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Legion of Super-Heroes #1

   The Comic starts in the 31st century about the planet Pandptes. A Ship launches pods that land on the planet. First out is Chameleon Boy who says they made it down quietly and that Brainy's stealth coating worked. Dragonwing Aka Marva Pai(powers of firebreath and venom) is second out and replys you sure this isn't a training mission? it looks too peaceful.

   Chameleon Boy says that appearances can be deceiving and then ask if everyone is ready. Behind Phantom Girl, Ultra Boy and Chemical Kid(aka Hadrv Jamik powers to catalyze chemical reactions.) Phantom Girl says Panoptes mission team accounted for sir. Ultra Boy says yeah and Chemical Kid says Miltary Bug up your Butt(due to Chameleon Boy turning into a military officer.) Chameleon Boy then says you heard the briefing Pannptes is a miltary would keeping an eye on the Dominator's Empire until contact was shut down. Phantom Girl adds that if were going to infiltrate and investigate, we need to act the part, kid and not rely on Distorter's.
  Chameleon Boy then aks Ultra Boy to clean up. He does and destroys all but two of the pod ships. Dragonwing call it hot. Chemical Kid say no Disguise stuff for him and Dragonwing and ask if their live bait. Chameleon Boy says no. It is revealed that those two have no newsfeed about them being Legionnaires. Their cover story is a couple of kids joyriding ending in Lifeslips interrupting their hookup. Dragonwing goes hmm and Chemical kid says yuck.
    Chemical Kid days we're not Prectiz playind arounf Chameleon Boy. Phantom Girl in in disguise says we know that but you're young enough to fake it. They ask the two to give them a half-rotation to infiltrate the base and then make a fire or something to get noticed. Until that point get less conformable and more shipwrecked.
   The Scene then switches to a ship. Someone asks if another is annoyed with not going on the mission and being stuck here with starfleet. Colossal boy says he is relieved actually Pertiwi. He says he made some careless mistakes on on his last mission and hes lucky not to get hurt. He adds that luck ran out for me wife and others and that was enough. He reveals his long and not so often glorious legion career is over and that he is hoping his time in Fleet ends better.  
    Back on Panoptes one of the Legion members asks better? at the comm station. another says yeah mostly officers types in it. Another who turns out to be Chameleon Boy says okay I'll go. He turns into a bee/insect amd says mp Saw team jokes. He then thinks why the Legion got called as it is a dangerous situation. Chameleon Boy comes into theComm station. Above watching silently is the red glowing being. Thinking to himself Chameleon Boy says goot to have a simple mission to get use to new kids and their losses. He wishes he had a Telepath was here but one is not handy as gates is gone. He also thinks to himself compound eyes and Humanoid printouts don't mix. He looks into the into and finds nothing expect a reference to orders from Renegade. He looks to dins out who Renegade is but is swatted away.
    The Scene then shifts to Earth and the Legion headquarters. Someone shots watchout. A statue falls. Mon-EL stops it and says I always did think that 21st century saying "If you wont something done right, do it yourself" made sense. Watching Mon-EL Brainiac 5 says words to live by. Perhaps Niedrigh should be less ptominently displayed. Mon-El adds he was a true Legionnaire at the end Brainy. Brainiac 5 as both are walking away says I never subscribed to any of the Religions that value martyrdom highly. A lifetime should be weighed, not simply the moment of death.
  They come to the Meeting room. Brainiac 5 adds Funerals, Memorials and Resignations paperwork Done. Are we actually getting back to work. Mon-EL says trying. At the meeting Cosmic Boy adds that last round up of Saturn Queen's Crowd about done. But still think you're called in the Academy kids too quickly, you could have... Mon-El says that  we need the new blod Rokk and the active Roll Call's still shorter then in year's. Element Lad says secure here Mon-El and Comet Queen replys all Aglor Glistening Leader Sir. Dreamgril then says Flashpoint effect has Definitely closed of Time Travel to the past and that they can't look to Superman for help anymore. Brainiac 5 also says that he is considering new workarounds Nura(Dreamgirl) and to keep stabilizing the lab systems and htat he will join in 1/48 rotations.
