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Legion Lost

list of cover People.  In Red its WildFire, The girl with the Wings is Dawnstar, Below them is Tellus. then Below him from left to right is Chameleon Girl, Tyroc, Gates and Timberwolf

   The Comic it's self starts with a EMT being tossed into a wall. A voice in a strange language saying "stat away from me". A nurse then asks the Doctor next to her Dr Scanlon what language is that. The doctor says he does not know and to sedate the man. However, the man says "Filthy Human scum Don't touch me." Suddenly he starts to glow and yell's "you all deserve to die" a explosion then happens.
   The Scene then shifts to Red Lake Falls Minnesota.It is stated that it is twenty-nine hours after Release. A Legion time bubble opens and seven people come out out it. Coming out of the bubble one man says the time bubble--. Another shouts something's wrong and Don't let it crash. The first man then asks what the Sprock just happened. Below him a women has turned into a pile of goo. A man in a red power suit says the time institute said for the Legion of Super-heroes not to ride the steam. The First man that was falling is revealed to be Timber Wolf. He says like we had a choice. Below a brown and purple Legion member member says like me help you Yera, the women who turned into goo.
   The Legion Member then says to Yera that his telekinesis can help to contain her shape-shifting powers. Yera says thank you and reveals the Legion member to be Tellus and that her power is coming back and that she does not know what went wrong. The man in the red power suit asks where Gate is. He reveals the black man(second to come out) to be Tyroc and that by waiting longer to follow that it would be harder to pierce the Flashpoint Breakwall. He also states that people in the 31st century. First and that red suit guy is called wildfire. Tellus agrees but that the delay has also let their be time for a release of a Pathogen.
   Yera then asks what his issues where but suddenly asks if anyone elese feels funny. Behind her a winged Legion member pucks. Wildfire states everyday since he became a ball of energy. He then asks Dawny if she can sense Alastor or gates. The winged one is reveled to be called Dawnstar. She states she does not feel well. Timberwolf says this is going well so far and that his noise has picked up Alastor's scent and to try and keep up. Tyroc says to timber wolf Brim don't go off on your own.
  Tyroc then says never mind. And asks if Dawnstar is ok. Wildfire says timberwolf was one called lone wolf an for Londo not to do something stupid. Tyroc says that would be a first. He asks Tellus and Yera to come with him. Lucky Tyroc says that between Chameleon Girl's shape-shifting, Tellus's telekinesis and his Harmonic Manipulation most of them can fly on their own. They son find Timberwolf. They also find Alastor's crash site but timberwolf informers them that he survived and a small population center is southwest.
   Tellus uses a device(chronome) and that the crash site has been their for thirty hours. Tyroc says it from time Dilation and salvage what they can. Timberwolf says we need to find Alastor now. Tyroc states that between him and gate's tracing and retrieving it should be easy. He then asks where gates is. Gates suddenly appears and asks what is wrong with him. Then soon return to their bubble area. Tyroc ask's Dawnstar if she can use her powers. However, she states that the atmosphere pollution are not adjusting right.
  Tellus adds that their transuits are malfunctioning and that Atmospheric toxic's are not being filtered right. Chameleon girl then tries to use a ring to locate the man they are after. However, it does not work right. Timberwolf then adds all their tech toy's are useless and that he will track. He then asks them to fix the time bubble. Tyroc says we should not separate. However, Timerwolf runs off saying i'll get Alaster no where he is. The Scene then cuts to a police car and a milk truck about to be thrown at it.
  One of cops says did a flying milk truck just pass them. The other then asks what is going on.. The other replys that EMS picked up a guy and took him to Doc Scanlon and that the whole clinic just exploded. The other cop adds MetaHuman thing in Lake Falls and then adds seriously. Suddenly a green thing attacks them and the other cop says yeah. The Monster yells "I'll make you pay." He picks up a car and puts it down on top of the cops and adds "I will make you all pay."
