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Marvel in the 1960's: Tales to Astonish #35

         The comic starts in a secluded area somewhere in the u.s defense perimeter at the lab of Anthony Stark. A guard says Stark must be important to get 24 hour guards. The other says the commies would give all to get him. Inside, Tony is showing a general the power of the transistors he created and that he can use them to open a locked vault. Soon he turns them on and the vault door soon comes off. He adds they can increase the force of power a thousand fold. Tony than asks if they can solve the U.S's problems in Vietnam. The General says he's ready to believe anything.

     We see that Tony is a playboy and is always in the company of beautiful women. He is a millionaire sophisticate and a scientist. Home in a lab and high society. Soon the tale truly begins in South Vietnam where Wong-Chu a guerrilla tyrant us casing trouble. He has just brought another village to its knees. He than says if a person can beat him in a wrestling match the village can go free. Soon he defeats all challenges and than plunders the town.
       Elsewhere, on the outskirts of the jungle nearby Tony is with the military forces. His transistor tech had made carrying mortars easy as they feel like nothing. Soon the enemy comes upon them. Due to the mortar fire they are forced to retreat. Walking through the jungle Tony hits a trip line and is hurt significantly. He is soon found and taken to Wong-Chu. Wong-Chu learns who his and asks how he is. Tony has one week to live due to shrapnel near his heart making an operation impossible.
       Wong-Chu decides to trick Tony into building weapons for him until the shrapnel hits his heart with a promise of surgery. Wong-Chu tells Tony this. Tony knows he is lying and plans to defeat him by saying tes and pretending to make weapons for him. Wong-Chu gives him a room to work in and Tony says he will build the most fantastic weapon of all time. However, it is only for Tony and will be done to keep him alive. He than starts working. On the second day a Professor Yinsen is tossed into help him but refuses to.

        Tony says Professor Yinsen was the greatest physicist of all and that he read his book in college. Everyone thought he had died. Yinsen wishes he has as he was forced into working for the communists. Tony than tells Yinsen of his plans to build a Iron Man suit and Yinsen is impressed. They use Tony's transistors to electronically move hears and control levers. The suit has to duplicate every action of the human body. Soon days go by and Tony worries. However, just in time the chest plate that will protect his heart is ready.
        Soon Tony is incased in his Iron Man Suit and Yinsen is ready to pull the lever to start the process to turn it on. He suddenly, sees a warning light on someone approaching. He pushes the lever and runs out of the room to his life so the suit has time to turn on. Inside Tony hears a bang and says Yinsen will not die in vain.
         The machine reaches power and at last Tony as Iron Man rises. He steps but soon falls with a thud as he is unuse to his new suit. Soon he spends a little time getting use to it. Outside Wong-Chu is getting men to break the door down to see what has happened.


       Tony hears them coming and Soon conceals himself by hiding in the roof by using his transistors to soar to the roof. When they open the door Wong-Chu sees that tony is "gone'and has built him no weapons. Iron Man/Tony than swears Wong-Chu will pay for murdering Yinsen. He grabs a jacket and hat and soon heads outside.
        Outside, Wong-Chu has won a match again. A voice suddenly says he is a coward and will challenge him. Wong-Chu asks to see the face of the person. It is Tony in the suit and Wong-Chu is shocked. Tony than calls him heartless and evil and picks him up with the suit and spins him around tossing him into a distant away.
         Wong-Chu is not happy and orders his guards to open fire on Tony. Because the suit is made of strong metal the bullets do nothing. Wong-Chu orders his guards to get grenades and Bazookas quickly. While they are doing this Tony changes the charge on one of his devices and when they fire again at his devices flings them away. This scares the guards way and Wong-Chu is forced to head to a nearby loudspeaker to rally the confused troops who can't hear him. He starts to send out a message but Tony creates electrical interference to drown the words out with static.

         Tony than puts his voice on the speaker and tells them men to flee as non can defeat Iron man. Tony than thinks they will be captured by South Vietnam troops. He sees that Wong-Chu has locked the door so he uses built in buzz saws to but through the door. Wong-Chu at the top of the stairs has a cabinet which he pushes down the stairs onto Tony. Wong-Chu runs off as Tony has trouble as each part of the cabinet is filled with rocks.


        Tony soon gets it off but the energy taken to do it has weakened his batteries and he can't go after Wong-Chu. he than uses a lubricate device and gets it to the ammo dump. With that he lets lights the oil and causes the ammo dump to explode taking the place out. He than recharges his batteries. After that he frees the prisoners and believes Yinsen has been avenged. He than walks off into the Jungle wearing the jacket and hat and the comic ends.


This issue is pretty good. If you have seen the first Iron man movie it follows this almost to a tee. The only changes being the location and decade in which it happened. This makes it hold up fairly well. However, this issue does have some problems. The racism is big in this issue but given the time period that is not unexpected. What is also interesting about this issue is how close it is to full involvement of the U.S. troops in Vietnam. At this time the U.S. had ""advisers" in this the country was not yet in complete control of the war effort. Ultimately, Iron Man and Tony Stark would not have happened with America not being in the Cold War and Vietnam. What is also interesting about Iron Man is that he was created on a bet of making a complete ass-hole but liked by everyone. All in all a good issue a Superhero who is very popular at the right now.    


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