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Nova # 2

      The Comic starts at Carefree Hospital, Carefree Arizona. Two seconds after the end of the first issue. Sam seeing his dad helmet says. THAT. That's my dad's helmet thing. Gamora the green lady says. WAS. Was your father's helmet. Rocket Raccoon adds. It's why we call all the way here, KID. Sam to this says. What're you saying. WAIT. How are you--? WHAT are you--? A TALKING RACCOON?! Rocket to this annoyed says. WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?! Sam grabbing a pillow to toss at him says. THIS CAN'T BE REAL!

     Rocket fires his gun putting a hole in the pillow saying. NOBODY calls me that, you hairless--! Gamora drops the helmet and put a hand around Rocket saying. ROCKET! STOP THIS NOW! Sam shocked really can only say. Not Real. NOT REAL. UNREAL!
     Gamora as Sam runs out the room with a GAH! says. What were you thinking?! You could've killed him! Rocket to this says. He came at me first! Garmora to this says. With a PILLOW...? Rocket then says. What difference does it make? Did you see him? He's got NONE of what his father had. Gamora to this says. I don't care! HE'S OUR LAST, BEST HOPE! Out in the hallway Sam is yelling. HELP! SOMEBODY! HELP! A voice says. Young Man! Sam not hearing it yet adds. RACCOON! GREEN LADY! As he bumps into the person a muffled GUNprimmph! is heard. The voice belonging to a nurse says. GUN?
      At the door to the room Sam says. Careful. The RACCOON is DANGEROUS. And THE GREEN LADY. She's got some kind of SWORD or KNIFE. I didn't get a really good look. The nurse to this says. All right. Mr. Alexander. Let's have us a looksee... Although it IS a little early for Halloween... Sam inside say. They-- THEY"RE GONE?! The nurse then says. Mr. Alexander. SAM. You got a nasty bump on that head of yours. Sam to this says. It was real! They were here! It was ROCKET RACCOON and GAMORA, The deadliest assassin lady. My DAD used to talk about them all the time. I NEVER believed him, But-- I SAW THEM! The nurse to this says. I'm sure you did. Now I'm going to give you something to help you sleep. Sam says. SLeep? I can't sleep! I sleepp. zzz. As she walks out saying. Good Night. Mr. Alexander. We see that the helmet is under the bed.

    Soon a zzztzzl phttxz noise is heard. Sam wakes with a hmmmph? Then adds. Dad...? Below a blue noise under the bed says. zzztzz phttxz zzztzz looking under the bed Sam sees the helmet and says. How...? How did you get HERE...? WHY are you here?! As he holds it.
    Outside soon and holding it he says. It's a JOKE. I had a dream-- A NIGHTMARE-- And somebody FROM SCHOOL got ahold of this helmet thing and-- IT'S ALL A GREAT BIG JOKE! with a poot he kicks it. Behind it starts t grow and not seeing it says. Just like my dad... just like me... Back to bed. All done for the nigh..t.uh.. with a Phtoosh the helmet does something and Sam turning says. No. ULP. WOW.
    As he nears it. It says. zztzz phtttxz at him. To it he says. What the hell do you want?! As he bends to pick it up he says. With my luck it'll probably EXPLODE all over me. He then adds. Holding it. Great. I broke it. Starting to put it on he says. Okay.. What's the WORST that can hap--? He then yells GAHHH

     Transformed he says. Nova.
     Suddenly a voice says. Sam. Sam to this says. Dad..? A hologram of Jesse appears and it says. If you're seeing this the ZZZDIT didn't go as planned. I'm giving the helmet ZZDID ROCKET and GAMORA whatever you do ZZCKA trust them. Sam to this says. Dad! I can hear you! Can you hear me?! Did you say "trust them" or DON'T trust them? Then he says. Oh, you CAN'T  hear me. This is.. Some kind of RECORDING. The holo adds. The POWER of the NOVA helmet ZZDITZ YOURS to discover ZZGIDTZ Wish I had more time ZZZIGGTZ explain. It will only work for ZZIDT You and ZZDIDDDTZ My DNA signature. Sams to this says. Wait, Dad-- Going on the holo says. I know I haven't been ZZDIDTZ the best father-- ZZDIDIZ want to be there more for you ZZIDTZ Your mom and your sister. Sam says. Please don't say that--. The Holo adds. I'm sorry ZZDIDTZ burden you with this ZZDIDTZ you've taken on so much. I know I never said it ZZDIDITZ ENOUGH But, I love you, Son. Sam touching the holo says. Dad, I-- It disappears before he can say anything.
     Suddenly up in the air he says. HUH? HEY! As he starts to fall he adds. WHAT AM I DOING Up-- With a HEEEREE! he falls and sets off the care alarms in the parking lot.

      The scene shifts to the next morning and Sam's mom talking to a doctor saying. There has to be SOME explanation. The Doctor to this says. I wish I had one, MRS. ALEXANDER. But I think you'd be happy that YOUR SON is in PERFECT HEALTH. No fractures. No signs of trauma. He's actually in BETTER condition than when we checked him in. His mom to this says. Forgive me for not believing in medical miracles. Maybe if we run more test-- The Doctor to this says. -I'm afraid I have no cause for that. We simply have to discharge Sam. Sam passes them both and says. Let's going going. Outside Sam asks. Mom...? Any word from Dad? His mom to this says. Not yet, Sam. Inside the car and a bit later she says. I'm glad you're okay. He states into nothing.
     Soon at the house and as Same gets out she says. I have to go pick up your SISTER. She's going to be so happy to see you. You sure you don't want to came? I don't like leaving you alone. As he walks away saying nothing she adds. Sam...? You left your.. Skateboard.. Soon inside where his dads place was he says. So.. All those stories you told me. That all happened. That ALL Happened? Dad. Come on. Make the recording thingy play. DAD. I'm just supposed to BELIEVE that you were some kind of OUTER SPACE MARINE SUPER SOLDIER GUY. And this HELMET. You KNOW it doesn't come with instructions! What am I supposed to do...?
    Time has passed and it is now dark and he says. I guess.. I guess I put you on. Again. Slow. Slow. Take it easy. Take it easy! Transformed fully he says. Kinda cool. Flapping his arms he says. Floating! Falling down and hit the ground he says. ow.

     Soon outside he says. I can do this. Somehow. The HELMET can hear what I'm thinking and that makes it do stuff. Maybe. I guess. What am I talking about? Jumping he says. Better. Now in the air he says. Hey, I can see my house! Soon he flys past it and his mom sees it and has a expression on her face.(what one I wonder)
     Soon flying past his high school he says. Fast. As he flies past a truck honking at him he says. Faster. Coming on the carefree sign he says. TOO FAST! He crashes through it and says. No. No. No. NO! Angling up he says. YES!
     Up more he says. I CAN SO DO THIS!

    He then says. Amazing it's EVERYTHING Dad talked about. The SPEED. The POWER. It is like being a HUMAN ROCKET! Without any brakes. Going VERY up very fast. In sapce he a dds. OFF> TURN. SOMETHING. STOP. As he flies towards the Moon he adds. MOOON!
    He crashes into the Moon and says. Ow. Ow.Ow.OW. Hitting a bit more and then says. OWWW! Seeing a Golden boot he says. Boot..?

     Seeing Uatu the Watcher he says. Help and the comic ends.


This issue was not bad. Serving as part two of the origin as Sam being the new Nova it was not that bad. The issue looked pretty nice for the most part and Sam getting the powers was pretty good. I will say this though the comic reads well and went by pretty quickly. All in All I'm looking foreword to seeing next issue that comes out on 16 or April(I believe)

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