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Legion of Super-Heroes # 18

        The comic starts at Legion Headquarters Metropolis, Earth in the 31st century. Legion HQ is on a fire and a voice says. Get back, All of you! The whole stupid universe may be failing apart, But it's not the Legion's fault- There's nothing we can do!

       At the base of the HQ Harmonia and DragonWing are watching a Crowd. Harmonia says. They are afraid, Marya-- With the FAILURE of technology based on the quark relays, Their lives have collapsed. They do not know how to live in HARMONY with nature. DragonWing to this says. Yeah? I'm no FAN of nature, Either. A member of the crowd says. Make them do something! Another says. Give us back our lives! As a rock whooses past them DragonWing says. Hey! Still think we can TALK our way of this, Deputy Leader? Harmonia adds. They are so primitive. DragonWing to this says. Or stupid. But a little FIRE should clear the crowd. Harmonia to this says. No let me try once more.
       Harmonia to the crowd says. The failure of the systems we ALL depend on has affected the Legion as much as it has you-- We can't even contact many of our members! But we-- Suddenly a female member of the crowd says. YOU DID THIS! Then adds.Only the Legion is powerful enough to take down the United Planets! You're DESTROYING our worlds! Harmonia to this says. We will find the ones who have done this. I PROMISE! A guy in the crowd with cameras says. Go on record on that, Legionnaire! When? How? The first person to speak up says. How do you have power for the float-cams? The man to this says. Batteries-- Don't NEED broadcast power to put the Legion on the spot! Up above Harmonia to this watching says. You have our word! Now please, Got to your homes. DragonWing adds. NOW! The man with the cameras says. The disaster smells like it's another of Brainiac Five's catastrophes. Comment on that, Legionnaire? The women to this adds. You sure you should push--
       Annoyed Harmonia sends the guy away with a whoose and says. ENOUGH. We have vital work to do and no time for fools.DragonWing to this says. Nice. Now can I burn them? Harmonia suddenly says. DragonWing! DragonWing says. Too rough for-- As building space collapses with a KAWHAM Harmonia saves her with a WHOOSH and DragonWing says. Youuuu! Dragon then adds. Th-thanks for the save. The rest of the Headquarters is collapsing. Now? Harmonia to this says. It will all be futile... Unless we can find what severs the worlds before they begin to STARVE!

         The scene shifts to above Earth. A voice in a Legion ship says. That's it! Get us out of the Gravity Well. Mon-EL to this carrying the ship says. If you can hold the cruiser TOGETHER, I'll get it to escape velocity, Rokk. He then adds. Then maybe we can track down the cause of this disaster. It's way beyond the reach of my super-vision. Cosmic Boy inside the ship says. WEBER'S WORLD is a logical starting point-- It's the center of the United Planets and the single world most DEPENDENT on technology. If the quarks have failed everywhere, They'd collapse there first. The whole artificial planet might spin out of orbit!
        Still inside the ship to Lighting Lass he says. Ayla-- We might need you to re-power the system. Lighting Lass to this says. I'll try, If you can rig a system to drain me... Shrinking Violet a bit annoyed at this says. She's not your little battery, cos-- some dignity, please. Things are falling apart, But-- Cosmic Boy to this says. But we'll do what we have to Vi- All of us. The Legion hasn't faced anything AWFUL on so many worlds since THE GREAT DARKNESS! To this a voice says. That was different. It is from Shadow Lass and she adds. DARKSIED and the SEERVANTS were horrible, And the unleashed Daxamites were destroying worlds-- But this is pushing civilization back to pre-technic days! Cosmic Boy to this adds. Not if we can  help it. Shadow Lass adds. And if we can't. Everything will be like TALOK VIII was when I was growing up... BARBARIC.
          The scene shifts to Rimbor. A voice says. This is totally weird-- The WHOLE planet's practically shut down. People are turning scavenger! Carrying wood to the other two Legion member Ultra Boy says. And I thought it was rough here when I was a kid. Glorith to this says. Does not everyone think their childhood is difficult. Legionnaire? Chameleon Boy to this says. Imagine life after the Six-Minute War-- Durla was a real WASTELAND! He then adds. We can't let other worlds sink to that level. Are you sure this will get us off RIMBOR, Glorith? Glorith to this says. With flame and freedom, The spell should work. Chameleon Boy now covering his face with his hand adds. Can't believe we're reduced to this. Ultra Boy using his form of heat vision on the wood says. Fire part's easy, Anyway.

         Chameleon Boy then adds. Didn't the record of your Barcelona kidnapping show you were being burned at the stake? Why weren't you able to free yourself this way? Glorith to this says. To walk the worlds, I must be free, Chameleon Boy. And I could only open a path to my homeworld anyway. Ultra Boy to this says. Didn't want to run home in trouble, Huh? The witch must be SCARY if she thinks you've blown it... With a FWHEEEW Glorith opens the portal and adds. MYSA is the best of teachers. Com. Use her wisdom with me. To Chameleon Boy she adds. Come home with me. and see...
         Back at the Legion HQ a voice says. ANYTHING-- Got me anything pre-Quark tech! It is Brainiac 5 and he adds. Building cruiser system out of OBSOLETE equipment is ABSURD. Dream Girl to this says. It's not like we can go out and buy you new toys. Brainy. In front Element Lad to Chemical Kid says. Easy with those monitors. Hadru. Brainiac wielding with a ZZZTTT then says. Earthtech was bad enough, But THIS-- It's like asking me to assemble a FUSION sub-sparker with a caveman's axe.
         Dream Girl to this says. Too many Vague dreams laltely-- Cruisers split open-- Corpses floating, BURNING-- I can't tell whether they were prophecies or NIGHTMARES. Then adds. Don't build a ship that blows up, Brainy. Chemical Kid to this says. PLEASE-- You'll upset him! Element Lad to this says. They're old friends, Hadru-- SHE can say things like that to him safely. At a monitor working to get it fixed Star Boy to Dream Girl says. It'd be fun to get back into Action. Dream Girl to this says. Sorry to disappont, Thom... Soon watching a monitor and seeing something she says. But.. omihod.. Star Boy adds. Maybe we were better off without working monitors. Chemical Kid can only do a gulp! sound. Element Lad adds. I guess some float cams are still working.. Scenes of problems cause one to them to says. The WHOLE world is going mad- Riots, Fires, No weather Control...

