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Nova # 1

        The Comic starts in space where a voice talking about a flashback says. SAM, did I.. Did I ever tell you the one about-- Another voice in answer says. Dad, Maybe now isn't the best time...

    The scene shifts to above the planet Mooro. 4Z.Z light years from Earth. Seventeen years ago. The first voice adds. We were way out there... With TITUS and MISTER Z'ZZ-- Sam the second voice says. The tiger guy and the thing with the thing. A Nova says. GOING IN! Another tiger like Nova then asks. Whose hopeless plan, was this again, MISTER Z'ZZ? Mister Z'ZZ a bug like Nova says. Who else, Titus? The first Nova to this says. Nights like this I ALMOST wish the helmet COULDN'T translate what passes for language on your planets. As aliens fire lasers at them they all yell. Kill them all! As the human Nova bats them away he adds. It's up ahead! Come on! As they near a door Titus asks. Is THAT where THEY are being held? Are you sure? Mister Z'zz adds. Is he EVER sure? The Human blasting the door with a blue energy bolt says. I'm sure. Inside two figures cloaked in shadows says. Never expected to see YOU guys. the Novas to this says. No one ever does. We were never here.
    As more Aliens appear the Human Nova sas. TAKE THEM OUT! EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM! A talking Raccoon next to him with a big gun says. WITH PLEASURE. Speaking to the second voice(Human Nova) Sam recalling he adds. Nobody asked how GAMORA and ROCKET got captured. Or even what they were doing out there. That wasn't our mission. Unlike THE GOLD DOMES. Sam interrupts and says. Unlike the gold domes, The BLACK Novas-- The SUPERNovas-- DON'T ASK. You just do the job. The JOB being "Rescue the Green Lady and a Talking Raccoon." The SAVIORS OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM! The first voice to this says. Heh. THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY," Son the Guardians of The Galaxy... And I'm pretty sure NOBODY called us "SUPERNOVAS." Although we were called WORSE...
    The Human Nova then does something and says. Follow me. Mister Z'ZZ to this says. I could count on all FOUR of my hands the number of times following you ended badly. The human Nova to this as they near a space ship says. Nothing to worry about. All we do now is get to the ship and-- Suddenly a ship appears and starts to attack them causing Titus to say. I hate it when a plan falls apart. The human Nova says. Just peachy. Sam to this says. Dad, NOBODY says "Peachy" anymore. To this he says. Sam, When you're PINNED down by Badoon spacecradt, You can say anything you damn well please. As the human Nova launches into space he says. I've got this. Get to the transport ship! Titus to this says. NO! It is SUICIDE. You blurg! As he flies though the ship he adds to Sam. I'll always wonder if Titus cared about MY SAFETY... Or( As the ship explodes) just wanted the glory for HIMSELF.

     Soon he is falling though space passed out when Titus grabs him saying. That was brave, courageous, And unbelievable stupid, JESSE. Jesse to this weakly says. Everything I learned "Koff" I learned from you. As they land Titus says. I have him. Lift off NOW! Soon on board Titus to Jesse says. You are an Idiot, You do know that? Jesse to this says. Is that how they say "Thank you" Where you're from? Titus hits his helmet causing a phsshhh and says. No. THIS is. Suddenly Jesse says. BLARRRH!
     The scene shifts to the planet Earth. Carefree, Arizona Population 3,410, Six months ago to the older Jesse doing the same thing. Sam with his arms crossed says. I was ALMOST done here. Then picking up his dad. Come on. Let's get you home. And a breath mint. Soon outside Jesse says. Sam.. If they call for me someday.. I'll have to go back out there. Sam to this says. I'm sure you will, Dad. I'm sire you will...
     Soon near their house Sam to his dad says. Umm.. Why don't I.. uh.. tell Mom you're doing some WORK in the garage again> Soon inside a room Jesse to his son says. You're a good boy. Sam Alexander. Sam sighs and right behind his is a black Nova helmet sitting on a shelf.

