Friday, May 25, 2012

From the Vault Adventure Comics 303

         The story opens with Cosmic Boy and Brainiac 5 entering a hospital where Lighting Lad and Sun Boy are because of a rocket crash. The nurse tells them to follow her and that Dr. Landro is going to use fouth dimensional surgery.

         Cosmic Boy and Brianiac 5 have bought gifts. Movie goggles for lighting Lad and a ring and eye glass len for Sun boy. The ring has small items in it shrunk by Brainiac. Dr. Landro comes in and says he will do this for free. Soon the doctor puts a capsule in Sun boys Ankle and one in Lighting Lad's knee. The two Legionnaires are feeling better a week later.

        The two are soon welcomed back by the Legion and it's new member matter-eater lad. Soon he shows that his people can eat anything including metal guns. He then states that if imprisoned he can eat the metal bars. He is sworn in and Cosmic Boy says that the science police commissioner has asked the legion to guard a shipment of Energite. He asks for volunteers and Lighting Lad and Bouncing Boy step up.
        The next day the two are on the way to guard the item when a space monster attacks. However as it is leaving we see it is a space ship. Lighting Lad see they are going towards Matter-Eater Lad home planet. At the club house later on the police say the legion where the only one who knew something. Cosmic Boy is reluctant to think their is a spy but does use some anti spy tech and finds nothing. Mater-eater lad says he can't help but feels the experienced suspect him. However Cosmic Boy says nonsense and turns off the lights.
       He informs the legion that the Science Police want them to deliver a DoomsDay Bomb. He then says he and Chameleon Boy will do it. After the meeting at Cosmic Boy's house Chameleon Boy changes into a women as they have to prevent to be a couple. They board the rocket and after it ends they find out that the item is gone and has been taken. Back at the club house Cosmic Boy reports on their failure. They then think maybe their thoughts are being read. So they put on anti mind reading helmets They get Saturn Girl to try to use her powers. She can't see though the helmets. Cosmic Boy states it's made of LURIUM that scrambles thought-waves.
       Their next mission is to step Meglaro the evil alien. They can't destroy his bubble so they plan to sent him the year 100,000,000 AD into the future. Soon they are doing their work with Meglaro when suddenly Sunboy's ankle stops working and a group come in and rescue Meglaro from the Legion of Super-heroes. Back at the clubhouse they pretty much determine their is a traitor.
      Brainiac 5 began to work on finding this out. Brainiac 5 then creates a formula and it reveals that matter-eater lad is the traitor. He flees saying he is not quility.  Brainiac 5 then reveals that it was a rotten break as the science police commission was going to ask them to guard a item on the planet umray.
     Brainiac 5 leaves to return matter-eater lad to them. He returns with him. Sun Boy is about to attack when Brainiac 5 says their is no traitor. Brainiac 5 explains that it was Sunboy's ankle that tipped him off. He  states that he examined every one after the third failure and found a capsule with a micro spy in his knee. Dr. Landro was working with the crooks.

        Brainiac 5 then states that the formula was something that told matter-eat lad to leave. Brainiac 5 then turns on a monitor on umrax and that superboy has caught bad guys. Sun Boy has the spy removed and the Legion is proud of Brainiac 5.


For a silver age comment from 1962 their was not that bad. The story was quite fun and helped to bring a new member of the Legion into it's fold. This comic also helped to start to step up the grow of the legion in terms of a inter-space organizational and marked the Legion had become something important to keeping piece and security

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