Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Comic Book Consideration: Dc's Batman '66 meets the Green Hornet # 4

Hello and welcome to another issue of Comic Book Consideration. This week we turn DC Comics and Batman '66 meets the Green Hornet #4

       Batman the T.V series from the 1960's is how many people first saw Batman in Robin in live action. While many now call it campy and a product of its age it still has a great charm and fun to it. Not that long ago Dc decided to bring back this series in Comic Book format first as a digital issue and later print. This than helped to set up today's issue were Batman meets the Green Hornet and is both a telling of a two part episode and a reboot of it as well.
        Turning to the plot of the issue if anyone has seen the series it starts out like that with the narrator. The issue than deals with Batman and Robin trying to track down General Gummy the big bad of the issue. At the same time the Green Hornet and Kato are also after Gummy and work to get to him like Batman and Robin. We also see that the Joker is also working with Gummy. The issue ends much like an episode of the series with a fight and Robin and Kato caught ending in a cliff hanger.
         With the plot of the issue out of the way it is time to turn to the artwork in this issue and it is pretty good. It is drawn and feels as if you are back in the 1960's with the clothing and the characters look just as they did in the T.V series. Down to even the facial hair the Joker has under the face paint like in the T.V series. No picture of the artwork this week just see the T.V series to get a feeling.    
          Now that the plot and artwork have been explored it is time to turn to the plus and minuses of this issue.
-Feels like you are watching an episode of the series but in print format.
-Joker has great callback to the 1966 movie mentioning that he worked with big villains in the past
-great way to introduce 1966-1969 Batman to younger people especially with the entire series coming to home media after not being around due to legal issue.
-At times the digital version of this can be hard to read and strains the issue but picking the print format or later trade should fix that issue.

     In conclusion, this issue feels much like the T.V. show of past in its pacing and layout making it for me as a fan of the series very fun. While the artwork is not as stand out as last week it does its job well and does help to push the feel. This issue and series should get a consideration for fans of the old series and new readers who want to try a less dark version of Batman.

Final Score


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