Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nova # 8

         The comic starts at Lunar orbit +- 500 miles. At Thanos Arrival. A voice on a ship says. The details of Earth's SUBJUGATION are beneath my concern, Corrus Glaive.

         Thanos speaking says. I offer the task to my generals as sport... As a REWARD. A servant to this says. We may not deserve a reward this sweet, LORD THANOS. The minions of the world mind, Those who once cultivated it's NOVA FORCE like galactic serfs, the clan whose number's fought to see you metastasized in the cancerverse... on this planet, their light flickers still.(it shows a picture of Sam Fighting Titus) Thanos at this only says. Nova.
         Holding a holo of Sam he asks. Explain this one. His servant at this says. The son of a BLACK NOVA. Bestowed his father's station in a shameful fit of nepotism. If you wish, There may be time to make VENGEANCE with his corpse. Thanos at this says. I have legacies of my own to account for. And those wh ocourt death have no need for leisure. Hmm. still. send the pup of PROXIMA MIDNIGHT. His servant at this says. My lord?
        The servant adds as they talk. Kaldera? My lord, are you sure this child is worthy of her violence? He is not Richard Rider, the Nova who so annoyed you in the tumors of the cancerverse. Thanos at this says. No, but Rider is long since dealt with. And my annoyance remains. The servant to this than asks. Who do you hail, my lord? Thanos at this says. An adversary whose relevance has long since passed. But who WATCHES still. A picture of the watcher is shown.

       The two heroes from last issue are in Carefull and watching Sam. Speedball says. Oh, I see him all right. He's not OUR Nova-- unless Rider got hit with a shrink-ray-- But he'll do nicely. He'll do quite nicely indeed. Vance need to him says. Do you have any idea how creepy that sounds? Should I go ahead and call DATELINE now? Speedball than asks. Are you taking this seriously? Vance at this says. Glomming on to some kid in a Nova Suit because we have nothing better to do? I think I'm being as serious as I should be. At the site of the Skatepark one of the workers says. That should do us, Nova. Can't thank you enough  for your help. Sam at this says. I just hope it gets my mom off my back... er.. and I've really grown to respect you guys. As people. The other worker says. Yeah, yeah. See ya around kid. Some bubbles of conversation say. That's Nova... Such a nice young man... Can't work a bachhoe for @#$@... Sam than says. WELL, CITIZENS OF CAREFREE! I SHOULD BE GETTING BACK HOME! Carrie who is nearby says. Oh, yeah? And just where world that be?
       Sam at this says. WHY, I CAN'T TELL YOU THAT, LITTLE LADY! IT'S A SECRET! Carrie at this says. Why are you shouting? Sam at this says. I HAVE NO IDEA! Carrie at this says. Okay... Sam.. A shocked Sam listens as she adds. Just how stupid do you think I am? Sam at this says. IIIIII EEEEEE GOTTA GO! He than flies off. Speedball at this says. Kid's smooth.. Vance at this says. No He's not.
      Sam soon flying talks to his helmet and says. She recognized me voice?? I'm the worst super hero that's ever lived! HEY HELMET! Can you disguise my voice or something. Taking off his helmet he adds. Are you listening to me?! Are you?! As he starts to far he adds. Oh, wow, That was dumb.


         As he begins falling down he says. Come back! Come Back! I'm sorry! As he hits some ducks he says. Ack! And the helmet falls out of his hands. He yells. NOOOOO! He than adds. Mom.. You were right...
         The two heroes are watching him and Speedball says. I think he's in trouble! Vance says. Give me those-- With a WHOA! from Speedball they both see Sam hit the ground with a WHOOMP. Carrie at this says. Sam?
         Sam is knocked out on the ground. The two construction people see the damage and one says. Welp, ther's two months of labor flushed down the tubes. I think this kid might be the antichrist. The other adds. say the word and i'll grab the backhoe. No one has to know he's down there.


