Friday, July 4, 2014

Comic Book Consideration: Marvel's New Avengers Annual # 1

         Hello and welcome to another issue of Comic Book Consideration. This week we turn to Marvel and New Avengers Annual # 1.

         It is often said that Marvel and DC are defined by both their major characters and their team books as both have popular heroes like Iron Man, Thor, and the Avengers and Superman and batman and the Justice League. This issue belongs to the New Avengers group and has many interesting heroes as members of it and in this annual it turns attention to one Doctor Stephen Strange.
         Turning to the plot of this issue it is an interesting one. It is a duel story of how Stephen Strange became what he is today. The past deals with him be cocky and a beg egoed Doctor in New York. It offers great information on the time before he learned magic. In the present between these flashbacks of the past the main story deals with in Tiber visiting where he learned magic and about himself. His quest is to save a girl from demon possession without killing her and losing himself to the demon as well. I enjoyed this issue so much this is all i'm going to say about the plot.
           Looking at the artwork in this issue it is pretty good. It is really well done in a way that is also not like anything I have seen lately at least in Marvel. It is very hard to describe but uses a good use of colors and black and white to achieve a mixing of color.    

This is used to great effect in scenes in the past in the hospital of his youth. In the end it is artwork like this that pushes comics to new levels and shows how it can be a medium of both visuals and story. So great job to Marco Ruby and VC'S Joe Caramagna the artist and letterer.
      With the plot and artwork done it is time to turn to my plus and minuses of the issue.
- The story of Strange in this past really is neat to see and brings out his character well
- The style of artwork really pushes this issue to a great level

-For an annual it felt quite short and the cover price for the issue is a deterrent to some

In conclusion, this issue is a blast to read for people who like Doctor Strange. Due to it being somewhat of a stand alone issue it is great for both non readers and readers alike of New Avengers. All in all a strong issue for everyone to consider and I highly recommend it.

Final Score


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