Thursday, June 5, 2014

First Issue Bust? Justice League: 3000 # 1

           With the cancellation and end of the Legion of Super-Heroes the vision of D.C's future for 40 years was shifted to Earth 2 and so D.C to fill the void of the future for the new 52 created Justice League 3000.

           Jumping into the plot this issue begins on Bradbury Seven in the early 31st century in a somewhat post collapse world. In Back story the Commonwealth ruled the galaxy until it was destroyed when the "Five"comes. After this billions died and the universe became a darker place. With this we meet a young women by the name of Ariel Masters who is on the run from a project and barely escapes using a holosuit. Next to appear and discus things is the wonder twins who love on planet Cadmusworld and have created a Justice League to bring heroes back. This league has clones of Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Women. They are being attacked by tons of crazy people who are forcing them back. During this time we learn that something is not quite right as Superman acts like an asshole and dislikes Batman extremely. Wonder Women is also much more cruel than her past self. After defeating this group called the Hive-mind Superman and Batman come to blows and the group is ordered back to their base. In a neat two page spread we see that Green Lantern no longer has a ring and that the Flash is almost always near death due to his great speed. Lastly, and more surprising Superman has a big ego and is as I said a asshole of the highest order. The twins than argue some more about the team and the comic ends with Batman and Superman nearly coming to blows again and that Superman as no hear vision.  
         With the look at the plot now done it is time to turn to the artwork. The artwork in this issue is pretty good. It is very blight and colorful and the fight scene in the issue is also well done. The character artwork is also pretty good with the characters looking human like and is one of the better points of this issue.
          Now with the big parts out of the way it is time to turn to the plus and minuses of the issue.

-The artwork is among the only good plus in this issue
-their are some quite references to past super-heroes and the Fatal Five who did great damage in Earth 2 and maybe this one


-Making Superman such an asshole is really annoying and gets old fast. It detracts from the issue and makes the characters as a whole feel hollow.
-The writing mostly feels sup par as well and does not feel like this issue was held back for about 3 months when it was put out in late December of 2013.
-The issue also is good up till the meeting of the Justice League. Showing that something is wrong if the prolog is better.

       In conclusion, this issue feels like a step back for showing the future of the D.C. universe. It is a poor replacement for the Legion of Super-Heroes and is plagued by heroes who feel like the asses they have become as part of the New 52. Over all I'm not recommending it.

Final Grade: D

A mass of a first issue and a bust.

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