Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Action Comics 276

    The Comic begins as a ship is forcing the stoppage of buses that want to use a drawbridge. The bus driver says it will cause them to miss the Superman fair. However one passenger is Linda Lee aka Supergirl and she causes the ship to go lower into the water and for the drawbridge to not be lowed and this lets the bus move on.
   The Scene shifts to the Superman fair. Superman does a act with electric power. After he leaves the machine starts to act up. Linda is about to Jump into action when a young men says let me handle this Supergirl. She is shocked about him knowing the truth and asks how do you know about me. He says wait.
   Next Lions run lose. Linda is about to act when a Blonde women stops the Lions and says the same things as the boy with lighting. Next Linda is on the Kryptionion rocketship ride when it begins to fall apart and fall down. However she is saved by a boy with Magnet powers and then he tells her the same thing as the other two.
   Back at the orphanage Linda uses her telescophic powers to see that a bulldozer is about to level a tree which holds her robot. However the three goes down and it is not hallow and she is shocked. However in a different lot  the robot comes out. At the three three youths are waiting for her. They ask her if she has heard of the Legion of Super-heroes.  She say yes and they reveal they are the children of cosmic boy, saturn girl and lighting lad.
     The would like her her to join their club. Supergirl then goes to the future with them. She sees the future Meroplois 1000 years from her time. In the future robots now do all the heavy work. In a scene mirrored in Action Comics 247 they have ice cream and then go to the club house.
  At the Club house she meets more members. That of chameleon boy, colossal Boy and invisible kid. They perform a series of tricks and she is informed that only one person is let in each year. Supergirl then begins to dig a tunnel under the earth. The Tunnel she builds will allow heavy traffic to take shortcuts. She aks if she has been accepted into the Legion. Cosmic boy turns to er and says no as she is over the 18 year old age limit. She is shocked as she is only 15 and learns that she some how turned into Superwomen.
   She uses her power to see that she had passed threw red kryptionite and it aged her for a 48 hour period. She returns to the past and waits for the effects to wear off. At the end she think to herself I wanted to be a Legion member. she wonders if she ever will.

My comments

For a 1960's era comic this was not bad. I enjoyed and so far it is one of the better comics for this blog      

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