I have one last gift, Captain. Giving a green object to him the captain asks. What is it? Harvest to this says. A most precious TOOL whose use will reveal itself at the proper time. The captain at this standing next to the bubble says. I don't get it, HARVEST. You're supposed to be some kind of BIG BAD-- A monster responsible for the deaths of hundreds, maybe thousands, of innocent children. Why help me? Harvest to this says. Isn't it obvious? We share a common goal-- The preservation of EARTH! Now GO! The fate of this world and countless others is in your hands.

       With the captain in the time bubble Harvest turns to leash and says. I may have laid it on a bit thick, but the ENTIRE UNIVERSE depends on that man. Leash to this says. I.. I thought that was YOUR destiny, my lord. Harvest to this says. Indeed, LEASH! Indeed! COME! You and I have one last stop to make. Inside the bubble the captain is looking at his item he got and the narrator states. As an agent of ECHO, the covert branch of the 31st century's SCIENCE POLICE assigned to monitor the timestream-- CAPTAIN NATHANIEL ADYM knows when he's being played. But he can't let that dissuade him as he journey's an HOUR back in time-- To materialize within the force-field the SPACE BARBARIAN and his INTELLIGENT STEED are building around their alleged DOOMSDAY DEVICE. Inside the shield Daggor is talking to Thraxx. THRAXX, this seemingly wretched little world has passed the TEST SUPREME- And may yet prove worthy of our MASTER'S PLEASURE. Thraxx to this says. Praised be the CONQUEROR, Lord Daggor! With a time bubble behind the shield Gates from an hour ago says. SPROK NO! SPROK ME! SPROK ME!
       The scene shifts to meanwhile across the battlefield. Tyroc and Chameleon Girl are talking. Tyloc and Chameleon Girl are talking. Tyroc says. You all right, CHAMELEON GIRL? You were in HARVEST'S direct line of fire when he escaped with CAPTAIN ADYM. Chameleon Girl to this says. I'll live. Tyroc then to this says. Pretty bold statement considering our circumstances. Chameleon Girl to this thus says. TYROC, about ECHO and ADYM... Tyroc interrupts her saying. Why don't we table that discussion for now? You showed your true LOYALTY when it really counted. However this battle turns out, It's been an HONOR to serve with you. As Chameleon Girl starts to transform she says. Is something WRONG, Tyroc? You almost sound like a man preparing to DIE-- Instead of a leader trying to inspire CONFIDENCE. We'll find a way to defeat DAGGOR and save the world. That's what we do! Let's show this world that-- WE ARE LEGION!
       Dawnstar to this adds. We certainly ARE, Yera-- And we can still WIN this day. Agent Lure adds. I wish i shared your optimism, DAWNSTAR. Tyroc getting a big pumped then says. It all comes down to faith, AGENT LURE. In YOURSELF... and your TEAMMATES. The future is always OURS to control-- No matter what FATE seems to have in store for us! Even forget than on occasion. He then let's off an attack with a AARRRRGHH! Turing to Tellus he says. Tellus, Alert TIMBER WOLF and the others of HARVEST'S BETRAYAL-- And Adym's crazy plan to set off a SINGULARITY BOMB. Tellus at this says. Already... Done.

     Timber Wolf on getting this info yells. HAS ADYM LOST HIS SPROKKING MIND?! If his bomb breaches the forcefield, it could OBLITERATE ALL LIFE within a hundred-thousand- mile radius. As warblade hits him in the back with a KWOKK warblade says. Not your problem, Timber Wolf! You'll be long DEAD before it detonates. Timber Wolf can only yell. WARBLADE--! Warblade to this says. Timbe to boogie, PSYKILL!  Psykill to this says. Be right with you, Warblade. AFTER I wish CAITLIN FAIRCHILD a proper adieu. As he fires at her  with a PWOOOM it causes Fairchild to say. YOU BACK-STABBING-- uffy as she goes flying. Ridge seeing this to Warblade says. So that's the way of it, mate? You're leaving the rest of us to DIE? Warblade to this says. That was always the plan, Ridge. Unless you want to change sides.
     Elsewhere Superboy is fighting and still saying. KILL! MAIM! DESTROY! Fairchild trying to get near him yells. SUPERBOY! then adds. Harvest is GONE! You must FREE yourself of his mind control. Timber Wolf nearby and surround but fighting hard says. you're wasting your BREATH, Fairchild. That kid can't even help HIMSELF at the moment. He's stuck on a permanent SPIN CYCLE. He then asks. Where's GATES? He's the only one who can get inside that FORCE-FIELD and stop that DOOMSDAY DEVICE. Our job is to buy him enough TIME to get his act together-- And make like a HERO!
     The scene shifts to within the force-field and Thraxx is talking. The defenders of this world fight with a COURAGE we have rarely been privileged to witness, my lord. Daggor to this says. A pity their efforts will come to naught. The GREAT device will soon be complete, Loyal THRAXX. Below as Leash opens a hole in the field he says. Please forgive my impudence, Lord Harvest, But if you knew I could PENETRATE this force-field-- why didn't we transport CAPTAIN ADYM directly inside it? Harvest to this says. A good question, Leash. I can only say that we have walked this path BEFORE and are destined to walk it AGAIN-- And NEVER can we vary our steps! As he grabs a familar green object he says. BEHOLD-- The object i seek! Leash to this says. But that's what you just gave to-- Harvest at this says. Indeed. Then adds. We can now return to our base in MONGOLIA. Our lives are about to get much more interesting-- Because I no longer know what fate has in store for us.

