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Legion of Super-Heroes #17

        The comic starts somewhere in space, in the 31st century. Two aliens are speaking a unknown language to each other. Phantom Girl waking up thinks. c-crashed... As a Alien comes upon her she says. makes no sense.. Total system failure... Never happened before... Barely phased out before the crash.. Great way to start as leader.. Using powers just to survive. As a Alien says something to her she says. Easy, Pal-- Translator's gone dead too. Everything hurts and something smells... Dead...?

     As she looks up at a Legion ship crashed and on fire Phantom Girl at first can only say. No. She than adds. First mission on my watch and the cruiser's crumpled like a candy wrapper... And that putrid smell...
     As she touches her flight ring Phantom Girl then says. Flight ring not responding... So much for Jo giving us an instant rescue-- Or at least me a hug. As she reaches a ship and seems to make a hole in it she adds. Its there anything in the whole damn universe left that works...? She then says. Guys--?? Dirk, Brek, Jacques-- Are you okay? Roll Call! C'Mon the landing baffles MUST have worked! Soon inside she finds a hurt Polar Boy and says. Brek! At first he can only say. Unhh... Then adds. I-ice cocooned us... Mostly... Jacques went to help Dirk... Trying to count body parts, Make sure mine are all here. He then asks to her. You okay/ Phantom Girl to this says. You know me-- Nothing hurts a phantom.. As she moves though the wall Polar Boy now standing saying. L-lucky you... She is a bit oblivious asking for.. Dirk...?

     Inside the next room Invisible Kid says. Don't look, Mam'selle. Phantom Girl to this says. What are you talking-- Seeing it she can only say. oh. Invisible kid can only say. I am sorry, Mam'selle. Up in a see we see that Sun Boy is in the pilots chair with his head crushed by part of the ship. Phantom Girl hand covering her eyes then says. Dirk-Y-You-- can't be-- This is not happening. Invisible Kid then says. No one else could have brought a cruiser in for a landing on momentum and riding gravity waves.. No one else could have saved us.
     Outside Phantom Girl says. One nano we're cruising, The next all our tech cuts out.. Our best pilot crash-lands the cruiser . And dies.. DIES! Not heroically saving the damn universe. Just trying to save... us. One of the aliens speaks gibberish and Invisible Kid in his french accent says. Please, Mam'selle... We must deal with this as best we can.. Pull yourself together... We have a friend to bury. Polar Boy comes up and says. Dirk..? Invisible Kid can only say. And Again...
      The scene shifts to Rimbor. A vehicle is crashing with a krash. A person falls out soon with a Wham. Below Ultra Boy says. Crazy-- Everything's falling apart-- Even our camouflage outfits failed. Glorith with him says. Should I try a spell of conceal-- Ultra Boy to this says. No time-- C'mon-- Let's get some cover...

    Chameleon Boy in the form of a giant thing is talking to himself. Bizarre.. Simultaneous shutdown of so many planetary support systems. Without an apparent catastrophic cause. Even if Tharok is hiding on this world he's never had the power to do something on this scale-- It feels like the whole universe is going dark. As he passes a window a person yells MONSTER! and tries to him him. This causes him to say. Hey-- turning back into a normal figure he adds. Easy with that stick, Fella-- And I prefer not to be called names. Below ultra Boy to him says. Cham-- Can't call H.Q. Even. We're on our own. Chameleon Boy to this says. We're Legionnaires-- We'll handle it. Back in his previous form he says. Follow me-- i saw a section that still seemed powered.. Let's see why.
    The scene shifts back to somewhere. Aliens are speaking to Polar Bay. He says. Could you shut up? Phantom Girl to this says. We may need their help Brek. I can't even get a Navicomp read on where in hell we are... And It's certainly hell. I can't believe this. Polar Boy to this says. Right, P.G-- Put on my best friendly face... He then yells to the Aliens. SHUT UP!
    Soon walking Polar Boy to himself says. Whatever we are, It doesn't look like they're likely to have spare parts for our tech-- or a comm line to call Earthgov or the United Planets... This is definitely the butt end of Nowhere. Interlac definitely not spoken here... And these building materials... Some weird cross between organics and stonework... They're getting more excited as I walk this way... Suddenly he sees something and says. Holy...

