Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Comic Book Consideration: Oni Press's Letters 44 # 8

        Hello and welcome to another Issue of Comic Book Consideration. This week we turn to Oni Press and Letter 44 # 8.

        Much like last week we came to the first Oni Press issue and comic book series to review. While I have heard of this company I have no read many of their stuff. Oni Press get their name from the Japanese Demons and they seek to be different from other publishers by publishing very little Super-Heroes titles and instead focusing on romance, thrillers and realistic drama. As such Letter 44 takes place in world similar to our but with very advanced technology becoming public as a mission to save mankind from something in the asteroid belt or a lone asteroid.
          Turing away from the back story it is time to turn to the plot of the issue. The plot of the issue is in two interconnected parts. The first part takes place on Earth and deals with new military technology being deployed but the United States and the new U.S President having to deal with it and the fact it was for a coming Alien Invasion. The second half/part of the issue deals with a space mission on the U.S.S? Clarke on day 1359 of the mission. They deal with the fallout of losing am ember last issue and some kind of special baby and being something in space being turned on.
         Moving away from what happened in the issue lets move to the artwork of the issue. The atwork this weeks falls between the middle of what we have looked at so far over the last while.

                                             Nice look at those new Military Toys

It has a look that does set it apart from other publishers. People look quite interesting and someone realists. Their are some great examples throughout the issue.
        Now that both the plot and artwork has been examined it  is time to turn to the plus and minuses of the issue.
-setting it in a world nearly ours was neat to see especially with references to real world events
- their is a press conference that has pretty close to looking real press people in it
-This issue feels like one needs to read the other 7 to get a true idea of the full scope of what was happening.
- The political drama side may not be fore everyone but I enjoyed it due to being a poli nerd.  

      In conclusion, This issue looks at a world dealing with a new American President and the fact that above them something Alien could soon cause them problems. I would give this issue a consideration but wait for the trade to read it as whole.

Final Score


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