     The scene shifts to South Dakota, the present.. and Mount Rushmore where Gates is talking to himself. IDIOTS! FOOLS! I warned the stupid SPROKKERS! Why toss their lives away on a LOST CAUSE? I told them how this story ENDS-- And it ain't HAPPY! Especially for me. As he comes though a gate a sunny beach he adds. SPEOK'EM ALL! Why should i go back to DIE when I can live out my days in the lap o' luxury and-- And-- Times like these I really hate being in the LEGION.
     Back in the force-field Daggor talking says. Take heed, mighty Thraxx! As the device wakens, The boundaries between time and space grow lax-- And strange ANOMALIES occur! As Gates portals in with a sudden Kwoom another Gates appears. This second gates says. WHAT THE--?! Who the sprok are you? Gates one to this says. Like you really don't recongize YOURSELF, Gates?! Gates 2 at this says. Where am I? I remember trying to teleport Alastor into space when-- Gates 1 to this says. You got caught in some kind of TEMPORAL JUNCTURE, But we ain't got time for long explanations. You need to distract DAGGOR while open a gate to the nearest BLACK HOLE. Gates 2 to this says. Daggor?! What's a Daggor? As Daggor narrowly missed them with a ZZZAK Gates 1 says. Any other dumb questions? Gates 2 at this says. YEAH! Why don't you distract him-- And what happened to your-- errr-- MY FACE?! Gates 1 at this says/ Trust me! You don't want to know.
      Gates two then adds. You sure you don't want to trade jobs? Gates 1 at this a bit annoyed says. Don't tempt me! You may SUFFER. My fate's a lot WORSE. Just keep an eye on TIMBER WOLF for me. Gates 2 at this says. Will do. But i really wish you would explain about "SUFFER" and-- Sudden Daggor hits him with a KAZAAM causing Gates 2 to yell. ARRRGH! Thraxx then says. Daggor, The second Bug-- He's opened a channel into the depths of space! Daggor as their being pulled back into the black hole says. FIGHT IT, THRAXX! We dare not fail our glorious CONQUEROR.

      In his time bubble the Captain is talking to himself. The singularity bomb will  detonate within seconds- And erase all traces of DAGGOR, THRAXX and their INFERNAL DEVICE. As he looks at the item Harvest gave him he says. But i will be caught in the backlash unless... As the item starts to glow he says. I... I don't believe it. HARVEST gave me some kind of NULL FIELD-- Which may be able to shield the TIME BUBBLE long enough for me to escape. Looking at his time bubble he adds. This critical juncture appears to be a TEMPORAL ANOMALY. I seem, to be unable to travel foreword in time. As stuff is starting to go even more into the black hole he adds. Since I cannot return to the 31st CENTURY. My only option is to journey backwards. With the knowledge and technology at my disposal, I will be better prepared the next time I encounter DAGGOR-- And the LEGION! Not long after his device explodes into the black hole with a big KRA-KA-DOOM.
      On the outside Tellus says. Something is happening.. Within the force-field... DAGGOR... THRAXX... The device.. And Adym's BOMB... Gone... Whisked to the heart of... distant sun... And... As the field starts to collapse Tyroc yells. EVERYBODY DOWN! With a PWOOOM they are all knocked down. As they all start to get up Tellus says. It was.. Gates... GATES... Who saved us.. All. Tyroc to this says. Where is he? He's earned a round of hugs. Tellus to this says. I... Sense... Him... No More.