    Soon as Soon goes though the fridge a voice says. Is he okay? Sam to this says. Sure, After I finished doing HIS job at the school. Got him home safely. Put him to bed. HE'S just fine. The voice that is his mom adds. Your dad's going through a tough time. Sam to this says. Not as tough as when he want up against the BIG BAD BADOON, Right? His mom to this says. SAM... While he can only say. MOM.... Suddenly a voice says. Whatcha guys talking about? It is a little girl to who the mom says. Why are you still awake? The girl to this says. Can I have some eye scream? Sam to this says. You can have anything you want, KAELYNN. Its all make-believe anyway.. As he walks away he adds. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND...! 
     The scene then shits to carefree. High school. The next day. Sam on a skate board says. Late. Suddenly a Arm appears in front at him and a voice says. Road closed. The person then adds. "Alexander the not-so-great." I just made a mess in the can there. Wanna get your DAD on it? Sam to this says. Get one of your skater boys to follow you around with a pooper scooper, MOFFET. Moffet to this says. y'think you're better than me just 'cause your dad's the JANITOR here? Sam to this says. "Custodial Enginner." Say it with me, LUNK. A man appears holding Sam stake board and says. Anyone missing his skateboard? Sam to this says. Thanks, MR. PHILBIN. must've slipped out of my backpack. The man to this says. Sam. About your Dad. his attendance record is worse than yours. How many MORE jobs can he afford to lose? Sam to this says. Talk to HIM. I gotta get to class. The man adds. And get yourself a HELMET.
    Sometime later outside Sam is skateboarding when he passes by a girl who says to him. You gonna stay late and clean the bathrooms again? Sam to this says. You know about that? Her reply to this is. that you cover for your dad so he doesn't get fired? She then adds. I can help. If you want. Sam to this says. Why would you do that? She says as she grabs her ear. Dunno. Something to do. Sam now doing a trick on his board to this says. Wow. This place really has come to a dead end when the cutest girl in the school would clean toilets for "Something to do." The girl to this says. You really think I'm cute? Sam to this says. CARRIE, We live in a town where I can skateboard from ONE end to the OTHER! We're never going to go anywhere... I'm gonna wind up just like.. I', sorry. there's stuff with my dad... As he heads off he says. Thanks for offering to help.. Carrie says. Anytime.

     The scene soon shifts to the Riegellian Empire. The milky way galaxy. Fifteen years ago. Jesse speaking says. We were zooming through THE MILKY WAY. And I don't mean the candy bar. A second voice says. GIGGLE. Oh, Daddy! In the memory a voice says. THEY"RE STILL ON US! It is Jesse and he adds. We could use BACK UP. Why is it we NEVER have any back up?! Mister Z'ZZ to this says. NOBODY knows we're out here. What park about a COVERT OPERATION isn't clear to you? Titus adds. Less talk. More piloting. As something explodes in front of him on the ship Jesse says. Those RIGELLIANS are persistent little cusses. One little RECORDER is all we took! They have like a bajillion of them! Mister Z'ZZ adds. Maybe because they want what we "BORROWED."
     Titus adds. It is not the recorder-- It is whatever it RECORDED that is of value. Mister Z'ZZ adds. We're talking on awful lot of Flak! Not sure this ship's going to hold up. Titus to this says. Then set us down. ANYWHERE. JESSE, If you are going to hop back to Earth, It has to now. In front a machine says. Gleep.  Jesse to what Titus said can only say. NOW?!
     Titus working on his computer adds. Take the skimmer. It will get you as far as the nearest jump port. Jesse to this says. I can't leave you all in the middle of this. There's gotta be another choice. Titus facing him now says. None of us have FAMILIES. That was our agreement when we signed up.You-- Being someone who does not follow regulations-- Found a BRIDE. You are needed now at home--- And this is as near to Earth as we are going to be for a very long time. Jesse to this says. Titus. I'll send BACK UP from the jump port. Mister Z'll to this adds. Don't send us any "GOLD DOMES" As he starts to leave Jesse says. I promise I'll be back as soon as-- Titus yells. JUST GO!

