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From the Vault: Adventure Comics 315

                                                       (cover events not in this part of comic)

           The comic opens with the Legion of Super-Heroes at their clubhouse and looking at the universe-Monitor. Sun Boy says that the Universe-Monitor came from Thar and warns of trouble on any planet. Superboy adds that all planets are safe and they can attend the Galactic Law enforcement convention. At the convention Superboy is talking about Law enforcement on water worlds. Behind him Saturn Girl is using a watch system to see if everything is okay. However, out in space near Earth Aliens wanting glass from Earth to make poison gas plan to attack. They have to do this as they don't have glass on their planet and no one will give them any. Another Alien says they they need to trick the Legion warning system. The Aliens then set up a film of Metropolis in a normal state that loops that will be transmitted to the Legion whist monitors. They believe that the Legion is deceived and began to steal glass from Earth.


     However, The Legion of substitute Heroes sees his and goes to stop it. Polar Boy and Fire lad then use their powers. Night Girl then starts to work to stop the ships. She then shakes the ship and gets the people out and Chlorophyll Kid uses his powers to build trees around them. Stone Boy is soon sad as he can't use his powers. They then plan to leave and stay hidden to the Legion. This does not happen as Superboys powers help him to see what happened.
     Soon Superboy comes and talks to this other Legion. A little later on the Legion comes back and a meeting starts. At the meeting Cosmic Boy says they all look familiar. Saturn Girl states they all applied to be members but were all rejected. Saturn Girl reveals Polar Boy came from a world so hot they got powers to beat the heat. Night Girl came from a dark planet and scientists give her powers but it only works in the dark. Fire Lad inhaled vapor from a metal give him his power. Lastly, Chlorophyll kid got his powers as a child when he fell into a plant growing solution.
     Saturn Girl forgets Stone Boy and he states that his powers come from his race that got their powers from their world due to the fact that half of the year is in night and they turn to to stone to protect themselves.  Saturn Girl says to all of this that you formed a Legion after being rejected. Polar Boy conforms this and says they did it to secretly help out the Legion. They all took a oath to use their powers for good and always try to help the Legion of Super-Heroes out. The main Legion then goes off to talk. Night Girl wonders if they will disband their Legion. Polar Boy says the vow stands regardless. The main Legion comes back and Saturn Girl says they are touched by what they have done and their Legion may go on. They also will let one member in. Polar Boy asks them who.?
     Saturn Girl reveals that they will be a competitive series of tasks. Brainiac 5 at a machine that will determine which Legion members will sponsor the substitutes and then pulls the lever to turn it on. Night Girl wish's for Cosmic Boy. Saturn Girl is soon chosen as a sponsor and asks Brainiac 5 to head the judges. He says he will and assigns the first test to Polar Boy. Brainiac then reveals that two scientists calling themselves the Human Guinea pigs tired a experiment and it went wrong and froze them. It is Polar Boys task to save them. Polar Boy says my power is to create cold and is worse then useless in this task. Sun Boy is paired with Polar Boy then heads off. Sun Boy states these tasks are meant to be difficult.
      Soon the two get to the lab. Polar Boy soon has a ideas and uses his flying belt to carry the two frozen men elsewhere. Polar Boy comes to a volcano and thanks to his planet can live threw it and the men are soon thawed and soon talking with each other.


    Brainiac 5 who was judging and says you succeeded and as they could not follow and wanted to know the details. One of the men says we can tell you, we owe him our lives. Back at the clubhouse Sun Boy tells him won't know his score until all the tests are done. Brainiac 5 then says that Night Girl is next and that hers will be a daunting one. Sun Boy says to Superboy that you will have go some distance to beat his partners score. Superboy says Night girl will do fine. Thinking to herself Night girl reveals she wants to win to be with Cosmic Boy.
    It is reveled that Night Girl task will be on Vannar where one side is always in Night. Brainiac 5 states that someone call Sun Women us using her powers to oppress people on the planet. Night Girl as thy cross to the Sunlight says she will loss all her super powers.
    She then adds she will do her best. Brainiac 5 also adds that if you fail that Superboy must do the job but the score will be very low. Later as she goes towards her target she tells Superboy not to interfere. However, Superboy is worried. Thinking she is desperately determined. Soon Night Girl finds Sun Women. She tries to stop her but Sun Women tosses her aside and gives her to her guards.  

      They put her into a dark dungeon. However in the dark her powers work and soon she tunnels her way out and finds rebels/natives of the city. She gives them a idea and soon they began to toss black rock into fires. Soon the sun is blacked out. Sun Women is shocked that she is a ordinary women now. Suddenly Night Girl then comes up through the ground. Later on Brainiac 5 says a remarkable feat and Lighting Lad says she is sure to get a high score. At the Clubhouse Brainiac 5 says the scores of Polar Boy and Night Girl are close. Night Girl wonders who has the highest. Superboy tells her he thinks it is her. Brainaic 5 then says that Chlorophyll kid is next and that Lighting Lad is his sponsor. He asks Lighting Lad if he is ready and Lighting Lad says he is. Brainiac 5 says that a Earth mountain needs to be split so that water from a lake pool can pass through to supply more people and that is his task. Chlorophyll Kid is a little troubled but says he will do it.
     Chlorophyll Kid talking to Lighting Lad says you could split it easy. However, Lighting Lad says he would he could help but he has to do it on his own. He soon climbs to the top of the mountain and finds a tiny plant growing on the top. He then goes and get redwood seeds and drops them into the crack. The trees split the mountain in half and he wins his test.
     After this Brainiac 5 asks Bouncing Boy if his protege Fire Lad is ready to go to the asteroid. Bouncing Boy says yes though he can't stop bouncing from excitement. 

     Fire Lad task is to give a tribe on a non stop raining asteroid fire. After failing several times Fire Lad says that their is a greasy stain on a river. He uses his flight belt and stick to dill down and unleash oil which he lights on fire. Brainiac 5 says good job and that the tribe can now forge metal and other things. All that is left to do is test Stone Boy.
     Stone Boy's task is to stop a Rantaks from attacking a village on a asteroid. Stone Boy then digs a pit trap and covers it with branches. He finds the Rantak and then turns into stone as it try's to eat him. As it nears the trap Stone Boy sees that the villagers have come out to watch and the beast may charge them. He then says to Saturn Girl he gives up and to use her powers to repel the beast. She does this and Brainaic 5 tells him that you score no matter how low it is.

    Back at the clubhouse Superboy says Night Girl will win. Sun Boy says it will be his one to win. The Winner is revealed to be Stone Boy. Stone Boy asks why and asks how. Brainaic 5 says Saturn Girl read his mind and says his self sacrifice. He is now a Legion member. The other Legion members say good job and they will miss him. However, he does not want to break up the other Legion and chooses to stay. Superboy says they understand and his loyalty gives him a higher score. Thus the comic ends.


This comic was not that bad. However, the no glass Aliens were kind of strange and weak. The story though was quite interesting. The sub legion would stay in their role until a much later date. After a time in the late 1970's or early 1980's Polar Boy would break up the his Legion and join the Legion of Super-Heroes. So would Night Girl. As for the art work it was what you expect from the 1960's not that good but even a lot better then a few years before it. All in all a pretty good issue from the silver age

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