Monday, July 21, 2014

Comic Book Consideration: Valiant's Rai # 3

Hello and welcome to another issue of Comic Book Consideration. This week we turn to Valiant Comics and Rai # 3.

       Well we come to the first Valiant issue and comic book series to review. I have not read much Valiant but this series is very interesting. It takes place in a floating Japan in the year 4001. Outside of this I don't know much but Valiant does have a link to the Legion of Super-Heroes with Jim Shooter who founded the company and plated a major role in crafting much of the Legion history over at DC Comics. However, he would be forced out and the company go through many changes until it was forced to close. In the 2000's the company was brought back by different people and it leads all to this.
        With some back story out of the way it is time to turn to the plot of the issue. Rai the hero of the series is something akin to a cyborg and is investigating a murder. It takes him across much of Japan preventing a rebel group from bring Japan down. The issue ends with Rai learning more about himself and meeting another cyborg which may change how Rai things everything about one and how things are done.
         Turing away from the plot lets move to the artwork of the issue. The artwork has quite a look to it. It is quite colorful and also very violent with many bloody scenes happening in the issue.


It looks beautiful throughout the issue and is one of the highlights.
       With the plot and artwork examined it is time to turn to the plus and minuses of the issue.
-The Artwork is really quite nice and makes it a great part of this issue
-The idea of placing the series in the future of the year 4001 is neat and sort of has a dystopian feeling to it.
Minus/notes this week
-This issue is pretty violent compared to the more major publishers so it may not be fore everyone.
-much more of a mature comic in themes and story that makes it not for everyone.
       In conclusion, this issue looks at a Japan in the far future and the defender Rai who looks to protect it. It is a violent series highlighted by great artwork that tries to look different than the big comic companies.  I would give this issue a consideration but only for more of a mature comic reader.

Final Score


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