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From the Vault: Adventure Comics: 317

        The comic starts at the Legion Club house in the 30th century. A message goes out that asks Legionnaires on distant duty. It is from Saturn Girl who adds that they do not have enough members to make a quorum for their regular meeting. She again adds that if it is possible to leave their mission to do so and return to Earth. The scene shifts to an Alien World where Brainiac 5 and Lighting Lass are on a mission. Lighting Lass us using her powers to make a statue out of rock and thanks Brainiac for using his mind to find the perfect spot. The statue is of the National Hero of their planet. Suddenly Brainiac gets the mission from Saturn Girl. The scene shifts to another world that has been devastated by Atomic warfare. Exploring it are Star Boy and Matter-Eater Lad. They talk of how frighting the planet is and that their are happy that Saturn Girl has called them back so they can prepare more to explore.

          Next the scene turns to the time stream. Superboy and Mon-EL are travelling through time. Both hit a barrier and state they cannot follow the Time Trapper. A scientific criminal who fled into the future. Cosmic Boy and Sun Boy had tried to follow in a time bubble but were stopped as they could only move forward 30 days. To the Barrier Superman calls it a Iron Curtain of time and that they should go back and report it to the whole Legion. Superboy and Mon-EL soon return to the club house but did not get the message about the meeting. After they tell Saturn Girl about the Iron Curtain she says it sounds ominous but they can not look into until after they have their regular meeting due to Legion by-laws. Soon a machine starts reading new bylaws to the group and the selection for new applicants begins. First is Rann Antar who can make feathers heavy as lead with science. Saturn Girl tells him that they have Sun Boy who can do this and science based powers are not allowed in the Legion. The second applicant is a women from the scientific world of Naltor calling herself Dream Girl. The male members comment on how beautiful she is. 
         Soon all the male members of the Legion are drooling over Dream Girl. Superboy ties to get her a chair and the other try to make sure she does not get tired. Watching this Lighting Lass why all the male members are going silly over her. Saturn Girl tries to get the Legion back in order. After this and looking at his applicant form Saturn Girl says dreaming is not really an ability they can use in the Legion and that she will have to be rejected from the Legion. Dream Girl to this says she can dream future events and that they always happen. The male Legionnaire move to support Dream Girl and say she should be tested. Soon Dream Girl falls into a coma like sleep. Soon Dream Girl awakens and Saturn Girl asks her if she dreamed of the future. Adding she has to prove her super-power to enter the legion. Dream Girl says she did and indeed two tings will happen and not far from now.
        Dream Girl states that she saw long buried eggs in a south western desert uncovered by a storm that will have giant bird monster came out of that will fly away to prey on men. In her second vision she see a great fuel tank explode near the Metropolis spaceport. Superboy flies off to check the fuel tank and Star Boy to look for the eggs. As Star Boy flying towards where the birds are he day dreams of Dream Girl and wonders if he can impress her when she learns who he is. He adds he was born with the power to make objects heavier thanks to being born close to the stars. He soon comes to the place of the eggs and thinks that Dream Girl got it right.    

