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From the Vault: Adventure Comics # 335

        The Comic Starts in the 30th century with Sun Boy on a date with someone called Nila. She calls him by his full name Dirk Morgna and that if the Legion and the meeting has has to go to is more important than her to not come and see her later. At the same time but elsewhere in Metropolis Cosmic Boy is leaving visiting his family and his mom is worried about him. The two of them and Saturn Girl meeting is seeing Lighting Lad and seeing how he is and their regular medical checkup. Saturn Girl asks a Dr. Hanscom how Lighting Lad is. The process of growing new limbs is slow growing but that he will be doing a new experiment on Lighting Lad to make growing a new arm move along. Soon they have their checkups. It seems their are signs of space fatigue but it is good their are no missions right now. Suddenly, a nurse comes in and says the chief of the Science Police needs them to meet him at the clubhouse.

        Soon, at the clubhouse the SP chief says that he needs the Legion to guard one Thomas Keene and his Rejuvium and get them back to Earth. Sun Boy is shocked as everyone is talking about this discovery. Keene was on a wild planet and found it as he watched an aged animal become young again. He sees that it eat a piece and so he tried some and became young again. After this he wants to give the mineral to the United Planets. Sun Boy than pledges to bring it back once the story is done. The SP Chief states millions of people want it and wishes him the best of luck. Soon they are back with it. Keene with them says with it they can cure old age for good. Suddenly, A voice says. I'll take that Rejuvium.
         They look up to see someone calling themselves Starfinger who says he can duplicate their superpowers and fires some lighting at them and the rock. Suddenly, Ultra Boy flies in front of it using his invulnerability to shield the group below. While it does Stargfinger uses his force thrust ray to spend him flying away. He than lands and uses the rings to force the remaining Legionairres on the ground. His gang then lands to get the ore. Somehow, Sun Boy manages to hit the Rejuvium and make it hot.
         Sun boy has indded made the ore too hot to handle and so the group flees. However, Starfinger hits a nearby ship setting the hall on fire and welds the doors shut. Ultra Boy than gets Matter-eater lad to start eating the ship to help and Phantom Girl enters the ship. Meanwhile back at the base Starfinger thinks about a mysterious figure in a hidden room. Soon, the ggang appears and Starfinger chews them out for their mistake. They say its all Sun Boy's fault.


       He further threatens them's and one of the gang asks him to prove his great power. Starfinger says he will by sending a invisible ray to a satellite passing overhead. He soon blows it up and the gang cowers in fear. However, to himself he states it was all thanks to him pre planting a bomb and than using a remote detonator to trigger the blast.
        Starfinger to the men than says they have a way to stop the Legion. At this same time the Legion get backs to the clubhouse and starts a meeting. They are worried and are happy to hear Mon-EL will soon return. They have also sent a signal to superboy for help. DUring the meeting a news cast is happening and they talk about this. They then switch to the first public showing of Heavy Labour Robots created b Mart Arbo living in the studio. The prof than turns them on.
         Suddenly, they fall apart and inside are Starfinger and his men. He than starts to ready for an announcement by freezing the hands of the newscaster. His annoucement to both the Legion and Earth is if they don't turn over the Rejurvium he will destroy the seven wonders of the 30th century.

          Soon at his secret base Starginger waits for the response. One member wonders what the United Planets will do. Soon on the T.V. it is announced that the U.P will not deal with Starfinger and that the Legion will bring them to justice. Starfinger's not happy and chooses Sun City to be destroyed first.
           Sun City is a city on the tracks that follows the movements of the sun that always keeps it in the daylight. The tree Legion guarding it are Saturn Gil, Colossal Boy and Star Boy talk and wonder if Starfinger will attack. He soon does attack part of the Bridge causing it to melt. Luckly the three Legion members see it and move to act.
            Colossal Boy turns large and helps to break/stop Sun City before it goes off the track. Star Boy and Saturn Girl than go off after Starfinger. As they near him Saturn Girl can't read anything from him. Star Boy than hits Starginger with his rays. However, due to the fact he could drown he turns it off. However, it backfires and Starfinger hit  him with a blast.

        Soon on the ground Colossal Boy who caught him thinks Star Boy may be dead. Saturn Girl says not quite and that they need to get him to Brainiac 5. He can only be helped by sending him to a great star and to circle it letting him recharge. Suddenly, Mon-EL appears and asks whats up. They explain what happened to Star Boy and Mon-EL heads off to help save the life of Star Boy.
         The alarm helps to bring Element Lad, Sun Boy, Invisible Boy and Cosmic Boy to the scene. They get Sun Boy to attack first but Starfinger knows this was going to happen and uses a reverse mirror defense which hits Element Lad forcing both of them to break off. Next Cosmic Boy tries on the advise of Invisible Boy to take Starfinger out. It fails as Starfinger deploys a steel net which stops Cosmic Boy. This leaves Invisible Boy as the only one left going after him.
         Invisible Kid does his powers and so Starginger turns on super hearing earphones. He than sprays fluorescent dust wihch shows Invsible Boy. Starfinger than jets him away. the Four than meet up and Cosmic Boy is a bit annoyed about it. Sun Boy wishes Mon-EL or Superboy were here to help. Soon we turn to the second wonder that of the stratosphere Laboratory


          Guarding it are Ultra Boy, Matter-Eater Lad and Phantom Girl. A red lead lined vehicle with Starfinger is approaching. Ultra Boy calls this in. Suddenly a voice says good. It is the real Starginger who hits Ultra Boy with a freezing ray as he is not invulnerable. At the clubhouse just as the members leave Superboy comes on the scene. At the lab Starfinger is cutting the supports when Phantom Gil comes on him. He hits her with a ray which keeps her in Phantom form. The rest of the Legion arrive and as they go to save the scientitsts Superboy is hit by a Kryponite beam.


         Inside Starfinger uses his rays to cause Havoc to the legionnaire powers. Matter-Eater lad is turned into metal. Colossal Boy tiny and Light Lass turns Super heavy. Soon he causes the rest of the supports to fail. Luckly according to Brainiac they get everyone out. Through suddenly, Saturn Girl gets a single thought from Starginger. The comic ends with her revealing that he is one of the Legion members.


This issue is quite good. The Legion has met its match for once and it ends in a nice cliffhanger. It is also nice to see all the regular Legion members appear in this issue. It has also been a trend lately in the series where the Legion is troubled by a traitor.

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