Saturday, September 13, 2014

Comic Book Consideration DC's Star Spangled War Stories: Featuring G.I. Zombie # 2

      Hello and Welcome to another issue of Comic Book Consideration. This week we turn to DC and Star Spangled War Stories(Featuring G.I Zombie) # 2.

      Though Halloween is aawhile a way we take a look at the D.c Tale of a Zombie G.I working to protect the United States but what of the history and background you  ask. Well this is the second time that D.C is using Star Spangled War Stories title. The First one began looking at war stories and themes of the Second World War. As such the title started in 1952 and would last until 1977. It would change numbering and themes many times but with war always playing a role.
        Now that the history behind the issue has been examined it is time to turn to the story of the issue. G.I Zombie is working with a partner trying to figure out what is happening n a farm that may house terrorists. Being undead he kills many people and begins to dismantle the farm until he is forced to jump onto a missile headed for D.C and the Comic Ends on a cliff hanger.
         Turing to the Artwork of the issue it is a fairly standard for a D.C Comics. However, it does have some rich coloring to it that really helps give it some character. G.I Zombie also has that nice look of some stuck between being totally dead and alive.
                              This show how much damage G.I Zombie can take and give out

     With both the plot and artwork out of the way let us at last turn to the Plus and Minuses of the issue.

-G.I Zombie shows us what being stuck in a undead state can do for your skills and knowledge base
-Actually uses some of that Zombie tactics to effect in the issue.


-Terrorist story is a bit boring as it is such a often used concept in comics these days
- Some Zombie jokes fall a bit flat and felt a bit out of place due to them not knowing it was a Zombie attacking them.

      In conclusion, G.I Zombie in Star Spangled War Stories is D.C's attempt to add more horror characters to the New 52 line up. So it offers a story of him working to prevent terrorist activity in the United States. The artwork is colorfull but pretty average for a D.C comic but in the end i would give this issue a Consideration.

Final Score


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