Thursday, August 7, 2014

Comic Book Consideration IDW's Samurai Jack # 10

        Hello and welcome to another issue of Comic Book Consideration. This week we turn to IDW and Samurai Jack # 10.

        The Samurai Jack series was a look at a Samurai that faces a great evil demon by the name of Aku  and was on the Cartoon Network from 2001 to 2004. It was cancelled and eventually IDW began to publish the series. I never really watched the show but caught episodes from time to time and enjoyed them.
        Turning to the story and away from the back story this issue has lots. The plot of the issue deals with Aku the demon getting annoyed by the defeats at the hands of Jack and so invades the mind of Jack. Inside he deals with Jack fighting back against him as he control of both body and mind as a good Samurai does. It also show insight in how Jack became the man he is and over all is really quite good.
        Moving to the Artwork in the issue it is pretty neat. It looks a lot like what happened in the artwork of the series.

                                                         Here is the great Demon Aku

For the comic itself it looks like a neat blend towards manga and eastern styles. In the end I really like it.
      Now that both the plot and artwork has been examined it is time to turn to the plus and minuses of the issue.
-Felt like an issue of the series which was nice
- Villian was fun and goofy and felt right at home in the issue
-Jack winning and how he does it was also fun especially with how he gets Aku out of his mind
None this week.

       In conclusion, this issue looks at a adventure of Samurai Jack and him having to deal with his mind being Invaded. It feels like an episode of the series from Cartoon Network. Overall, I feel like fans and non fans would enjoy this and I would give this issue a Consideration and suggest people pick it up.

Final Score


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