     Looking over the side he says. This whole village-- The crash site-- It's all built on top of the organic stone arm--??? Only one thing the universe like that-- And it's a myth.. The Promethean Giants.. Running off he yells. PHANTOM GIRL!!
     Back on Rimbor a voice says. Bizarre. Some sort of servo-robots, But they're as dysfunctional as everything else on Rimbor. Expect the power feed to this building. Ultra Boy speaking says. The U.P. uses them for local maintenance.. Hard to get people to stay here. This might be the primary U.P. comm relay for the planet, The.. Good. Glorith  to this says. I don't understand. Chameleon Boy to this says. The quark relays have to be channeled to keep the links open, Glorith.. maybe we can use it to get back in touch with Legion H.Q. Except, The system doesn't look very workable... Holding up something he adds. And then there's this. Glorith ask again. Why.. is that a problem? Chameleon Boy to this says. Might as well have Tharok's signature on it.
     Outside Glorith to robots moving towards them says. Legionnaires.. What is the function of these creatures? They are stirring. Ultra Boy to this says. Oh, they tend the circuity and stuff... Pretty simple.. And harmless. Suddenly they fire something with a thoom. It hits him with a whammmm causing him to say. Yeow! He then asks. Glorith-- Do you have a shield spell...? Glorith who is grabbed says. No...

    As she unleashes a spell with a whammm she says. But these are unliving things, Are they not..? So perhaps a spell of dissociation will serve.. There. With a zzzap they are gone and Ultra Boy says. Whew.. Glorith with her hood down then says. I do not like to be touched.
     Back on the Phomethean Gaint the three are walking and Phantom Girl says. If I hadn't it, I wouldn't have believed it. Invisible Kid adds. These beings have been legendary for much of Earth's history.. Polar Boy adds. On Brall, too. But never heard of a species living on them! Phantom Girl says. This can't be real-- Invisible Kid then says. Mam'selle...? Polar Boy to this adds. Smells like cooking. With a fire going a voice says. I don't believe it-- Phantom Girl adds. Tell me those little monsters didn't eat Dirk! Invisible Kid adds. This must be a cauchemar! Suddenly the cruiser starts to vroom. Phantom Girl say. The cruiser-- Shuddering-- Almost like it knows what happened to its pilot.
     She adds. maybe we can power it up-- Get out of here-- Polar Boy jumping on the Aliens says. Not till I take care of these cannibal creatures! Suddenly a KATHOOM happens and Phantom Girl thinks. What the--?

     With a AAARRRRH! the gaint has gone alive and Polar says. The giant- it's coming to life.
      The scene shifts to at the edge of the United Planets.. A voice says. I approve of your choice of dwelling.. The first voice says. Nobody asked you. Then adds. Seemed like a quiet place to hide to hide, ;til you came along. The locals are very.. willing. But you want me to leave? The first voice says. Not yet, Persauder. To this he says. Good. Holding up a cup he adds. More. The first voice adds. I have disrupted the Legionnaires who were searching for us. The worlds they are may be sufficient to destroy them without your intervention.
     The FATAL FIVE shall be REUNITED. deadlier than ever.. And now that I have shaped this form which can more between worlds incorporeally, I shall strike where and when I choose.. And you and the others will be with me to strike the deathblows to the United Planets.

     Worlds will feel the pain, And first, The Legionnaires' Home worlds.. SO that those who might stop us are struck down first. You will have your turn to serve, my grumpy friend... But first, Let Validus do his work. The comic ends with Validus getting ready to do this.


This issue was great. The artwork of Kieth Giffen is great. As for the story it is also not too bad. Also the death of Sun Boy was pretty shocking to see. All in all a good start to a run with the Legion will face a great amount of problems.

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