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Nova #12

       The comic starts deep in the Melovian galaxy. Sam is thinking as a ship is nearby. I'm keeping a JOURNAL from now on. Like, a real pen and paper Journal. I'm doing it in case I go into space and I don't come back. So my mom wouldn't have to wonder what happened to her son. She's got enough on her plate. And right now so do I. There are a lot of ways out here for a Nova to DIE. In the ship(last issue) now holding a nova helmet he says. Let's see how YOU went... A recording says. I'm not AFRAID of you--

       Sam says. No! As he sees how the Nova dies. Suddenly, Cadivan appears saying. You! You cannot shulk around my ship unnoticed. I am CADIVAN, And YOU are TRESPASSING. Sam at this says. Ah! Sam flying a blast than says. You have something that belongs to ME. Cadivan at this says. In a moment, that will be true. When I PSYCHO-MAGNETIZE my weapon! He has taken Sams helmet off. Sam at this says. Hey! Cadivan says. Nice helmet. Its more STYLISH than the one I have. Sam at this says. GIVE IT BACK! Than adds. You MURDERED that Nova! Cadivan at this states. Matters are not allows what them seem, Kid.
        Cadivan adds. I hunt for PROFIT, or SPORT. you're NEITHER. He toss the helmet back and Sam holding his helmet again says. That does it. now I'm INSULTED. Transformed again Cadivan at this says. This is the only time I'll warn you: That Nova helmet is MY TROPHY. I EARNED it. Now go. Fly. NOVALING-- And don't come back! Sam at this says. There's no way I'm just LEAVING. Cadivan says. EJECT. Sam surprised says. Eject WHAT? As Sam starts disappearing he says. Well, you're not getting away that easy.
        Soon outside the ship Sam says. OR NOT. I don't understand, I'm playing CHESS now. When am I going to be a MASTERMIND? Sam to the helmet says. Okay, Helmet, CHANGE OF PLANS! That Cadivan Jerk can keep his old Nova relic-- I'll use it to find him later. NO MORE DEAD NOCAS FOR A WHILE. As something appears behind him Sam says. Didn't you just hear me? No comprende? As a arrow points somewhere Sam says. Wait-- This is DIFFERENT this ISN'T a dead Nova? It's a DISTRESS CALL? As he takes off Sam says. NOVA is on the way!

       Sam thinking again says. I'm sure all my teachers and especially Principal Philbin are mad I missed school AGAIN.. In carefree the Principle says. That Boy needs SERIOUS HELP. Sam again says. But as bad as thing were for me at school.. I know they were WORSE for my mom. At this time Sam mom is getting a job. A manger says. I'm glad to have the HELP. Welcome aboard, Eva. Sam adds. She's probably SCARED to DEATH for me. His mom to the manger says. Thank you, I won't let you down, Mr. Taylor. Taylor at this says. One thing.. you know you won't be able to bring your daughter to the diner during your shifts, right? Sam adds. She hides it all behind a brave face. My dad gave her enough practice. His Mom adds. Don't worry, I'll have more HELP tomorrow. Sam thinks more. Look, I know my mom needs me...
       In a two page spread of a Golden Ship with a Nova Symbol on it being attacked and Sam adds. But not as as the people in this. Giant... NOVAMOBILE? Outloud Sam says. HOLYYY-- to himself he adds. I didn't know why the Nova corps needed a spaceship, or who was on it-- But I did know one thing: There's no way  I was going to let it get demolished by pirates.
       Passing the attacking Ship Sam aloud says. STOP! Helmet-- tell them to halt. Send a threatening text. In his journal/himself he adds. So I took away their weapons. Sam aloud than adds. That's the end of it! Don't make me cut your ship to ribbons. As parts of it explode inside the ship the captain adds. NO! Launch the E-M-P torpedo. They must not be permitted to escape!


        As it launches and comes to Sam he says. Whoa! Than hits it back saying. No Backsies! As it hit and damages the ship he says. One down.. One to go... The captain says. We've FAILED. All is LOST.
        Sam gets a message from the Nova ship saying. Nova, I don't know how you found us, But were still in trouble. Our propulsion is off-line--and we're still taking fire! Sam to them says. Not for long- Hang on Dude! As he does Damage to the ship a voice says. Look at that! he's more POWERFUL than our EXPERIMENT ever was... Sam than flys to the Nova ship saying. You're engines might borked, but mine aren't. Strap in! Holding the ship he lets out a UHHN. Than as he flys away it the ship says. Well done, Lad!
        The screen turns to several minutes later and light-years away. Sam now on the ship says. Hello? Do you speak English? Earth-stuff? English? Espanol? A hooded man appears and says. Your fought like a wounded MOOMBA. I am in your debt. He adds. I don't like owing debts. Taking his hood down he adds. But I'll make an exception this time. I am CAPTAIN SKAARN. What's your name, Lad? Sam at this says. I am Sam. er.. call me NOVA. You're NOT a Nova. I have so many questions. Skaarn at this says. I will give you any answers I can. I SALVAGED this derelict. Its automated distress call must have alerted you. Inside this door is our modified POWER STATION. You can HELP us with a LITTLE PROBLEM. I hope you're not EASILY UPSET. Sam at this says. This isn't my first rodeo. Captain Skaarn... Nothing's going to SHOCK ME. What seems to be the PROBLEM?


