Saturday, September 13, 2014

Comic Book Consideration Image's Imperial # 1

        Hello and welcome to another issue of Comic Book Consideration. This week we turn to Image and Imperial #1.

      For once Imperial is the first issue of a brand new Image series. As such it bills itself as a superhero comedy series. Since it is a brand new series their is not much more back story to give and no historical baggage one must have to read it.
      Turing to the story of this issue it is a interesting one. Mark MaDonnell is spreading the ashes of his dead Dad when Imperial appears and tells him he has been chosen to replace him as the next Imperial. The rest of the issue deals with Mark coming to terms with this and keeping it a secret from his soon to be wife. He also has to deal with Imperial's unique approach to training.
       Moving to the artwork in the issue it is not bad. Fairly  for the industry but the cloud of ash's is pretty neat and some eye effects at the end of the issue make it fun.
                                  Here is an example of the artwork and the training style of Imperial

        Now that both the plot and artwork have been examined it is time to turn to the plus and minuses of the issue.
-Some good jokes in here that made me chuckle
-Neat moment looking at the media/comic coverage of Imperial that is a bit fourth wallish breaking
-The ending of the issue did make me want to buy the next issue which is always a good  sign for a first issue.


-some of the jokes were hit and miss at times

In conclusion, this issue the first in a new series by Image was pretty good for a first issue. The action flowed pretty well and the ending left me wanting to see more of Imperial and Mark. However, some jokes were hit and miss at times but many of them were pretty good. I would in the end give this issue a Consideration and likely at least buy the next issue if not more.

Final Score


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