Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Legion of Super-heroes #8

  cast of characters
  Invisible kid aka Jacques Foccart
  Mon-El aka Lar Gand
  Ultra Boy aka Jo Nah
  Brainiac 5 aka Querl Dox
  Cosmic Boy aka Rokk Krinn
  Saturn Girl aka Imra Ardeen-Ranzz
  Lighting Lad aka Garth Ranzz
  Night Girl aka Lydda Jath
      The comic starts on the medi-center of planet Zardon, in the 31st century. A women with long ears and in red says. WHERE is it? A doctor says. I-I can't-- The women in red then says. Wrong answer, Doc. A women next to him is killed with a AYEEII- the doctor then yells. JOSI! The person then says. Wanna try again?

       The women then asks a question. Where's the gold master for nano-amp #108? The doctor at this says. I-I'm not sure.. No one's been allowed to use it for years-- ever since-- The women annoyed stops him and says. Doc.. We know why we want it.. Just tell us WHERE it is. The doctor then says. urk. and then points saying. there...The women talking to a creature then says. Sitka? Sitka says right and breaks in.
     Looking in another person with three eyes says. A man who get's ready to kill the doctor says. You wasted enough of our time, Doc, the doctor yell's nooo. SUddenly the man is stopped with a huh...?! and from this the doctor says. Thank God.

      Invisible Kid come in attacking the group with a krinch. He thinks. Mais NONE. Monsieur. one of the group yell's Sitrka, Jeri- I GOT it-- The shadow creature comes and he then says. Get out if you can. The creature misses Invisible kid with a whamm and Invisible Kid thinks. Thank you for my training Shadow Lass...
      As the group attacks in the back he thinks more. And thank Le BOn Dieu for their lack of such. The red heaired women attack's hit's the shadow thing but also reflects back on her causing both to go down. The shadow creature then says. unhhhn. The doctor still on the group says. th-thank you... Invisible Kid then asks. There will be time for that, Doctor.. did the other one escape with the COMPUTO circuit Brainiac five had lent you for my sister's care? The doctor at first says no.. but then adds. Something WORSE, I'm afraid.
     The comic then shifts to Mon-EL and Ultra Boy talking. Mon-EL talking says. Zardon below, Jo.. Ever been here? At this Ultra Boy says. This dump makes rimdor look like a garden spot.. No. And we have to do quarantine duty HERE? Mon-EL using his vision says. That's why we rushed here, Jo. Keeping looking. He spot's something and says. There and fly's off.
       At a ship.Ultra Boy says. I can't believe the science police didn't destroy that chip years ago! Mon-EL to this then says. They may not have known it existed EITHER, Jo. As they start to break into the ship. He adds. Buy SOMEONE did. Inside the ship and to the pilot Ultra Boy says. You, Maybe?
      It is the three eyed alien that got away. Ultra Boy says. Yeah, looks like you, ugly. looking at hologram of the alien. The alien fires on him and he add's. Hostile too. And then really as he uses his power to began to walk towards him. The alien can only says. ULP. Ultra Boy then punches the alien saying. You're not worth wasting energy on. Mon-EL then points to his belt and says. On his belt- Got it. Looking at it he says. Signal Brainy.

    He adds. Unless. Brainiac 5 appears and then says. Unless your thuggish captive was already able to DUPLICATE the gold master. And send it off in a fleet of Drones.. Which even with your super-speed to chase them, results in a 98.9 % probability that one or more will get though. Adding more he says. We need to face reality. The technology that created THAROK has been stolen... Which correlates to the chatter the Science police have been picking up on several worlds recently.. Someone is trying to recreate THE FATAL FIVE. Thus the first of two comics in one ends.


        The second story starts on Metopolis, Earth, in the 31st century. Cosmic Boy is looking at the lost legion and says. It's impossible. No trace. Saturn Girl and Lighting Lad appear and Cosmic boy says. Wha--? as Saturn Girl hand is on his cheek. Lighting Lad then says. Enough, Rokk and Saturn Girl adds. The Whole world's not on your shoulders.
        Cosmic stands up and chat's with them saying. I can't believe you're back on Earth-- you're not coming back on active duty, are you? We could use-- Saturn Girl first says to this. One night only. Lighting Lad adds. And you're the only duty we're pulling. At this Cosmic Boy says. B-but I've got the monitor board tonight and-- Suddenly Brainiac comes in and says. And your vitalstats have been declining for weeks. you're not the leader, you're not responsible-- And if you break down, you're not any use.

