Friday, September 30, 2011

Adventure Comics 282

      The Comic starts with Superboy cutting the glass of the Smallvillie hospital to help them save money. After the grass is cut he uses his powers to blow the glass into a pile. However Lana Lang is also their taking his picture and sieing(Sic) over him(in typical 1950's and 60's comics) Superboy goes past her and says hello but that he has no time to chat. Lana  is sadly thinking to her self he did not notice my dress or how mad she is about him. This is further stated back at her house with many pictures on the wall of Superboy.

    She pulls her blinds down as Kent is reading a book next door and she does not want her to see her collection. Hoever Clark in the next scene lights his dads cigar with his hear vision. showing how clueless she is about Superboy. Later on while watching a movie Lana gets a idea to make Superboy jealous but she wonders who she could get to do it. Meanwhile at the Kent Store Large Horseshoes attack Clark and he wonders who could have done it as he turns into Superboy.
     However before he finds out he sees that Smallville's dam is flooding places and he breaks up the clogged system. Thats when the water freezes around him. Superboy wonders if the person who tossed the horseshoes is also behind this.
     Superboy flies to the nearby Cliff(of plot convenice) and breaks the ice. However a message is sent to him of Clay sating meet me at calvin's cave. The message then breaks against the cliff. At the stop a young men is wanting for him. He introduces himself as Thom Kallar from the planet Xanthu. He says he is from the future. He also begins to explain how he got his powers. He got them from a Comets tail and it give his powers.
    His parents test him and come up with the starboy costume and get him to be a superhero. His real and secret identiy was Thom Kallar. Later when he is on 30th century earth he is made a member of the Legion of Superheroes.
    Superboy then asks him why he came to the past Earth. Star-boy explains that twp Xanthu Criminals escaped Jail and one came into the past and is imprisoned at the cave. The other is on the planet still in area full of copper which Star-boy can't see threw. However unknown to either Lana Lang is ease dropping.
   Lana had come to pick flowers nearby. after Superboy leaves to inform his parents Lana goes into the Cave and confronts Star-boy. She says she will tell people if he does not help her to make Superboy jealous. However just as Star-boy and Lana start to leave the cave Superboy comes onto the scene and hear this and her instructions to Star-boy.
   Lana then tells Star-boy to fly to her to her parents place So they can tell them they are going to the future. Superboy follows them. At her place her parents think the future could be dangerous. However Lana gets Star-boy to Lift the nearby truck to show he can protect her. Lana's Farther asks if he can charge  the dead battery. We see he can and a hidden Superboy is amazed at the power he does not have.
   Superboy plays indifferent to her games and Lana thinks he will soon be Jealous. They then travel into the future and to Star-Boy's lab given to him on Xanathu by the people. Both leave Lana to return one inmate to hail and find the other. Superboy soon does.
   Soon Superboy comes back to the lab and we see that Star-Boy is making Lana Clothes. Lana is wearing a new dress and asks Superboy what he thinks of it. Superboy says it is magnificent but after all that is why it is called the Rainbow Bridge.(right behind her) Lana says my fress not the bridge and thinks to herself that her plan is not working. She then asks Star-Boy to make some jewels for the dress.
   Superboy decides to see the rest of the world. He soon shoes up with a Xanthu Girl called Zynthia in her Sky Canoe and he says that Xanthu girls appeal to him more then earth girls(Lana earlier said the reverse to him.  Superboy then completes takes given to him by Zynthia which Mimic what Lana has asked of Star-Boy. Lana then confuses to the ruse and Superboy is happy she finely told the truth. We then find out that Zynthia is in gact Star-boy girlfriend. Superboy then makes a glass time orb for Lana and takes her back to their time. The story ends with Lana no closer to her goals.

My Thoughts

This Comic was not that bad. However it is dated in the in how the story unfolds. It follows the classic thyme of someone trying to make a Superpowered person jealous and to love them which never works. However this comic is important as it brings into the Legion Star Boy who plays a important role in the Legion for the rest of Legion stories. If you can get your hands on a digital copy or a collected edition. give it a read        

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