          After this Dream Girl to Star Boy says. It's hideous Thom. HOLD me. Star Boy to this says. We'll fix it, Nura. Brainiac to this says. Not unless you can find me some more ionic relays-- Now! Anything NOT quark-dependent- Those have all been shut down or corrupted. He adds. Which is why I'm going to presume that THAROK has a role in this-- His chip relies on that unidentified ancient technology that had a totally different basis. So he's probably walking though this disaster LAUGHING at us. As a part of the HQ falls with a KRUMPLE Dream Girl says. You really think the new FATAL FIVE is behind this Brainy? Brainiac to this says. We don't even know who they all are... But we have to find them before they destroy us.
           At the Promethean Giants the narrator states. Frozen in space before the dawn of any surviving history, for offenses against gods long dead whose curses live on, motionless through the millennial... Some of their bodies crawling with invaders, parasites in merely human scale. Building on their surfaces and mining within... And one of the giants. In motion again. After uncounted eras.... 
            In the ruins of a village a voice says. Felt like an Earthquake... Invisible Kid in his french accent says. Mais Non-- Whatever shook the surface has spread ash and mist around.. Polar Boy to this says. Do you think it was the giant itself? Phantom Girl standing up says. Seems likely, Brek. The crash has TRAPPED us on this monster  As if Dirk's death wasn't enough.. Polar Boy to this adds. Enough for me. Don't mind the CANNIBALS getting what they deserve, Though... Phantom Girl seeing something says. I-it was real. Wasn't it... Those are Dirk's bones...


         Invisible Kid to this says. I am afraid so. Mam'selle. We must bury them with HONOR, At the least. Having picking up Sun boys flight ring he adds. And bring his ring back to Earth. Even if none of OURS work any longer. I shall guard it with my life, As he gave his for ours. Phantom Girl adds. It feels like the end of everything... Beyond anything we've ever seen.. And on MY watch... Polar Boy to this says. Legionnaires have died before, Leader-Lady, And we've never strung up whoever was in command.. They won't start with you. Phantom Girl to this says. Thanks, Brek--- Walking towards the village she adds. But if no one's ALIVE to form a lynch party, It won't matter. Let's see if there's anything in that crazy alien village that can help us get off this giant-- Or at least call Jo for help! 
         At the village Phantom Girl to aliens talking to her says. No translator programs to work with.. Maybe I can-- Suddenly Invisible Kid says. Mam'Selle-- Look! She says to him. Jacques, could you-- seeing it she says. Oh. Suddenly with a WHUMP a stone hand damages part of the village and Polar Boy yells. THE GIANT'S FINGER! Phantom Girl adds. It's destroying the village! Invisible Kid adds. Or perhaps, Mam'Selle-- It comes after US.
         The scene shifts back to Legion HQ where with a KRASSHHH a voice says. Gr-av-suspension links are failing all over metropolis- The whole plaza's going to collapse .. Inside Brainiac says. On Board! I'll finish the cruiser in flight! Dream Girl adds. The rioters are breaking in, too! Brainiac adds. It's not a riot- It's an ATTACK. Move quickly.

        Inside he adds. I'll throw a force field around once we board.. Suddenly a piece starts to fail on Dream Girl and Star Boy and she yells. WATCH OUT. Suddenly with a BLIP it disappears. Element Lad then says. Got that chuch of Debris, Now get in! HURRY, You two...
         Inside the ship Element Lad Lad says.. we're out of time. Dream Girl getting in says. I'm in. on petting her arm out to Star Boy she says. You're next, Thom! Star Boy to this says. Moving as fast as I can, Nura. The Leg still-- With a whamm the building collapses. Dream Girl can only say. Thom? T-thom? on the bridge  Brainiac says. We have no more time, Nura-- He'll have to dig himself out. If he can. Below Element Lad holding Dream Girl says. We're going. Crying Dream Girl can only yell. THOMMMMM! The ship takes off and thieir is a KA THOOOM and the Legion HQ is gone.

      The scene shifts to the Promethean Giant. With a skritch the village is destroyed. A voice then says. here. Then adds. Move that finger slowly. My sleeping Puppet. Let THAROK claim his VICTIMS.... With this the comic ends. 


This issue was pretty good. Lots is happening to the legion right now and it is pretty startling. Star Boy appears to be the second Legion member to die as a result of the new Fatal five. This issue also helps to cement what type of Legion history that has been chosen to used. It falls after the Great Darkness event but it seems that the 5 year after event never happened. As such the Legion history was up to the point where it was at its height of power. All in all the next issue should be fun and having read that one it has proven to be so.     

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