Monday, June 9, 2014

First issue Bust?: New Warriors #1

        New Warriors is an interesting choice for marvel to bring back as a new monthly series. The name is somewhat tainted and no a respected one due to past history. In the past the New Warriors of old blew up a town killing a lot of people which helped to lead to the Marvel Civil War and its problems until the Heroic age.

         Turning to the plot of New Warriors itself is an quite well done due to it being a team book. It is split into episodes of a few pages each. It begins with the death of a evolved Cow being killed to make humanity survive and due to never supposed to be alive in the first place. In New Salem Colorado(which does not exist in real life) Robbie Baldwin aka Speedball and Vance Astrovik atack an demon and are so attacked in kind by the Salem Seven. This battle ends with it all being a mistake and them having attacked the guardians of the town. Next in Mexico Kaine aka Scarlet Spider and Alacley Penalba aka Hummingbird stop some muggers attacking tourists and Scarlet Spider yells at them for getting into this problem. Next Selah Burke aka Sun Girl using light based technolgy in New York stops a Bank robbery just in time to head to grand central terminal to see a large explosion. Back in New Salem Robbie and Brutacus one fighting are now friends and playing video games. Vertigo of the Salem Seven shows Vance around the town that is home to the people born of magic and protected by the Salem Seven  The two get ice cream and talk about the history of the New Warriors and the death of Stomford Connecticut they caused. Out of nowhere fire appears and men in suits appear getting ready to burn the town due to the taint of half-breeds mutants. Back in Mexico at one of its many beaches Kaine and Alacley when blood and Bodies appear. So to does Faire Gar Namora of Atlantis who asks for aid. Back in New York Sun Girl goes into the subway system and sees the same type of people that were attacking New Salem. Also around this time in Albuquerque New Mexico we meet our last character Sam Alexander aka Nova. He fighting a purple alien which is suddenly shot as more of the weird people appear. He is than hit and knocked out and the comic ends with another purple man happy that have gotten control of a Nova.
          Now with the plot done it is time to turn to the artwork. The artwork in this issue is among the better of some of the Marvel titles right now. Marcus To can animate people pretty well and the weird characters that want to set fire to everything are drawn in quite a creepy way to make them seem inhuman as they appear to be. Their are a few minor problems like the feet but that seems to be a normal thing in the industry.
          Moving to the plus and minuses of this issue.
-Characters feel realist and you want to have more of them than for a few pages they get.
-The mystery of what is happening is quite good and builds to a nice level leaving one wanting to see more and ends on a major cliffhanger.

The pacing is all over the place in this issue. It felt like they were trying to put too much into one issue but I do see why they wanted to get you to know all of the heroes.

Overall not that much to complain about this issue.

In conclusion, this issue has a good story going for it that makes for a compelling one. You get a quick feelings for the characters and some of their motivations. It also made me want to read the next issue which is always a good thing.

Final Score B

A petty good First Issue of a few heroes that you don't always get to see. may help to ease the history of the team and is past.      

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