     Back In "reality" Jesse says. I got hime in time to see your big brother get born. Fifteen years ago. Sometimes it feels like a long time. Sometimes it feels like yesterday. Kaelynn then asks. Wait. What happened to TITUS and MISTER Z'ZZ and THE PHLISH and... and.. and.. and... Jesse says to this. Time for sleeps, Pumpkin. Kaelynn then yawns and quietly says. Tell me another story about ROCKET RACCOON... Jesse also quietly says. Tomorrow. Now I'll race you down to sleepytown. Behind Sam is watching/listening to this.
      Outside to hi Mom he says. He can't even remember the same stories he tells me that he tells her. His mom says. Just because SHE sees your dad as a hero doesn't make her wrong. Sam to this says. A talking Raccoon? A Green Lady assassin? He's filling her head with FANTASIES. His mom to this says. He's filling her head with DREAMS. Sam to this says. He's a LOSER, Mom. When are you going to wake up to that FACT? His mom now very much annoyed says. You have no idea the sacrifices he's made. I hope you grow up to be HALF the man your father is. Sam says to this. Wow. Half a high school janitor. Go, Me. and runs out the front door.
      skating outside he talks to him. Must be nice to put on a "space Helment" And leave this tiny town. I'll never get any further than my own backyeard. Gonna wind up just like... HIM. Looknig at the carefree you are leaving sign he says to it. The universe has a sense of humor and I don't get the joke...


    Soon back in the house he sees that his sister is still awake and says. Hey. Isn't somebody up past her bedtime. Kaelynn to this says. Can't sleep. Sam asks. How come? She says to this. I'm worried about daddy. Same to this says. Nothing to worry about, shrimp. I'm taking care of him. Kaelynn to this says. C'mon, you're just a KID, Sam. What if.. What if the NOVAS need him again? He's gonna have to go, y'know. Same to this says at first. Kaelynn. then adds. Those store's that dad tells us us? They're not... Kaelynn then says. They're not what..? He was the greatest Nova EVER. Sam is silent for a minute then says. You should get him to tell you the one about how they painted another ring around Saturn. That's a really good one.
    The next day in front of a closed school washroom he says. Sad.. The bully from before then says. This is YOUR fault Alexander. If your old man doesn't show, YOU'RE on doddy duty. As he tries to punch the bully(who blocks it) and the bully punches him in the nose saying. Nice- TRY! As he noise bleeds the principle appears and says. My office. NOW.
     Much time later he comes home and opens the door to his dad room saying. HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY, DAD! Because of you, I got suspen-- As he sees the place busted up he finishes- ded... Looking on the shelf he sees the Nova helmet gone and says. What the hell?! Then adds. No. NO. YOU'RE NOT RUNNING OUT ON US.

     Soon outside he says. I'll find you if i have go to EVERY bar and liquor store in ARIZONA. Soon on his skateboard it hits a rock with a pok and with a GAH he goes flying and blacks out.
     Sometime later a doctor use a light to check him out saying. Welcome back. Don't try to sit up. You took a pretty nasty spill. You're in the hospital, Sam. you've been out for THREE days. Sometime later he sees his sister and she says. Can I see what color the stitches are? Still later his mom is their and he says. Mom.. Has DAD come home...? His mom says. Not yet, Sweetheart. Get some rest. Later on in front of his bed curtains a voice says. Is this him? Another voice says. How should I know? It's it says on this chart in what looks like the scribbles of a shi'arian child. The other voice says. That's the DOCTOR'S handwriting. I HATE hospitals. Sam weakly says. Who...?

     It is Rocket Raccoon and the Green assassin lady and Rocket Raccoon says. Wake up, Kid. We gotta talk about your dad. Behind the lady is holding a Nova helmet and a big sword. Sam to this can only say as the comic ends. just... PEACHY...


This comic is pretty fun. As part of the relaunch of Marvel Tittles to compete against DC comics this comic looks a the story of Nova. This issue had really nice artwork. The characters and not badly written and the flashback scenes are done great. This Nova (SAM) was first seen in a crossover event last year and as such this is how he came to be one.

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