        Shaarn to a dead Nova pulled in says. My battery is DEAD. This Nova had come under a microscope attack. His body lived on, Even though his mind did not. Sam at this says. OH MY FREAKING GOD! This is AWFUL! Who did this. Shaarn at this says. Blame my tinkerer. The tinkerer says. It's not pretty, but this dead body has saved our lives COUNTLESS times, I electrically STIMULATE his brain, and then harness the energy output by his helmet. Sam at this says. GROSS. Shaarn adds. As his flesh decayed. So has his ability to power  this ship. This SALVAGED VESSEL may not look like much, but she's all that stands between my small crew and being marooned.
         Sam to this says. What do you want me to do? Besides throw up. I mean? The tinker says. We want you to take the place of this Nova here. Shaarn adds. Simply by charging our batteries of course. Sam at this says. Sorry, guys. I don't do MAD SCIENTIST stuff. really. SORRY. Shaarn at this says. Nova, this ship is my HOME, And its inhabitants are my FAMILY. Before you make a decision, there's someone I would like you to meet. She's like a DAUGHTER to me. Sam says. Well.. Skaarn to a person in a hole in the wall says. JININ? Come meet out FRIEND.
         Jinin says. will you help us? She may not look like much to you. But this flying rat trap is out home. Sam after this says. Why couldn't I get a reading on how he died? Shaarn at this says. Perhaps we damaged the helmet when we drilled into it. or perhaps whatever injected him... is affecting YOU? Sam at this says. I-- I've never given anyone a jump before. First time for everything. I guess.


         The tinker adds. Ah, you probably couldn't do what we need you to do, anyway. Jinin adds. EVERYONE on this ship could use your help, nova. And uh, plus of course-- I don't want anything bad to happen to Captain Skaarn. He's like a FATHER to me. Sam at this says. In that case. I 'll give it a try. As Sam starts something he adds. Stand back! In case something goes wrong. I don't know WHAT that could be-- But maybe I'll accidentally bring this guy back from the dead, and than we'll have a Zombie on our hands. Skaarn at this says. Good luck.
         Sam as it charges says. I'm doing it! The tinkerer adds. It's working! We've NEVER had this much POWER! That's ENOUGH! Shaarn adds. Wait, Let him FINISH. The tinkerer adds. He could blow our BATTERIES! Skaarn adds. Okay, Lad. ENOUGH. Sam says. Best. Nova. Evah! Shaarn adds. You've helped us immensely, Sam. Sam to the dead Nova says. No, HE has. Take care, Brother.
         Jinin adds. Thank you, Nova! Sam says. call me Sam! he adds. And maybe I don't have to go flying off right this second. Skaarn adds. oh, but WE do. As they walk away to Jinin the tinkerer adds. Nice try, Girl. Sam says. Where are you guys going now? Skaarn says. Nowhere. Sam says. huh? Skaarn adds. goodbye, my friend. you will be remembered in our songs. I don't know what we'd do without you. Sam adds. Glad to be of service. After Sam leaves he adds. Disable the ship's automated distress call. I don't want any more unannounced visits.


       The scene turns to the skies over Carefree, Arizona. Sam is returning. As he does a UFO watcher says. Wow! Another adds. Toldur! This town really is a hotbed of UFO ACTIVITY. His sister to his mom says at home and during breakfast. Mom, where's Sam? His mom says. He work up early, but he'll be back_ His super-power is that he can smell pancakes from a MILLION MILES away. As Sam opens the door he says. Your hero is back! is that FRENCH TOAST?! His mom says. sit. eat. I hope your "SKATING" went well, because today you're going to SCHOOL. Sam at this says. BEST DAY EVER! To his journal he adds. I wasn't kidding when I hold my mom that. It was one of the best days I'd ever had wearing the helmet.
      In Epilogue 1 Jinin on the ship to awful looking food says. Your promised me REAL FOOD! Skaarn at this says. If you don't want your reward. I know some other grateful mouths that will gladly eat it. Jinin at this says. wait! don' put me back in there! At least let me eat it first. She slurps some of it back before Shaarn grabs her and pushes her though an open door saying. Maybe you'll be the LUCKY ONE, Jinin... She yells. AHHHHH! Others inside says. She had good! and HERE... PLEASE! SO HUNGRY... Skaarn than says. I'm thinking of KEEPING one of you to swab the decks. The rest of you are going to the SLAVE MARKET.

     In Epilogue 2 an Alien from the attacking ship comes up to someone with a cape saying. Sir, our ships engaged the PIRATE VESSEL that attacked us in your ABSENCE. It was our hope that some our our MISSING CITIZENS are still alive on board the salvaged Nova ship. He adds. However, our forces were engaged, and DEFEATED by a BLACK NOVA apparently from planet Earth. The commander says. You are in command, Gron. continue to search for the ship. Gron says. Where will you be? An horse like Alien dressed like Thor than says. I shall find the corrupt nova, and let STORMBREAKER be my INTERROGATOR! With this the comic ends.


This issue was very good. It had a great story showing Sam beginning to do well at being an Superhero. It also shows his mom is trying her best to keep things going. I also like the idea of Sam now keeping a record of his adventures. It sort of a new link between the stories his dad told him and what truly happened. I also enjoyed the artwork again this issue. The Nova Ship looked very neat in a nice two page spread. The twist at the ending is also nice. It hinted at which is great and than fully comes and hits you after Sam thinks he had had a great day. Also seeing that Beta Ray Bill shows up is neat as he is more or less a space version of Thor which fits into what Nova is trying to do. All in all a great issue.   

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