Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Comic Book Consideration: IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles # 35

         Hello and Welcome to Comic Book Consideration. This week I have picked an IDW comic to review and be considered and have randomly picked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 35 from a hat. Moving to the back story of this Issue i must say I don't know a whole lot about the turtles outside of the 1990's movies and late 1980's early 19990's cartoon. This series by IDW seems to be a reboot of the team and the history of events that happened to them.

        The A plot itself begins with two of the turtles picking up pizza and disusing events that have happened so far. they talk about a tiger being holding a women hostage(which they don't know yet). The B plot of this is about a character called Casey Arnold Jones who is having a flashback of being accepted to college on a hockey scholarship. he is than attacked by a bunch of men. After this each of the A and B plot flows back and forth including Casey being attacked by tons of men lead to his evil dad and him using sports equipment to fend them off. His ark ends with him being rescued by a ninja. The rest of the turtles A plot deals with the fact that they and many other characters have been changed by a mutagen that was imperfect but can be saved by master splinters blood. It is tested on a big turtle like character called slash who goes from being some mentally weak to having much greater mental strength. In the end the message of not being alone to Casey is stated by friend/ninja that saved him and the comic ends.
        Now that the basic  outline of the plot is done it is time to turn to the artwork of the issue. Overall the artwork in this issue is interesting. Due to the series having tons of animal looking characters they all look unique and the human characters and their feet all look both animal and human. The color pallets themselves are well defined in this issue and when different ones are sued works very well.
        Moving to the plus and minuses of this issue their is a few for both but it is a well balanced issue.
-The artwork in this issue is nice to look at and the turtles and characters have a nice look to them.
-Seeing a character use a hockey and sports equipment to defend themselves was pretty neat to see.
-It took a few reads of this issue to get all the names for the characters
-Due to the random picking of this issue I suffer from having to guess what happened before but that is somewhat minor in the end.

      In conclusion, this issue was a interesting and good read. The mystery of not knowing everything made it a bit funner to read and I do want to read some older issues now what a good comic should do.

Final Score B

Fun read and recommended if anyone wants to read some turtles.                

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