Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Site news and Updates June 2014

        Hello everyone it is time once again for some site news and updates on coming comics. First of all I would like to thank everyone who comes to the site and reads the material.

 Getting into the news and updates I have a few things to say. First I will no longer be doing Nova reviews as I want to move the site in a different. I will still be reading the comic and may once in awhile chip in with thoughts on the series. Second to this From the Vault will become History of the Legion of Super-Heroes as the series is no longer around and it looks at the growth of the group. It also feels right to do it as it is the history from issue to issue of the legion. Next First Issue Bust will replace Nova but it too is getting a new name moving from First issue Bust to First Issue Consideration. I wanted to do this as I felt the name did not quite fit what I was doing. That is all for now so thanks for reading



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