       Star Boy then attacks the bird and uses his powers to make the birds heavy and unable to fly. The effect only lasts for a few hours but by that time the Science Police will have come and caged them. At the same time at the spaceport of Metroplis Superboy is tossing the fuel tank that was just at the point of exploding. He tosses in to the sky and it does just that. He also thinks this will help Dream Girl gain Legion Membership. Later at the Legion Clubhouse a vote is taken. All the men vote for Dream Girl while the female members do not. So Dream Girl is let into the Legion. Star Boy soon shows he the diagram showing the devices that prevent any one not a Legion member from entering the clubhouse. Matter-eater lad shows her the Legion arsenal of weapons. He shows her plan 78 and the defense systems that go with it. Dream Girl at this says she will learn it later as she wants to study the Legion constitution first.
       Soon she starts to learn it. Thinking to herself as Star Boy and Matter-Eater lad watch her that they would be aghast at it. The next day Saturn Girl is talking to Sun Boy and his time bubble and thinks maybe his bubble had a flaw when he tried to peruse the time-trapper. She gets a new one and that Mon-EL will try to help her. Again 30 days in the future both meet resistance and neither can get through. Soon Both return to the club house and Saturn Girl says that both her and Mon-EL both failed to get through the Iron Curtain. She asks Dream Girl if she can try and see what is beyond it with her dreams. Dream Girl says no and that he dreams can only show things that will happen within the next few days. Star Boy tries to get her to try but she says no and that his stupidity bores her and walks away. Saturn Girl soon after says Dream Girl is being swell-headed. Shrinking Violet also says she feels sorry for any Legion member having to work with her.
        Soon Lighting Lass draws an assignment with Dream Girl. A experimental electrical generator has to be tested for safety and that Dream Girl scientific knowledge will be needed. Dream Girl when she finds out Lighting Lass will help her says I won't need her help but she will let her come along. At the Generator Dream Girl says checking it was simple. Lighting Lass stands next to the generator and when it is turned on something happens to Lighting Lass and she can no longer use her Lighting powers. Dream Girl says they better get back to the club house and report this. Soon Dream Girl to the Legion says Lighting Lass can no longer be a Legionnaire as she has no powers now and must be expelled at once. Triplicate Girl says that can't do that to her. However, Dream Girl pulls out the constitution and reads a clause saying it is the law and Saturn Girl is forced to agree.


       Lighting Lass says she will go and that she is glad her brother Lighting Lad is away on a mission and cannot see this. Triplicate Girl soon after says this is your fault Fream Girl and that you tampered with it to cause that explosion that took her powers away. Dream Girl asks her to prove the charges  as a sub-clause of the constitution says that making false charges against another Legion member can be the cause of expulsion from the Legion. She demands Triplicate Girl be court Martial-ed. Outside Star Boy talks to Dream Girl and asks her to withdraw her demand. He says how can someone as beautiful as you do such a thing. She says no and that be careful or she will put charges on Star Boy to. As she walks away Star Boy cannot believe her behavior.
      We find out that after this Star Boy Still defenders her as Matter-Eater Lad says that Dream Girl has turned into a Nightmare. He then followers her. Matter-Eater land thinking to himself says if he won't help that he should get the help of Brainiac 5 as he is the smartest of the Legion.
       Soon in a Lab inside the Clubhouse Matter-Eater lad talks to Brainiac and says that the Legion needs his help as they have a serious problem. Brainiac to this says that he is analyzing the data from the Atom ruined world to see if men can live their again. After setting his mind to what Matter-Eater Lad says he agrees that Dream Girl actions indicates that she is trying to expel some members from the legion. Matter-Eater Lad wonders why she would do this. Brainiac adds that it might be possible that Dream Girl is being used to destroy the Legion. And to watch her to see if she has a secret contact. At the next meeting he sees that Dream Girl almost sits down in Chameleon Boys chair who is away on a space mission but stopped. Saturn Girl then assigns Drean Girl to assist the officals of planet Vondra in their census. Saturn Girl thinks maybe it will keep her away and stop this trouble.


        Saturn Girl then says that Star Boy and herself together with some other Legionnaires will return to the planet ruined by Atomic war. Dream Girl to this says wait and says that she had a premonition about the planet Vondbra and that she wants to dream to see if their is any danger hidden there. Triplicate Girl thinks she is only stalling so she does not have to go on her mission. However, she soon wakes up and Star Boy asks her what she saw. Dream Girl says that she saw a strange valley with a eternal aurora. Triplicate Girl angry says that she is making it up as she has never heard of an Aurora valley on that world. Brainaic to this says that it does exist and that it could cause unusual effects on humans. After this Saturn Gay says if their is a chance that Vandra is dangerous that Dream Gil should not go their along. Dream Girl takes Bouncing Boy and some other legions with her. As Dream Girl leaves Saturn Girl says that she will be taking Star Boy and the others to explore the Atom ravaged planet and that to join them their when her mission is done.
         At the Science Academy Micro film library Lighting Lad sees her and asks her what is up. Dream Girl says a special mission and that Lighting Lad, Bouncing Boy and Shrinking Violet and Ultra Boy need to accompany her to Vondra. The group soon head to the planet and soon come out of the ship. Dream Girl to this says that this is the valley of the Aurora. Suddenly soon after stepping out they turn into Children. After this the group expect for Dream Girl are now all children and acting with young children. Dream Girl watching says it would just as she knew it would and that the process did not work on her as she took a special antidote first.
           Not longer later Superboy appears. He is shocked at the state of the four Legionnaires and they play and do other child light activities. Soon he sees that Lighting Lad will not leave Shrinking Violet along and goes to protect he as she shrinks. After picking her up he asks her to return to her normal child like size but she says she can't as she forget how to.