   The Meeting ends. Mon-EL says that he is staring to miss the Lantern Ring and being in two places at once was confusing, but feels like it might be useful now. trying to carry on after so much. Brainiac 5 says that your Daxamite Abilities still make you the most powerful Legionnaire so you should be up to any challenge we face. He then adds walking away especially if you have the good sense to gibe up being team Leader. Having Already set a new record for casualties on your watch and le me handle what i'm vastly more suited to Do. Mon-El quietly to himself says Brainy, Brainy its always about you.
   The Scene then switches back to Panoptes. Chemical Kid say you figure out why Glorith got invited into the time lab and we got stuck out here. Dragonwing says maybe somebody like her. she adds that I understand some people enjoy being close. Chemical kid says she's cute in that little girl way but that can't be it. Suddenly Dragonwing kisses him. Both are on the ground when Soldiers come onto the scene and one says captain look what landed here.
   Both are soon surround by troops. Dragonwing whispers she hate's thus so much. Chemical boy adds join the Legion and play victim not my speed. Dragonwing then adds one mission one chance that's it. cause there's no way I'm ending up like OAA. I'm going down burning. 
  The Scene that shifts to a Legion Lab. Glorith asks is it always so warm in here.  Dreamgirl tells her that the equipment throws of ERGS Glorith but the repair work is making it worse. She add's ypu seem unduly sensitive child.. Harmonia also in the room uses her natural element powers to help saying there that should help cool you. Glorith thanks her and teels them she has not been feeling well since she says since OAA died.           
   She then adds I wish Somehow I could turn back that moment and make it as if it never happened. Star Boy who is also in the room says that life doesn't work that way Glorith and for all our crazy trips to fix time it always ends up that there's destiny written for us all. Dreamgirl says sometime lover but I don't think I would have been given the powers to see the future if it wasn't possible some times to change it. Glortih adds but its not the future I want to change its the past. Dreamgirl adds let him Rest Glorith with the rest of our lost Legionnaires in peace.
  Back on Panoptes two Soldiers are talking. One says peace with the Dominaors has held for five Terran years, so whats the point of this. the other says orders from officer corps, so who cares. The other adds they haven't issued an order that made sense since that new guy showed up. Still Don't know how one of them could get to be an officer. Thought they were quarantined. the other adds who cares? All I want want to do is get this over with. He then turns on a device. Outside a guard says they're setting up the tower's new position get these kids locked away somewhere until we get orders on what to do with them Permanently.
    Dragonwing says quietly I hate that word. Chemical Kid says orders are only guidelines. Lets use our judgment now.  They both start fighting. One of the guards says what, then fire. Chemical Kid says not with those toys I can halt electrochemical triggers.
   A guard then hits him in the back of head. He adds Easy Lady don't want to hurt your Boyfriend. Dragonwing says he's not my Boyfriend and I'm the least of your problems. At this moment Chameleon Boy, Phantom Girl and Ultra Boy appear. Chameleon boy says this wasn't how you were supposed to play it but your right on the spot Judgment id important. The guard yells out Legionnaires. Phantom Girl adds not very happy ones you're going to ruin the United Planets' good behavior statistics for this cycle. Ultra-Boy ads and that tower it looks like it's been modified to sent signals to the Dominators. Chameleon Boy adds it's not what a watchworld is supposed to do.
   Ultra Boy then says say the word cham. He does by saying Break the modification. He goes to do that. Suddenly he is grabbed on the air and tossed. The man tossing him says no. Ultra Boy then throws a rock saying catch. The man breaks it. Dragonwing say uh-oh and chamelon Boy says a Daxamite.

My Comments

This Comics has issues. The biggest is that it is not new reader friendly at all. It expects you to know both Legion history and hat happened before. This hurts the comic and means that I cannot recommend it to new readers. The other problem is that it has too many characters and this can make it hard to follow. This is made harder by the fact that it keeps jumping between situations and planets.          

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