  The Scene that cuts to the monster moving around. Nearby and glowing red is a ghost like thing that is appearing in every other new 52 DC Comic. The Monster soon comes to a young girl and she asks for her sister and in help finding her. The monster yells at the girl and she starts to cry and asks please. The Monster then turns back into the man at the start. In a pool of water we see Timberwolf.
   The scene then cuts back to the rest of the cast. Wildfire states the time bubble's shield is shot. Gates says the one from Alastor's Bubble is Functional maybe, or maybe not. At the other side of the camp Chameleon Girl is helping Dawnstar adjust to this time period. Dawnstar says it feels like it's trying to see, hear and talk inside a pool of mud. Chameleon Girl then says that does not explain why she is nauseated as well. Wildfire still working on the time bubble states it should work now. He also wonders how many time Paradoxes would be created if they came back a day before Alastor. He then asks about Timberwolf. Tellus states that Brin's mind has be resistant to his contacts and that finding him will be hard without Dawnstar's talents. Dawnstar began to try and fly an find Timberwolf. However, Chameleon Girl says she is not up to it. Sawnstar say she has to try.
   Dawnstar fly's up and states that the Pathogen has been released and Earth has been compromised.  Chameleon girl asks how could the history scan not reveal it. Tellus states this period was marked by great uncertainty and that by removing Alastor it should minimize the spread of the Pathogen . Suddenly the green man's body is next to them. Timbewolf then asks what are we waiting for. Tyroc asks if he put up a fight. Timberwolf states he was unconscious but that he ripped up a small town before becoming so. Sage asks how as he has no powers how he did it.
   Tellus says do not under estimate his capacity for vengeance and that he awakens. He screams vengeance you say, Justice I say and that the human race would pay for what they did and that he has taken the hopes and dreams of this entire misbegotten species like they took his. He adds that they took his sister. Tyroc adds lets get out of here. They get into the ubble and began to take off. Wildfire then states that the thing is flying like a rock. Behind the man in green shouts you go back to a doomed future do you hear me lost. Wildfire then asks Tyroc to shut him up. Tyroc says with pleasure. Alastor says you will return to an entirely new world and then wait what....
  Tellus says reducing the volume of his voice does not mitgate that he may be correct. Wildfire says lets cross that Bridge at time.Behind him Alastor starts to do something. This causes wildfire to state that the shield's not holding and things are going to get interesting Tellus then says something is wrong and Alastor is infected. Sage then says feel the pressure he will blow the bubble up. Tellus tries to contain it but will not be able to hold out for long. He also adds that it will turn them into Atoms. Chameleon girl say drop the shield. Sage also adds he can teleport him into space if he has too.
 Yera begans to grow in size as sage is doing his work. Suddenly their is a large explosion. Dawnstar has Timberwolf and he asks how did we survive that. Tellus states that he erected a telekinetic shield as Alastor Detonated. Dawnstar asks where Gates and Yera are. Wildfire states that gates was opening a teleport hole. Tellus cannot locate them. Timberwolf then says their organic residue is falling in the Rain. Tyroc is shocked and timberwolf adds both of them are gone.
  Wildfire says Dam it all to hell as he uses his power and wonders what about Alastor what happened to him. Dawnstar states that his DNA is not in the rain and he could be in a Portal. She also cannot sense him. Timber    wolf states he may he blown himself up but he does not know. Wildfire then adds that the time bubble is history and so are they. If the pathogen has been released then they might be infected too. The comic ends with Timberwolf asking what do we do now.

My thoughts on this comic

This comic is an interesting read into the DC comics new 52. The artwork is very nice looking. However that is about the only good thing for this comic. The plot is a bit troubled. It moves too fast and it is done in a way that expects you to know history of the Legion. However the mix of characters will be quite good. I however do not recommend this comic to non fans of the Legion hopefully issue too will be better or this comic will be in trouble

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