      Elsewhere a voice says. LOOK! The force-field's imploding and the drones are crumbling back into the seeds from which they came. Another voice adds. IT'S OVER! The battle's over. Also elsewhere Fairchild next to Superboy says. Superboy? A-are you all right? Superboy to this says. No, Caitlin. I'm a universes removed from all right. My entire life has been a LIE. HARVEST can control me with a phrase.. A word. He can make me DANCE or KILL or WHATEVER he commands. I will never truly be FREE. Ridge speaking with some wisdom says. Some hooks are driven so DEEP they can scar your soul. That's life, Kid. Deal with it! Looking about nearby Timber Wolf says. This isn't over...
     Not as far as Dawnstar is concerned  Dawnstar following Psykill who is holding warblade then says. PSYKILL! You will never escape me. I am a HUNTER-- A TRACKER! I will follow you and WARBLADE to the ends of the earth if necessary. You and HARVEST will pay for your crimes against HUMANITY-- AND THE MURDER OF WILDFIRE! Psykill turns his head and tells her. Harvest anticipated your reaction, Girl. Gave me a little something just for you. He then with a Pwoom fires something at her. Dawnstar to this says. Did you think to catch me unawares? That I could not dodge your clumsy-- WAIT! That is no missile!
      It's unfulling into-- Wildfire's original containment suit?! I long suspected that HARVEST still possessed it. Why return it now? Unless-- Suddenly as energy moves about the suit it says. HOO-HA! I'M BAAAAACK! 


     Dawnstar hugging Wildfire says. Drake, I.. I.. sob. Then adds. I.. i don't understand why Harvest return your suit? Wildfire to this says. Yeah. Me, too. Then adds. Je might have plans for us-- Or he just wanted to buy his boys time to escape. Trying to figure out Harvest is like looking for a worm in a snakepit. Even if you succeed, you won't be happy. Let's rejoin the team and party like its 3013!
      Tellus to this says. As I said.. The ANTI-ENERGY... That is WILDFIRE... Can never.. Truly... Be destroyed. Destroyed. Wildfire to this says. Maybe not, But life is better in the right containment suit. Tyroc to this adds. Welcome home, Drake! you'd never believe how much I missed you. Wildfire to this says. Look like the and is finally back together again. Timber Wolf by himself to this says. Not quite the entire band... As a blue gate opens a voice says. Actually... Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated. Timber Wolf to this says. LITTLE BUG! You survived--!  Gates at this adds. Guess I make a lousy eye-witness. Tellus interrupts them and says. As loath.. As I am.. To intrude.. I flashed into.. The mind of DAGGOR.. Before he vanished. His device was... Not built.. To DESTROY... But to COMMUNICATE.

      Agent Lure to this says. He was trying to contact SOMEONE or SOMETHING? Gates then adds. Doesn't matter WHOEVER or WHATEVER was at the far end of Daggor's call. Timber Wolf adds. Gates is RIGHT! They'll find US waiting. The comic and series ends with Tyroc shouting. LONG LIVE THE LEGION!


As a final issue this comic was so-so. The story was pretty fun and the action too. However, the wide open ending is both a blessing and a curse. The return to the status quo is great but it means the team will be showing up again at some point. I also think the time trapper is behind this and may have been the one behind locking them in the past.
      With the look at the comic out of the way it is time to look at the series as a hole. The problem that happened from the Legion start was that it was expected you to know these heroes and such expected too much for a new series start. The series was also not helped by it's slow pacing.(It is better in the Legion lost vol 2 part 1 trade) The series felt like it had no flow until this ark Another negative that affected the series is that the new team that debuted around the time of the culling event did not have the ability to get a feel and as such the lead in was bad. As for the culling event itself it was really bad and hurt Legion Lost. What is sad about this is that this Ark does a better job explaining Harvest then the culling ever did. Ultimately, With low sales as a result of all  these problems the series was concerned.
     However, this series especially with the new team did help to get something right. The characters acted like they were supposed to and you get the feeling that they cared for each other. In my opinion I think the Gates and Timber Wolf interactions were the best written among the group. This series will also be holding a special place in my heart as it was the first thing I ever reviewed for my blog but also the first "current" comic to also be cancelled for me. As for the art work of these series it is neither bad nor is it great and as such is about middle of the road.         

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