        In orbit on a ship a voice says. What brings you to the SLAUGHTERDECK, Proxima? Proxima at this says. Kaldera. She was called to duty three pulses ago. A minion at this says. She was, my lady. But Kaldera rests. Proxima at this. You allow her too much sleep. The minion at this says. Our arrangement is explicit. I do not disturb her sleep, she allow me to keep my hands. Perhaps if you-- Proxima yells. SHAK-ATTAKAR-CRIKEN!
       As something in the nearby creature wakes the minion says. You anger her! Proxima at this says. Of what use is her contentment? The beast is than cut open from the inside. A voice says. i was not to be stirred.
       It is from Kaldera and she than adds. I was dreaming such a terrible dream. The minion at this says. Lady Kaldera, I assure you it was not me who--


         Suddenly, with a shank she cuts his hand off and he yells. AIEEEEEEEE! Than adds as he runs off. My a-apologies, my lady... Proxima than adds. You've grown lazy. Kaldera at this says. Did I not offer these beasts to feed Thanos's horde? Do I not have a slave-right to take slumber in their wombs? As Kaldera plays with Nova gear Proxima to her says. You hunt another prize for Thanos's pleasure. He wrenched this glove from a post Nov'a hand.. It still holds traces of the power Thanos would have you destroy. Track this power, Kaldera, and when you find YOUR Nova-- Kaldera at this says. I will LEAVE even less of him.
      Back on Earth Sam in back of a truck with his helmet off says. Hmmm. Someone else says. shhh! shhh! Speedbal says. He's waking up! Sam wakes and says. What? than yells. AAAAH! This causes the two look surprised. Sam holding a metal rod than yells. WHERE AM I?? WHERE DID YOU GUYS TAKE ME?! WHO TOOK MY HELMET OFF?!
          Speedball at this says. Y-you did, Okay? Let's all just relax. You hit you head really hard and you were talking about all sorts of stuff, weird stuff. Vance says. Robbie, However, Speedball says not listening. You mentioned a carrie. I'm assuming that's your mom? Sam at this yells. WHAT?! NO! Speedball adds. Okay, then you were saying some REALLY weird stuff. Vance again says. Robbie. Speedball goes on saying. We're moving on. Fresh Start. I'm ROBBIE BALDWIN. And this is VANCE ASTEOVIK. Did we take advantage of your concussion to drive you into the desert? yes. Vance again says. Robbie. However, speedball adds. Okay, that was my idea. But I have my reasons, i'm SPEEDBALL. A super hero like you, But I probably don't need to say that, I've been on television. Five episodes and out but people who saw it really connected-- Vance again says. Robbie! Speedball goes on and says. We want you on our team. Look, this is going to sound weird-- Not calling-your-mom- "carrie" WEIRD, But weird. But if you hit me in the face, With that metal bar as hard as you can, I-- With a ARRRGHH! Sam hits him in a face with a SLAM.


        Speedball as he transforms says. Wow! You've got a lot of trust! Or maybe you did recognize me-- Sam at this says. I was trying to knock you out. Speedball at this says. What did was activate the powers of i... SPEEDBA-- Vince at this says. He is leaving. Speedball at this says. Wha--? No way...
        As Sam walks away Speedball says. hey! Where are you going?! You're waling away from SPEEDBALL! The Speedball! Sam turns and says. I turned down THE AVENGERS, All right?! You think I have time for two guys I've  never heard of?! Speedball at this says. N-never heard of? That statement was designed to hurt me. And it did. Congratulates. Vance than chimes in and says. Look, Kid, Robbie means well. I know it seems silly to just show up and ask you to be on a team. But even I have to admit that since Richard's gone... We're going to missing having a Nova on our side. Sam surprised asks them. What do you know about Nova's? Speedball at this says. Quite a bit, actually, And we, can tell you all of it. Now where do you have to be that's more important than that?
         The scene turns to across town and Sam's house. His mom yelling says. KAELYNN! DON'T GO TOO FAR! She adds. We're eating in ten minutes whether Sam is home or not, Okay? Kaelynn holding a toy space shuttle says. Okay, Momma!She turns a corner and sees a figure and says Hi!

      It is Kaldera and the comic ends with her saying. Hello, Little meat. Is your brother home?


I'm not quite sure what to make of this issue. Parts of it were bad and other parts good. I found the Sam at the Skatepark not very good. However, the scenes with Robbie and Vance were quite good. Robbie's interactions with Sam were also quite fun. The fleet stuff with Thanos forces where Kaldera was digging her way out was unsettling at best. Some of the humor worked in this issue. In fact the last half was the best to me. I also think this issue tired less to try hard like last issue. I have often debated on stopping reviewing this series. However, If it keeps up like the last half of this did I may keep at it. At times it feels like the writers have not gotten a feel for the character yet. they seemed to for the supporting cast at least. Also until this crossover event is done I can't say how things will truly be.

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