Saturday, September 13, 2014

Comic Book Consideration Marvel's Deadly Hands of Kung Fu 4 of 4

        Hello and welcome to another issue of Comic Book Consideration. This week we turn to Marvel and Deadly Hands of Kung Fu # 4 of 4.

      Deadly Hands of Kung Fu is a special four issue series that harkness back to the 1970's and the original Deadly Hands of Kung Fu that ran from 1974 to 1977 for a total of 33 issues. It featured many different characters and for the sake of this series has Shang Chi who featured in it to be the lead. Today Shang Chi plays a much more important role in the Marvel universe being a former member of MI-6 and a Avenger.
      Moving to the plot of the issue and away from the background this is the last issue of the said four part series. Shang Chi has caught up to the problems in England which includes the death of his former lover only to be captured and see her come back to life(?) in some ritual. Lots of Martial Arts fighting goes on and the Villain with a plot twist of who is his is sucked to hell and the comic is left opened ended as to what truly happened.
       Turing to the Artwork in the issue it is not bad. The artwork has a stylized look to it that reminds me of a call back to the Martial Arts comics and films of the 1970's/ Really not much else to say.
                                  Fun example of both the Artwork and Martial Arts used in the issue

         Now that both the plot and artwork has been examined it is time to turn to the Plus and Minuses of the issue.

-Nice to see Marvel using as Asian character that has history with them in a very fun way
-Fun to see a story that takes place outside of the united States and in the United Kingdom


Story did feel a bit rushed to get to a end.

      In conclusion, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu 4 of 4 was a fun toss back to Martial Arts movies and comics from the 1970's. It has some fun combat in it as well a character being used much more of late. Not having read the other issues I would still give this issue a Consideration and maybe pick up the series myself.

Final Score


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