Saturday, September 27, 2014

Comic Book Consideration Dynamite's Flash Gordon #5

       Hello and welcome to another issue of Comic Book Consideration. This week we turn to Dynamite Comics and Flash Gordon # 5.

      It is often said that things can live on in one form or another over time and Flash Gordon is no expectation. Wither it be Serials, Cartoon's, Movies, T.V shows or in Today's Comic Book Flash Gordon keeps rolling. Flash Gordon a grand Hero of Earth begins a new story ark in this issue.
      Turing away from a brief back story let us turn to the plot of this issue. Flash, Dale and the Professor from last issue adventure now want to head to Skyworld and see the Hawk people. They start the process by warping to the world but are meet by a amoeba that eats them and they just manage to escape. After this this get to Skyworld only to have Flash and the Professor taken by ladies in the Clouds. At this the issue ends on a cliff hanger.
       The plot of the issue is an easy one so let us turn to the Artwork of the issue. It is pretty colofull and has a look to it that to me Marks it as a indie comic. The People are pretty well drawen and the cloud Women look very neat.

                                                         Oh Ladies in the Clouds

 Overall not a look to dislike but as always artwork is a very subjective thing.    
        With the passing of the Plot and Artwork let us turn and engage the Plus and Minuses of the issue which can give the lead  the issue to greatness or mediocrity.


- Issue feels like it is a Classic Serial where A and B happens and than a Cliff Hanger
- Nice to see a long going Franchise still going somewhat strong


-Also has the goofiness of older Serials and feels a bit rushed

      In Conclusion, Flash Gordon # 5 looks at Flash Gordon have a new adventure and trying to get to the planet of the Hawkmen. It has some nice artwork but at times feels a bit rushed like a Serial of Old. In the end I would give this issue a recommendation.

Final Score


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