     As he sits down into a empty chair he adds. As you know, I've BEEN there. So get out. Now. After the three have left and to himself he adds. As if you could ever find them when I couldn't. Soon the three are on a Legion shuttle and chatting. Cosmic boy first says. I feel like I'm being kidnapped. To this Saturn Girl says. With love, by your two oldest friends.. So stop complaining. As she touches his cheek she adds. When Brainy has a humanitarian impulse. I've learned to trust it.. So rare, anyway. Relax.. We'll be their in minutes.
    Soon they come to a city. Cosmic Boy asks. There? Where's "There"? Lighting Lad says. ISTANBUL below- And soon as I get a spot cleared at their starport, We're hitting the town. After they land in the rain he adds. Pretty city-- nice taste in weather, too. Saturn Girl at this says. You WOULD pick somewhere with a storm scheduled. Behind Cosmic Boy says. Guys. However they do not pay attention and lighting Lad adds. you look beautiful. Saturn Girl at this says. Flatterer and the two kiss passionality. Cosmic Boy counters with a Ahem. Saturn Girl then says. Right-- tonight's for you, not Garth. As she and Lighting Lad hold hands and move she adds. Not matter how much storms rev him up. Soon they are at a dance club. As they go down cosmic  Boy says. looks beautiful. Saturn Girl adds. Dirk usually knows the best night spots. To this cosmic Boy say.s But I'm not like him-- I mean, you two have each other-- I-- To this and to lessen his worry she says. Will have no toruble this evening. Suddenly Night Girl a legion member and trainer and the academy comes up and says. Unless one of these local ladies makes a big mistake. Cosmic Boy to this says. Lydda?!


      She grabs his heand and he says. B-but-- To this and with a smile she says. Shut, Up Rokk. you do still remember the steps I taught you right. Behind them Saturn Girl and Lighting Lad fist tap together. Lighting Lad after the other two have gone says. Sneaky.. while Saturn Girl adds. And perfect! Suddenly Lighting Lad rings bleeps and Brainiac appears. Saturn Girl says. We're still on the off-duty roster. To this Brainiac says. I need to borrow Garth.. The local weather control over did tonight's storm, And it's in a nasty feedback loop. Go run interference before it shorts out entirely. Legionnaire.. As lighting Lad flies off Saturn Girl to Brainiac says. That's OFF-DUTY legionnaire to you. Sigh.
     Brainiac to this says. No such thing, Imra. Not when we're needed. As Lighting Lad nears a tower he says. I thought satellites did most of the weather work, Brainy. Brainiac over a comm says. Not all.. And Istanbul tower has the groundwork from London to Moscow. It's a couple of strikes from crashing down. As he say's that Lighting Lad comes on it and sees a bolt hit with a KRACKOOOM. He thinks. It's a couple of strikes from crashing down. He then says out loud. On it.
      Suddenly a Lighting bolt hits him with a krachk. He thinks. That was the real thing. Only so much of that the tower could take. So I'll have to heep them from hitting. He is hit again with a krackoom.

      It hits him again but he sends the energy off. With sunlight appearing he says. Done.

       He then thinks. That's one long and unpleasant night over not what we had in mind. Outloud he let's out a whew. As he fly s back. Brainiac contacts him and and says. Now, while you're-- he says Brainy. and use his powers to short out Brainiac with a no. He get's back to the club and says to his wife. Last dance? Saturn Girl happily says. With you, of course. As they dance she looks over and see's Cosmic Boy and Night Girl and says. But I'm not sure their night's over yet. Thus ends the comic.


This issue was not bad. The first section helped to set up a story line for LOSH comics their will run for sometime and helped to have Invisible Kid to kid ass. The second story while it did not move storyline per say it was quite good. It helped to show that even when he is not leader Cosmic Boy acts like one and shows how deeply he cares for his brothers and sisters in arms. It also helped to show the Brainiac can too. Lastely It helped to show Saturn Girl and Lighting Lad are alive and well and could come back at some point full time. Lastly it also helps to show that Cosmic Boy and Night Girl still have feelings for each other. All in all builds on Legion history but also helps to explain itself too.

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