Monday, July 14, 2014

Comic Book Consideration: DarkHorse's Tomb Raider #5

       Hello and Welcome to another issue of Comic Book Consideration. This week we turn to DarkHorse and Tomb Raider # 5.

        When one thinks of Tomb Raider and more importantly Lara Croft many think of the games and a few the movies of the 2000's and the impact as a cultural hero she has. However, Lara's light dimmed for a bit and in 2013 the old Lara was rebooted with a new one that featured in the 201 game. In the wake of this game we got this comic series written by Gail Simone that is to bridge cannon between the 2013 game and the next game in the series.
         Turning to the plot of this issue shows that a lot has happened before in the other issues. Ultimately, the issue deals with the fallout of the 2013 game and that something sinister is still happening on the island of Yamata. Lara than gets to be a badass and beat up people and after an adventure in the ocean comes face to face with the part of the group causing something sinister.
          Moving to the artwork of the series to me has a feeling of a mix between or better yet a western style of Manga.

                                                        Artwork style and flashback all in one

However, using this style it makes the character's look really lifelike and looking more like humans than other comics. It may not be for some but I really like the look of it.
       Now that both a brief look at the plot and the study of the artwork has been done it is time to turn to the plus and minuses of the issue.
 - Gail Simone writing is great writing Lara well and offering both a way for new readers and fans of the 2013 game to enjoy the issue
-Some fleshing out of the friendship of Lara and Sam that builds on established Cannon
-Lara gets to be a bad ass!
-Due to it being a tie into the game series non players may feel left out picking up issue five but other issues in the series could fix it
-Artwork ma not be for everyone but as in any series it for the person to see if they like it
       In conclusion, this issue tells the story of the bridge between the 2013 and 2014/2015 rebooted Tomb Raider series. Gail Simone's writing of Lara is great and very well done capturing Lara. The artwork is something different but quite fun. All in all I would give this series and issue a consideration for fans of Gail Simone and of the Tomb Raider series.

Final Score

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