Monday, September 19, 2011

Adventure Comics 267

     Adventure Comics 267 cover shows Superboy stuck in a cage of Kryptionite and with Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Lighting Lad having trapped him their.
    The Comic it self opens with Superboy at his family home and seeing that at the Smallvillie airport a plane is failing from the sky. He is about to use his super-Breath when in comes Cosmic Boy and pushes him off to the side. Superboy then talks about their adventures 1 year ago. (See Adventure comics 247)

   Comsic Boy yses his powers to save the plane. However after it is done and Superboy says it is nice to see him again Cosmic Boy says he is not happy to see him. Superboy is puzzled and two towns people say does the idea of rival scare him and also asks if he is Jealous. Superboy thinks to himself that it is not true.
  the scene shifts to later that day with a giant robot running around and with Superboy planning to melt its joints with his x-ray vision. However, Lighting Lad also from the Legion flights in and uses his electric powers. Superboy says nice job and is ignored by Lighting Lad. A older lady says Lighting Lad is much more appealing to her then Superboy. Superboy wonders what is going on. Later on he sees that a Prisoner had taken a Detective's gun and moves into stop the prisoner.
   However Saturn Girl comes in and says he could harm people when the bullets bounce off him. Saturn Girl then uses her powers to stop the problems. After this Smallville is now against Superboy. Not even Ma and Pa Kent have kindwords. Superboy leaves to do something and makes a tunnel for tourists under the town. However he lets a monster out.
   The Legion of Superheroes show up and use their powers to save the day. The Legion has the support of the city and Superboy is sad. Krypto Superboys dog comes onto the Scene. However, even the dog is against him and goes to Saturn Girl. Superboy goes to the Mayor of Smallville and asks to stay on but is denied. Back home Superboy parents are disappointed  in him and says they want to send him back to the Orphanage. Because of this Superboy decides to exile himself from Earth and Smallville.
   When he gets into space he sees Superheroes flying somewhere. Soon he comes to a planet. It goes by the name of Superboy planet and two guards tell him the council want him. To Superboy shock the council is made up of Cosmic Boy, Lighting Lad and Saturn Girl. They tell him he is Guilty. He asks of what, However before they answer they say he is sentenced to life imprisonment in a cage of Kryptionite for a short while.
  The bars waken him and make him unable to talk. Superboy watches as he three build him a Kryptionite prison.  Saturn Girl points out that they all have super powers but him and Cosmic Boy says it serves him right. Later on the three talk and decide to show Superboy why he is Guilty. However before that we learn this planet was built by the Legion of Superheroes in his honor. Their was to have been a surprise ceremony.
   They finally get around to tell why he is in jail by using the futureshope. They had looked five years into the future. They aw that Superboy had destroyed a American Aircraft Carrier, a U.S Airstrip on a South Pacific Island and burying a Factory in a chasm he made. This makes him a super-outlaw in their eyes. They tell him that this used their powers to shame him to leave and turn everyone against him.
   However, Some days later a Atom Chain reaction damages the prison and his powers return. The explosion releases a Element called Sigelion which is halting the Legion. Superboy uses his Super-shout to change the Molecular structure of the Element. The Legion cheers Superboy and says he is a hero. However Saturn Girl picks up a Radio message from the US head of state that releases Superboy from his oath. It is stated that why Superboy did destroy all three items it happened in the present and not the future. He was asked to destroyed them because they had traces of a poison gas on them. The factory made the gas. It was transported from the air-strip and was done to stop foreign spies.
   The strip ends with Ma and Pa Kent and Krypto saying they know the true and want him back. It ends with three cheers for Superboy.

My comment on this issue

This is a  interesting issue to read. It gives more charcter to the Legion. However their are some problems. Lighting boy has become lighting Lad and will stay this way. Also how the town turned against him is quite stupid. The artwork is also not that good but this is standard with the 1950 in comic books. Other then that It was ok but is not the best comic

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