          Later still Superboy uses his microscope vision to see the cloud has a youth elixir in it. He adds it will not work on him because he is only effected by kryptonite. He also asks her why she did not turn into a baby as well. She states she does not know but that according to the constitution that Shrinking Violet and the other must be suspended from all Legion activities. The group then gets back on the ship and head back to Earth. Dream Girl calls Saturn Girl and lets her know of the emergency and that Saturn Girls group should return to Earth as well. Behind her Superboy is making toys for the Legion and thinking that Dream Girl is up to something. On the Atomic wasted planet Saturn Girl gets the message and says that the group must head back to earth at once as her powers have detected that something terrible has happened.
        Soon at the spaceport on Earth Saturn Girl and the crew land. A captain says welcome back and Matter-Eater lad would you please sign the spaceport log for your group and the time of arrival. Matter-Eater Lad does and sees in the book that Dream Girl signed in first and that she starting writing Chameleon Boy before crossing it out and putting hers in. At the clubhouse Matter-Eater Lad calls Dream Girl Chameleon Boy and that he is using the power of super-disguise. Dream Girl says that she does not know what she is talking about. Star Boy backs her up and they try calling Chameleon Boy. He soon reply's and said he is back in reach of their calls and that is mission and that he is on the way back to Earth. Dream Girl then says that Matter-Eater Lad is wrong and that he has made flash charges against a fellow Legionnaire. Matter-Eater Lad says that she tricked him into do this so she could get him out of the Legion as well. Dream Girl with a evil smile says it is three months suspension from the Legion for this. Dream Girl goes into the clubhouse and Triplicate Girl says to Star Boy that you have defended Dream Girl and what do you think of her now. Star Boy says that she can not believe she is evil and that he is going after him. Inside he shes that she is sobbing and asks her why she was pretending to be mean and evil. She explaines that she had a dream of the future where the legion died and that she can only see a few weeks ahead in time. All of the Legionnaires she did something to are in the vision and she wanted to change the future. Star Boy to this says that the ship she says destroyed is part of the defense plan 78 and asks for her to come with him.

           Soon after in the a ship the two head towards a asteroid zone. Star Boy says that as part of their defense plans that they keep a rocket manned by seven lifeless android doubles hidden among it. It is a trick they use to confuse space criminals. Dream Girl realizes that it is this ship she saw and she says maybe they can say. It is not possible and they had back to Earth. One week later Lighting Lass is talking to Dream Girl and says that all is back to normal expect for herself. Dream Girl to this says that because she shared the same power with her brother that she changed it using science and she has become Light lass with the ability to make objects lighter. She then adds that she must resign and leave. The Legion will have to capture the Time Trapper with out her. As she leaves Star Boy says that he will not forget her and asks her to come back one day. The comic ends with Dream Girl saying that she will do that and work to make her powers of dreams better.


This issue with pretty good. It bought Dream Girl into the fold of Legion History for the first time. It also helps to show that again the Time Trapper is a pretty big deal for the Legion and can do strange things to the time stream. Lastly, It also helps to set up the love that Star Boy and Dream Girl have for each other that exists to this day in the comic series. All in all a good read 1964

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