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From The Vault: Adventure Comics: 326

           The Comic begins with Lighting Lass using a device to get off some "extra wight" she receives a message from Saturn Girl to come to the clubhouse. Elsewhere Triplicate Girl and Shrinking Violet are signing autographs. They than get a message to report to the Legion clubhouse as well. Saturn Girl than calls on Supergirl. She and Proty II are together and she heads off to the clubhouse. Lastly, Phantom Girl is called.

        Soon Light Lass and Phantom Girl arrive and talk about something called Operation Betrayal. As some male Legion members head back to Earth Saturn Girl as Legion Leader orders them on a fake mission. Saturn Girl than says they are out to destroy the male Legion members. She picks Superboy. Supergirl picks Chameleon Boy. Triplicate Girl takes Invisible Kid, Brainiac 5 and Cosmic Boy and recruits Shrinking Violet to help her.
        The plan starts first with Light Lass and Element Lad at the Interplanetary Fair. The two are on a "date" They walk around and see various things. Including seeing a theater event. This causes Element Lad to think Light Lass is cute.
        Soon using her flight belt to make him follow her they are soon miles away by a waterfall. She tricks him into taking his flight belt off. Soon they talk and kiss. After his guard is completely down she uses her powers to send him into the air and towards a mountain peak to starve to death.


       However, Element Lad begins to use is powers to get down. He nearly does until Light Lass uses her powers again defeating the trick. After this at the Legion park she blows up Element Lad's statue. Back at the fair Shrinking Violet hands a ring to Triplicate Girl for her part of the plan. She than splits into three and lures Invisible Kid, Brainiac 5 and Cosmic Boy to the Romance valley of planet R-K58 exhibit.
        Soon as she get's each to kiss her and think she loves them she gives them each the ring she got. This causes all three to shrink in size. She than puts them in a box of matches.
        Later at the Legion park they blow up the statues of Cosmic Boy, Invisible Kid and Brainiac 5. The scene shifts to Superboy and Saturn Girl at the fair and Saturn Girl seeing all is going according to plan. She than heads off to see more of the fair.

         Later Saturn Girl springs on Superboy that she likes/loves him. This catches Superboy off guard. She than set's her trap by telling him of people in danger at Stalag Cavern. he flies off to save them.
         He get's to the cavern and moves to attack a beast. He does and with a big punch opens a hole were kryptonite is and he sees it is in fact a robot. Saturn Girl comes in and gloats over him and leaves. She than blows up the Superboy statue. This leaves SuperGirl to be the next to take out a male Legion member. The scene turns to the Interplanetary fair and Chameleon Boy and Supergirl.
         She than bets him that he can't change into a phantom. He laughs it off and starts to do that. As he finishes turning into a phantom she sprays him with a bottle of cancelite spray she created locking him into a phantom form. She than flies to his Saute and makes it no more. The scene turns to the date of the last two left Phantom Girl and Star Boy. She brought him to a place where a deadly plant is coming toward them.

         Phantom Girl gets her plan going and get's Star Boy to head down below ground and than wait to get help to go back up. The dangerous plant soon stops its business and Phantom Girl tells Star Boy of her treachery. She than goes and destroys Star Boy's statue.
         Soon in the clubhouse the Female Legion members are singing and dancing away. Suddenly, on their monitor a person starts calling them. She is queen Azilia of the all women planet of Femnaz. It is revealed that when the female Legion members visited the planet the Queen used a glow jewel to plant powerful post-hypnotic commands to make the Legion only female. After this story Saturn Girl thanks her for it and says she is grateful it happened. The Queen says it was wrong and uses the glow jewel to take the commands away.
          After this the girls are shocked at what they did and ask why things changed. The men on the planet did not like sport combat and said that their practice of using rockets to send prayers to their moon goddess could be dangerous and damage the moon. This caused the queen to sent all the men off in space arks. However, not long after this a rocket broke the moon in half and it began to head towards the planet. Suddenly, A Legion ship appeared and Mon-EL and Ultra Boy saved them. This caused the queen to have a change of heart and get them to bring the men back.


         The queen apologies and bids farewell. This causes them to run and save all the male members of the Legion. After their all back they say sorry. The comic ends with Element Lad sad about the romances but wondering what the future may hold.


This comic is quite interesting. This is one of the first times in the series where the Female Legion members have a big role. This is key as they would become more important. This comic is also interesting as it is very much trying show women rebelling as being bad. This comes at a interesting time in women's history. This comic comes a year after Betty Friedan's book the Feminine Mystique and second wave feminism in America was growing and becoming a important issue. I think this is key to the issue as it carries out a somewhat conservative message of women should not get like this.(Their fine to do what they what in my opinion) I also think this issue shows that politically issues and events in American society would enter Legion comics and be okay as it was in the future and not current comics. Also for the female Legion members after this they would began to be flushed out more and not just be background characters. All in all a neat and interesting comic from 1964.      

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