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From the Vault: Adventure Comics 316

      The comic starts with Superboy going through the time-Barrier. He is thinking to himself that he has to return to Smallville but can't mass something in the future. Soon he arrives at the Legion clubhouse. In the Gym Superboy finds some of the legion training. He asks Phantom Girl if she is testing her powers of walking  through objects. She says yes and points out Ultra Boy and Mon-EL are wresting. Superboy then Asks Element Lad and Shrinking Violet if everything is ready for the ceremony. Element Lad says yes and that he is making Gold for Lighting Lad for Statuettes. A little later we see that Lighting Lad is making statues of Proty.

      The Heroes soon set up a memorial to Proty. Lighting Lad says thanks to Proty for making him come back to life. We see that Proty II has appeared and is Chameleon Boy's pet. After the ceremony Superboy says he has to return to his time. However, Saturn Girl detects something happening on Earth. A strange red tube has stolen the main solar generator from a solar plant. It also steals bars of universium as we. The Legion soon comes to the Science Police headquarters and find out that a tube also stole a top floor of a scientific foundation tower. Superboy then uses his telescopic and x-ray vision to try and spot them. It fails and Ultra Boy then says he will use his penetra-vision to try and find them.
     Ultra Boy then briefly talks about his powers. After that Sun Boy asks him to try and use his powers to find the thief's. After this Sun Boy says they know nothing expect that the thieves are stealing powerful scientific instruments. Phantom Girl says Ultra Boy will find them as his powers are wonderful. Saturn Girl says your a great admirer of his are you not and that he indeed will. However, when they get back to the SPHQ Ultra Boy says he found nothing. Sun Boy then gets the item needed to look at records of past criminals who have had unusual powers. Soon at the Super-Rouges gallery they start to look through the files. They soon go nearly all of them until they come to one that is a picture of Ultra Boy. Phantom Girl says it must be a coincidence and that finger print and pore patterns will prove it.


      However, they match up perfectly. Ultra Boy then asks them to let him stay on. Sun Boy says he will set up a voting panel to decide it. At the panel all but Phantom Girl says yes to expel him from the Legion. Chameleon Boy then asks Superboy and Lighting Lad to burn his insignia away. Ultra Boy calls them fools and vows to use his powers to get even with all the members of the Legion.  
      Outside Superboy says to Sun Boy poor Phantom Girl who thought so much of Ultra Boy. Sun Boy says to Superboy it had to be done and for him to return to Smallville. Sun Boy then adds he will turn Ultra Boy over to the police to serve out the prison term. Ultra Boy says this is the thanks I get for being a loyal member. He then says he will turn against the Legion and use his powers against it. The Legion try and use their powers against him to stop him. He runs away and Mon-EL is forced to chase after him.
      Fighting Mon-EL sends him into a space beacon which starts to topple. Mon-EL disengages to right it but its allows Ultra Boy to run into a place get a space suit and falls off into space. Mon-EL returns to the club house and tells them where Ultra Boy is hiding.

        Phantom Girl puts out that how can they chase him and that he saved Sun Boy on the puppet World. She adds you owe him your life. Sun Boy says that they must uphold their vow to the law. He leaves Cosmic Boy and Brainiac 5 to guard their secret weapons in case the raiders strike again. After this the Legion head out into space to find him.
       Soon Ultra Boy on the run comes to a little known world. After landing he says the planet is uninhabited by humans so he will stay their. However, A voice behind says you should never have landed on this world stranger.
       Ultra Boy turns around and sees a purple monster. He asks who spoke to him as it can't be this terrible monster. It says your wrong and that it did speak to him. Ultra Boy then sees two other monsters and adds the nervous strain of being a fugitive must be giving him delusions of intelligent monsters. The purple one then says that they we once human men like him. They volunteered for a experiment and it turned them into monsters and the scientist who did can not reverse it. Ultra Boy adds maybe his Earth Science could help. The monster takes him to the Lab. The scientist explains that his machine came from a idea a Kryptonian criminal had. Ultra Boy looks at the machine and says he cannot fix it but Mon-EL can being chased by him.

       Out in Space the Legion start looking on several worlds for Ultra Boy. On one ship Sun Boy asks Saturn Girl how she never sensed that Ultra Boy was a escaped criminal. She reply's that he must have trained himself and she does not pry into minds for curiosity. In the back Phantom Girl knows were Ultra Boy is and by will keep it out of her thoughts/ At the front Sun Boy decides to call the Legion members on Earth. The two on Earth report all is quiet so far. Mon-EL soon finds where Ultra Boy is. Ultra Boy runs off but tells the scientist that someone is coming that can help him.
       Mon-EL comes in and the scientist tells him of the situation and asks for help. Mon-EL has a looks and finds he can fix it. Out side Ultra Boy flies off. Mon-EL soon restores the men back to normal. Soon the rest of the Legion arrive. Then talk about Ultra Boy escaping and how stuff like this is their weakness and they will always stop.
       Out in space Ultra Boy is feeling lonely. He uses his powers and sees that a Legion ship is following him. Saturn Girl is using her powers. Saturn Girl finds Ultra Boy is going to a world with rivers of fire under a red sun. They go to the planet and find he is not their and that he used their powers against them. Ultra Boy is on a planet of crystals hoping no Legion members have also no landed. However, Chameleon Boy founds him and asks him to surrender or he will stun him.

        Ultra Boy ignores the threat as he knows that the stun weapon is Proty II and he flies off thinking that was close and planning to go to mirage world. The other soon arrive and Saturn Girl is able to catch a thought that of a place of illusions and she does not understand. Phantom Girl thinks to herself and thinks its Mirage world. Sun Boy calls the other Legion Ships and Element lad comes in.
         Sun Boy tells them that they have not captured Ultra Boy yet. Element Lad then calls Earth and it is still quite on Earth. The second Legion ship goes after the first one. They soon come to a empty world with colossal flying monsters around. They land and Saturn girl feels he is on the planet. Sun Boy decides to wait fro cruiser two. Phantom Girl decides to go after Ultra Boy as she know where he is.
        She comes to a monster and it reveals that it is a mirage. Soon Phantom Girl finds Ultra Boy but comes out and tells her to leave due to Danger. However, that strange tube appears and sucks them up. They are soon sucked into a ship.

       The Aliens come in and ask Ultra Boy to help them conquer Earth. Ultra Boy says sure and takes him to Earth. They soon get their and he shows them a machine that turns things into a icy coma. He turns the device on them and freezes them.

     Later at the Club House Ultra Boy reveals that he was not a traitor and did this to defeat the raiders. He found them with his powers and place fake police records of him being a criminal. The Legion let Ultra Boy back in and Phantom Girl puts his insignia back on and the comic ends


This issue was pretty good. The idea of Ultra boy being bad was fun but also showed how much of a good person he truly is. This can also be seen to be the start of the period where him and Phantom Girl become closer and later on become a couple which they still are today. Well the Artwork is not the good in places it has gotten much better then then the past and keeps getting better every year. I also think the Legion slowly starts to become more serious starting with this year thought it can still be quite goofy.

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